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mustang layers sheet



well this is a layer sheet made for my mustang hase some futures that u didnt got to see on the main drawing...dont know if ill make it black and white or color...we will see what future brings for it:D

link to version1 of the drawing this is made for [link]


this sheet is made for a dear dA friend, AlleyCatz [link] she had some little problems with layer i did this in hope that it will help her understand better what layers are about.

by the way, all little things that programs offer u are just to help u. if this things get in your way just dont use them. dont get stuck in them trying to use them just because they exist....use them only if they help:D alie does a great job without using this...but she wants to know:D and im glad


dont know if the text in the sheet will be ok for ill put it here againd:D

1. the first layer i worked on was the outline...didnt got to be in the finished
part but it was a realy big help to work with

2. second layer was the base color of the car...drawing in black and white
makes it easyer to make the shadows and lights.

3. 3rd layer is the second base color of the car...same as firts base color
is a simple layar.

4. using only dodge and burn tools, i got some shadows on the first
base color... this is where the outline layer got usefull,
used it for masking so i can get clear lines on the shadeing.

5. same done with the second color to get in the shades...
the little difference is that i wanted to get some colored shades on this
one at the finish...color from the main i used the eraser as well
on the parts that needed to get color from the forst one. ex. the air intake
on the hood and the bumper

6. the finished drawing i wanted to be i changed the first layer
of color using a little "tuning" with the image ajustment lab
(useing Corel PhotoPaint X3 for this drawing), others that work in
other proigrams will play with ajustments of tint temperature and saturation
of the layer.

7. as u can see the color of the first step of coloring is not the finishing color.
i used a screen layer to modify the color to my desires:D. this is a layer that
modifyes the temperature and tint of the layer underneath it.

8. the windscreen was made as the other 2 major layers of color

9. colored the windscreen with an overlay layer... gave the best efect :D

10. worked with masking, dodging and burning to create 3 more layers for the weels
dont know why but i needed 3 just for this's the hardest to create and color:D

11. Get all the layer together in the right order and u get this baby:D

i'd love to have this baby in front of my house:))

12. this layer sheet was made for a special DA friend:D

hope she finds it usefull:D


for the end i will like to ask u to please tell me if it came in handy on your work and where did u used what u see here:D

alie if you think u need some more explaining tell me what and i will try to do my best:D...this makes me laugh...alie is much better than me at drawing and painting :D

this is not a tutorial...its just the way i worked on this project...most of my projects are made in diferent way...but the layer basics are the same. if some of u think i did something bad or that u think there is a better way please let me know...i am always glad to learn more:D


P.S. : excuse my writeing :(

EDIT: OMG this thing that i thought would not be interesting got more than half the views all my works got and more thank 90% of the downloads:)
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amazing tutorial man will be a lot helpful for car rendering of my concept car..thnks