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This story contains content of a highly disturbing nature that may be offensive to some readers: including (but definitely not limited to: domestic abuse, rape, blood & gore, general violence, and torture. Please DO NOT read if you are likely to be offended! Vega's life is not a pretty picture!

Vega & other Street Fighter characters owned by CAPCOM. Victoria de Cerna & Marc Antoní Gauldera belong to me.


As the days and weeks passed, I learned more from Geki than in my life thus far. From him, I learned his secrets of speed and agility, adapting it to my own already quick moves. I was not able to vanish and reappear as he could, but I learned to move in the shadows and step softly almost as if I had.

I prowled through my urban jungle, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. The Japanese people did not notice me as I crept through the shadows. I had more freedom than ever—and it was exhilarating!

    In the midst of such exhilaration however, Geki was keen on his promise to keep me on my toes by ambushing me while I went on my nightly missions. I remained undeterred and little by little, I could anticipate his moves and sense his presence.

It was one night during this time when Geki decided to reveal more of his life to me. We sat perched on a rooftop, overlooking the city.

“Geki sensei, why are you here?” I said and he looked me. “That is to say, what have you been doing here?”

“What ninjas do.” I rolled my eyes, and he sighed, staring off into the distance. “I once worked for the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.”

“Who are they?”

“The most wealthy and powerful family in Japan—perhaps the world.”

I smirked.

“I highly doubt they are as rich as I.”

“They are a powerful financial conglomerate and having such power meant they needed security. For the first time since the Sengoku era, they wanted their own ninja force—they tracked me down and asked me to train new recruits. I did...for a time. Soon, they had no use for me and I for them. They have a daughter; she is very haughty and can be cruel. She is very proficient in her own style of martial arts and I had always wished to teach her a lesson.”

“Is she pretty?” I asked, my eyes gleaming with excitement.

Geki scoffed, cracking his neck.

“You might say so. She is half Japanese so she has long blonde hair with brown eyes. She wears dresses that make her look like a doll but she is no fragile creature. Her beauty belies her strength.”

I smirked.

“I wish to meet her.”

“I do not know that you can handle Miss Kanzuki…” he said and I frowned at him. “But you can try.” he smirked. “I can take you to their estate. They are always having parties.”

“Hmmph. I know the feeling.” I snickered and he looked at me.

“It’s what we rich people do. I suspect it’s because the rich have little else to do but throw boring parties and spend money.”

“You do not like them?”

Sensei, if you had gone to parties all your life, you would hate them, too. They are god-awful boring things, with all those social graces and putting on airs. My only refuge has been to take a girl to the corner somewhere and have my way with her. Otherwise, I would rather not go to such things.”

“Do you still wish to meet Miss Kanzuki and teach her a lesson?”


“Then you will go.”

Yosh!” I exclaimed, my eyes filled with excitement. Geki had a decidedly satisfied look on his face.

    The Kanzuki Estate was very large, much larger than I expected at least. The mansion itself had traditional pagoda shaped roofs; white with brown trim.

Geki had easily slipped passed security, knowing where each guard was stationed on the property. We crouched upon the roof and looked down. Sure enough, there was a grand party out on the deck. People dressed in all manner of traditional and western clothing.

    I spied a girl in a bright red dress. It was cut short at the knee and flared out with a petticoat. She had blonde hair curled into old-fashioned ringlets, held back with a blue bow at the back of her head. She also wore fingerless leather gloves, something I found somewhat odd. I knew this had to be the Miss Kanzuki to which Geki had told me all about.

With a knowing nod at my teacher, I leapt forward, tucking my knees in and landing on my feet on the wooden deck. People gasped and I met her fiery gaze.

You!” she cried. “Who do you think you are, crashing my party?”

    I chuckled from beneath my mask and slowly removed it, a tendril of blonde hair falling in my face.

“I am Vega de Cerna, son of Alberto and Victoria de Cerna. Nobleman from Barcelona...and you are Miss Kanzuki, I presume?”

