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LotR Pirates
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By crykat   |   Watch
Published: November 19, 2003
© 2003 - 2019 crykat
Aragorn and Boromir, Pirates of the Caribbean style... Now in Technicolor!

Oooo... the colors duke, the colors!
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hm? ... so... amazing?
minna92's avatar
Mwahahaha! :evillaugh:
Good one! :XD:
Fantasylover5's avatar
OMG :love: This is freakin' awesome! They pull off the cosplay so well, don't they? XD
Shockwavecg's avatar
ShockwavecgHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mmmm...I'm lovin' Boromir in that green overcoat. Yummers!
Kayelei's avatar
Hah, this is a great idea! Normally I hate so-called movie "crossovers" but this is so well done and well planned that it came out wonderfully. It's a good idea and very well rendered. The shading and the background are very well done and the composition isn't bad at all. This is funny and artistic at the same time.
Kohiko's avatar
Kohiko Traditional Artist
Oh... SO HAWT!
itainohime's avatar
Levels of hot previously unreached by modern man. :drool:
Blue-Ark's avatar
Hehehehe cute! I love the way Boromir came out especially!
idolwild's avatar
Oh. my favorite, aragorn and boromir. This is very good! :love:
DekeNicki's avatar
this was sexy! I like this alot. Man, what could be better than having the black ships arriving, all the orcs coming up to it all cocky and then... w-w-whut? The orcs do a double take.... and then! Low and behold! Pirate Aragorn jumps over the deck and lands piratishly on the ground, sword-swashing sword in hand! And with the arrival of Legolas and pirate-eye-patched Gimli (with a parrot on his shoulder, he's the only one this seems to apply to, as well as the wooden peg leg. Man, all the bad pirate sterotypes can go to Gimli, I can't see Legolas doing all that Oliphant-killing-action with a peg leg, unless he gets shot in the peg leg with an arrow and he just laughs!) Anyway, I liked this.
crykat's avatar
lol! Man that would make a good story for it! but then I'd have to make Boromir some sort of undead pirate lord! Or maybe he's just Cap'n of Aragorn's ship!

( Yeah I don't see Legolas doing alot of jumping around with a peg leg.) But Gimil should have a mouth full of gold teeth if anything!
SeskaBaggins's avatar
*faints, wakes up, and faints again* I think I can safely say we have serious hotness here. What could possibly be more awesome than pirate Boromir? Valar, I think I'm in love. ;)
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simply-irenicHobbyist Digital Artist

Friend: Um...you're getting drool on the keyboard.


Friend: Rena? RENA!


Friend: You're going to short out the keyboard!


Friend: I'm drowning! Help! The droo -- *bubbling noises*

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Agankhau Traditional Artist
AWESOME :D *hugs them*
HogoshaTenshi's avatar
lol! you know, it really works!
NorwayFox's avatar
:+favlove: Eee! Amazing! They just look so darn right for those parts! Hehe, amazing picture!
flamingdenethor's avatar
Aragorn and Boromir definately pull off the Jack Sparrow and Barbossa thing. Boromir still dies either way... Pooor Boromir... Turned into a human pincushion before your time. :cries:
sigin's avatar
I like that one
runawayllama's avatar
runawayllama Photographer
Hilariously wonderful. I love it.
falling-starchild's avatar
Lol, I love it! PotC and LotR... what could be better? :D Aragorn somehow looks surprisingly good in Jack's outfit.
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nanashiamaiHobbyist Writer
::topples over:: i love it! :+fav:

~nanashi :absolut:
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