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July 16, 2010
Fuck Yeah.SummerTime. by *crymz is an art that will have a blast for summer fun.
I can only agree with the suggester. The type looks hot and delicious.
Featured by pica-ae
Suggested by jcroxas
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Fuck Yeah.SummerTime.

Bring On Summer. NEW Style entitled "UltraBubbleGumViolence"

Felt it was about time somebody did a typography piece like this.

I've actually had this concept in my head since last September but have only had the time to start working in the last few weeks. I knew i had to focus 100% to get it right, it started out as a simple vector idea but kept deciding it should be more and more fresh & detailed
100% PhotoShop(no tablet). I'ts been a while since i submitted some typography and this signifies the beginning of the proper summer season and MUCH more work to be released (hopefully) by me from now 'til September. Stay Tuned. Peace.


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Thank You so much . This is my 3rd DailyDeviation. DAmn i cant believe it . Never thought this would possible when i first started on DA. in twoyears DA has helped grow as an designer as an artist and i feel growth everyday. I cannot imagine where i would be without it and i thank you for establishing me and my name. Especially i would like to thank jcroxas & pica-ae for suggesting and submitting this. thank you for the oppputunity once again. There is still so much more to come.Peace. :glomp:
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It's hard to make things look edible, but you've captured that feeling within a beautiful illustration. The crisp, cool, and hip use of colors and typography flow together seamlessly. It is hard to say I haven't seen something like this before, but this is by far the best piece I have. By far the most "popping" part is the subtle use of the colors (my favorite colors!). This really ties everything together, once again you have shown your proficiency when it comes to color schemes.

The illustration gives way to nostalgia for designers and enthusiasts who love the 70's and 80's style typography. Flaring it up with some hip colors, lots of shine, and a crisp edges makes this illustration a blast from the past, with some Digital Age additions.

Finally, if you were to do it again, what would you do differently? Theres always room for improvements, even though it's hard to think of them. There are a few spots that I notice discrepancies in the design. Whether intentional or not, the background pattern has a sort of pixelated part which may over complicate the background. I can also see parts of the vectors (assuming you using illustrator) which gives away a little of the design process to other designers. It's like being a magician; you can't give away the secrets of your tricks, because thats what makes your art so great.

However, these are trivial edits and this is truly an excellent piece. I eagerly await more and perhaps an ability to purchase a print at one interval as well.

Devon Stern
1500 Studios
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Absolutely love this! Great Stuff!
I used it as inspiration for a task I was set at university: [link]
VaNiLlaThUnD3r's avatar
I would love this on a tshirt! Lol
mickey22895's avatar
Can you please do a tutorial on this! I am an inspiring graphic designer, anything helps me improve my skills!
barzaly's avatar
cool! your stuff is great!
OverPX's avatar
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any tutorial on it?? hehe, it looks tasty...
crymz's avatar
sorry no tutorial :( thanks by the way:D
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I saw this a year ago and it STILL sticks in my head.
I love it.
crymz's avatar
Thanks so much..made my day :D :D
Konniequin's avatar
aw! I'm so glad, this piece is so striking. :aww:
I wish there was a t-shirt of it or something, it's just... Iconic.
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I hope to see more of this style form you!! looking awesome!!
crymz's avatar
thanks :D maybe i will do another :D :D
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I love the effect you did on the letters, is like gum or something is awesome, I wish I could design like you all that color and fancy effect my design is pretty pale :P
crymz's avatar
thanksbro.. honestly i wasnt all that when i started.i just kept working and looking and learning botoom line as long as you have that passion to create it will come :D
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now this is mega fresh
crymz's avatar
thanks a lot man:D
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To say it with your words: Fuck yeah, this is great.
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