“I don’t care who you are, you are trespassing! But yes, I am Miss Karin Kanzuki.” she gestured toward herself.

    I crossed my legs in front of me and bowed with my arms out in a dramatic flourish.

“I am pleased to meet you, Miss Kanzuki. Encantado.”

She folded her arms and scoffed at me.

Well! If you are such a gentleman, I would have thought you had manners!”

    I lifted my head slowly to look at her and I shifted my weight as I stood again, hand on hip.

“And you, Miss Kanzuki, who are you to question my manners?”

“Do you know what I do to uncouth louts like you? Seems like I should teach you some after all!”

I put on my mask and took my stance. She raised her arms and took her stance.

    Analyzing her body language, I knew she would make the first move. Her red dress fluttered in the evening breeze and an amusing thought entered my mind—I knew how to humiliate her and bring this spoiled bitch to bay.

Miss Kanzuki began to charge at me but I kept my cool. Grabbing a white tablecloth from a nearby table, I waved it out in front of her as if she were a charging bull.

“Come, Miss Kanzuki! I will show you what kind of man I am.” I smirked as I continued to wave the tablecloth at her.

Barreling towards me, I stepped to the side, causing her to run passed me and nearly fall forward, catching her momentum.

    The shocked crowd of partygoers gasped and some let out muffled laughs, trying not to let her hear them. I laughed at her and she turned back to me with a growl.

    “No one humiliates a Kanzuki!” she cried.

    “No one except me... and I intend to humiliate you more before this fight is through.”

    “Not if I can help it! Didn’t your mother teach you not to hit women?”

    I folded my arms and threw my head back with another laugh, choosing to ignore the slight against my beloved mother.

    “I am not afraid of a little girl like you! You are a preening, weak creature and I will prove to you that’s all you are. That’s all every woman is.”

    “Ha! Shows what you know, you bull-headed pig!” she spat.

    With a flying leap, she kicked me in the head, knocking me back and before I could attack, she whirled around and elbowed me in the ribs, grabbing me by the wrist and flipping me over her shoulder. I felt the wind get knocked from my lungs as I was slammed onto the ground on my back.

The shock and pain ripped through me and I instinctively felt my mask to make sure that it was still secure on my face. To my relief it was, and so I flipped back up to my feet, ready to face her.

She let out a horrific cackle, bringing a hand to her mouth.

“What’s the matter? Never been beaten by a girl before?” she quipped.

“It’s not over yet, girly!” I hissed. “¡Adelante!

I flew towards her in one graceful leap, swiping my claw at her torso. She was quick enough to dodge my hit but I remained resolute in my promise.

    Thrusting at her, I swiped at her face and she stepped back. I smiled from beneath my mask. I would corner her and she would be trapped with no place to go. The more she backed away, the more I swiped my claw and kicked her in the head and torso. She began to stagger and I swept my leg under her the closer I drew to her. Miss Kanzuki landed on her back but she did not cower, as I expected; fire gleamed in her dark eyes and her mouth twisted in a scowl.

    She bounded back up to her feet, launching a quick succession of blows at me. Her palm connected with my chest and she whirled around to elbow me and I flew back, a powerful force one again knocking me on my back.

    I recovered quickly, rolling forward and coming up to swipe her jaw with my claw. Before she could close the distance, I surveyed the nearest wall of the mansion, diving off of it, my arms outstretched, my claw pointed directly at her.

    With a cry, I fell upon her, knocking her back once again. Miss Kanzuki flew back up, her fist connecting with my jaw and the force again knocked me spiraling into the wall. I slumped down against it, coughing and catching my breath. I rubbed the back of my head and I knew a knot would form later.

    The spoiled little bitch sauntered over me to me, her hand on her hip and a haughty smirk on her face.

    “Had enough, pretty boy? I told you—nobody beats a Kanzuki!

    I looked down to see my claws broken off and shattered. My hands shook with rage and I growled.

    “You bitch! I am going to skin you!”

    I steadied myself against the wall, slowly rising to my feet with a groan.

    “Ha, try it!” she scoffed, folding her arms. I noticed one hand seemed to be covering a bleeding cut on her arm. I smiled to myself, carefully watching the blood drip on the ground.

    “Aww! Poor little rich bitch is bleeding!” I snickered.

    “Hmmph! It’s nothing. We Kanzukis are not afraid of a little blood! You, on the other hand...seem to be bleeding profusely!”

    I looked down at myself and stifled a gasp. Exhaling, I was relieved to find that I only had minor cuts on my chest and arms and I ran my hand over my mask, wiping the blood spatter from it, shaking off my hand in disgust.

     I swaggered towards her, smirking proudly and folded my arms.

    “It is not mine, Miss Kanzuki.”

    She groaned and fell to her knees.

    “Are you feeling weak, my dear? Do you feel dizzy as the blood pours from your wounds?” I sneered.

    “Kanzuki sama!” cried a Japanese man with dark hair and glasses and a suit that looked as if he were her butler. He rushed to her side, taking her by the shoulders and leaning her body against his.

    “Shibasaki!” she wailed.

    “We must get you help right away, miss.” he urged.

    “Shi-Shibasaki,” she stammered, “It is only a little cut. Bring me my medic kit! Now, Shibasaki san!” she hissed. Dropping her gently to her knees, he gave a short, hasty bow.

    “Ha-hai, Kanzuki sama!” and he ran off quickly, disappearing into the mansion.

    She sat there on the ground, continuing to hold her wounded arm, giving me an evil glare. I chuckled at her.

Weak! Weak little girl can’t lick her wounds so her butler does it for her!”

Miss Kanzuki continued to stare daggers at me, a look I had grown so accustomed to in my life, it did not even phase me.

    “I learned how to tend to my own wounds from the day I was born! I never let the help touch me, such filthy creatures!” I chuckled with disgust.

    “Weak girls like you don’t deserve to fight me! You do not even deserve to touch me!”

    “Vega!” yelled a stern voice.

    I whirled around to see Geki drop down from the roof behind me.

    “Geki!” she exclaimed and I could see her seething with anger.

    “I fired you! How did you get passed my guards?” she hissed.

    “The girls were taken care of quite easily.” he replied, and I could see him smiling from beneath his mask.

    “How dare you?” Miss Kanzuki cried struggling to rise to her feet as she held her arm. “Do you know much money security costs here? I will not let you put my guests in danger!”

    “In fact, I do know how much your ninja girls cost—the same sum you failed to pay me before you dismissed me!” his voice rose angrily. “I have no intention of harming your guests; I have more honor than that. You, on the other hand…”

    She grimaced and groaned, still struggling to stand.

    “You bastard!” she screamed at him and her guests let out a collective gasp.

    “You were always a spoiled brat! need not worry, Kanzuki chan. I have already gotten my payment.” he replied, patting a bag tied on his hip. “I only wished to humiliate you as you humiliated me and it looks as though my protege has done a good job!” He patted my shoulder and I grinned proudly.

    “Your father was right—you do not deserve to run the Kanzuki Zaibatsu.” he growled and then he glanced at me. “Vega san, iku yo!” he commanded and I nodded. Turning, we leapt up to the roof and disappeared into the night.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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This story contains content of a highly disturbing nature that may be offensive to some readers: including (but definitely not limited to: domestic abuse, rape, blood & gore, general violence, and torture. Please DO NOT read if you are likely to be offended! Vega's life is not a pretty picture!

Vega & other Street Fighter characters owned by CAPCOM. Victoria de Cerna & Marc Antoní Gauldera belong to me.


As I sat on the plane and stared out the window, I tried not to think of the events of the night before I left. I had a little anxiety going into a new country, a new world so different than my own but there was an excitement also building like a knot in my chest.

"Are you ready to start your new life?" asked Marc Antoní, nudging my shoulder as he sat next to me. I did not look at him.

"Go to hell!" I growled.

"One of my favorite places." he grinned. "You know, your hostility won't change anything."

I sighed; my head still whirled as much as I tried to ignore it.

"But I know you're not angry with me. She was a wreck when I saw her this morning..." I felt a sharp pang in my chest at the mention of my once beloved mother.

"Mention her again and I'll slit your throat, old man."

Marc Antoní chuckled, "Fair enough. When we arrive, you must listen to everything the master has to say. Your life will depend on it. There are no second chances among assassins."
I looked at him.

"I can handle myself."

"Your swaggering confidence can be so irritating sometimes but, I'm glad to see you are not afraid."

"I fear nothing!"

"That is obvious." said the older man with another of his grins. "But I swear to you that if you mess this up, I will make you regret it." his grin faded and his eyes darkened.

"You don't frighten me, Marc Antoní."

"Maybe not; but whether you do or not, I will make you regret it regardless if you miss this chance."

"I don't care." I growled, resuming staring out the window. My mentor sighed heavily. I could sense his exasperation and he seemed to hone in on my pain, rubbing the salt in my still-bleeding wound.

"She will be taken care of, I swear it." he assured me, putting his hand on my shoulder.

My jaw set and my shoulders tensed just thinking of her, and I shrugged him off.

"You know, there comes a time for you to stand for yourself and yourself alone. You can't support her your whole life."

I swallowed a growing knot in my throat and my breath hitched.

"She is all I've ever known...and I left that."

"You did as you must do. You are not responsible for her emotions. Now, I cannot say what you were fighting over but I know Victoria and I know you. She is a powerful woman...I have no doubt you know this. You cannot deny her."
I rolled my eyes at him. Of course I knew what she was like! I alone knew the depths of her soul, her very being.

I thought of her passionate, gleaming eyes that night before I left, and the hunger that shone in them, threatening to destroy us both. She possessed a power so hard to deny and I stood so close to the abyss, willing myself to fall in and yet, I did not.

I exhaled, squeezing my eyes shut, trying to banish her image from my mind—I could never admit to him how deeply I cared for her, how much I still needed her—and how deeply she had hurt me that night—but just the idea of trying to shut her out made my chest hurt even more.

"You are young and eager, I understand. Your emotions are raw and so close to the surface now and I won't judge you for it. You may hate me but you must understand that you are not alone here; I will take care of you now."

"You cannot possibly begin to understand us, old man. You will never understand me and you only pretend to understand her—you don't even care about her!"

I could feel something warm coming to my eyes; a sensation so foreign that I had not felt it since I was child. I willed it with all my strength to stay where it was, not to fall.

I clenched my fist tight and shook my head, clearing my throat.

Uncle Miguel forbade tears when I was growing up; they made me weak, he said, and I knew Marc Antoní would say the same. I had no intention of being weak—not now, not ever—and not especially in front of Marc Antoní Gauldera.

"Do you hear me, Vega?" he said into my ear as I focused on my thoughts. "I will watch over you now. I do not care that you hate me; it won't change anything. You are my charge now and you will listen to everything I say." I did not look at him, steeling myself further. "Do you understand?" he asked and there was crispness in his voice that made me look at him. I nodded silently.

Chapter 1

I arrived hours later in Japan. Where I could not be sure however, it appeared to be a large city. I could scarcely read the signs that appeared before me in brush script on paper lanterns, neon signs glowing in a rainbow of colors.

It was Spring and the cherry blossoms rained from the cherry trees in the parks like soft, white snow, a light scent wafting through the warm breeze.

I found the weather to be pleasant; warm and inviting like my beloved country. A slight ache grew in my heart as I read the instructions Marc Antoni had written down.

Before I knew it, I found myself walking towards what looked to be an abandoned building in downtown. The brick was dark and fading, tarnished over years.

I walked inside, the light from the day streaming in through dusty rays. The air was a bit chilled and instead of bare concrete floors, I looked down to see tatami mats.

"Hello?" I said in Japanese, the sound echoing across the expanse of the room.

I heard a soft thud just behind me and I felt the hairs on my neck stand up. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dark shadow. I barely had time to register movement as I dodged a metal claw coming towards my head.

I rolled forward, away from my attacker and slowly stood to face him.

"Nante koto da yo?!" a Japanese voice hissed. "Omae..."

"W-what? Geki...san?" I said, cautiously.

"What the hell do you want?" he drawled again in heavily accented English.

He stood in the shadows, while I stood safely in a beam of light. I watched as his figure slowly emerged from the darkness.

Geki, as I understood him to be, was a slender Japanese man of average height; slightly shorter than my own. His figure was lean and agile as mine, however, which I knew would make him a swift fighter. He wore a black suit, as I expected of ninjas and from beneath his vest was a fishnet shirt, which I found curious. A strand of long brown hair poked out of his cap and his mask hung around his neck. His eyes were dark and fierce and he stood before me with his arms folded.

"Marc Antoní Gauldera sent me." I replied.

He chuckled with a nod.

"Aa, yappari ne...the Spaniard?"

I nodded and he sighed.

"You want to become ninja?"

"I want to become the best."

Geki sat crossed-legged in front of me suddenly, drawing a knife from his belt, twisting the tip idly into the palm of his hand. He spoke.



Geki smirked and threw the knife towards my head, and it landed squarely in a wooden beam behind me.

"Are you Shadowlaw?"

"No...look, Marc Antoní said I would train with you—that you were expecting me—and I can speak Japanese!"

"A gaijin who is not from Shadowlaw wants to learn from me?" he snickered.

"Gaijin!" I exclaimed. "I am not gaijin! I am a Spaniard—from Spain—like Marc Antoní Gauldera! I am from Barcelona, Spain, and I am of noble birth. Do you dare to mock me?" I exclaimed in Japanese.

Geki laughed at my redundancy.

"You are not Japanese; you are all gaijin to me, Gaijin." he continued to speak in his accented English.

I growled in frustration; I knew my Japanese was not perfect but I knew he understood me. In my studies, I learned that while gaijin was not necessarily an insult, it meant "foreigner" and in some context, this was seen as a bad thing.

"So your master sent you, did he?"


"You are his protégé, are you not?"

"I suppose I am." I replied, taken aback by his comment. I had never really thought of myself that way, regardless of how much Marc Antoní had taught me.

He nodded thoughtfully and stood up.

"Well then, if I train you in the art of ninjutsu, you have to listen to every word I say. Disobeying me could mean your death."

"What? Will you kill me for disobeying you? Will you pursue me to the ends of the earth if I decide to leave?" I snickered.

Geki gave a hearty laugh. The first time I had heard it.

"You have been watching too many movies!" and then as to be expected, his face grew grave again. "I have neither time nor resources to waste it on you. It is a fact that we ninja are put in many dangerous situations; if you do not heed my instruction, I cannot be responsible for what may happen to you."

I folded my arms.

"Fair enough." I conceded.

"But—I will kill you if you ever reveal my secrets."

"Yes, yes. I understand."

"Put your things over there." he pointed to a corner of the room and I dropped my bag there. Before I returned to face him, I took out my claw and mask.

"Ah...he's taught you to use my claw?"

"Yes...did you teach him?"

"Yes... but that is for another time..."

I nodded, doing my best to tolerate his enigmatic answer.

Putting on my mask and claw, I took my stance.

"Why do you wear a mask? Do you think your face is ugly?" Geki smirked and I saw an impish gleam in his eye. I knew he knew the answer.

"I wear it so I do not get your filthy blood all over my precious face."

Before I could react, he came whirling towards me in a succession of kicks. I barely had time to block it with my arms before the force knocked me back.

Blocking him, I leapt over him, bounding off the wall, my arms outstretched and ready to take him with my claw. To my shock, he vanished before my eyes and I landed on my feet to see him standing behind me. He knocked me in the back of the head before I could react. The blow was not quite enough to stun me and so I swept my leg under him, knocking him over before he could land another hit.

Using my claw's long reach, I swiped at him when he rose again. His skills were adept and he flipped backwards, away from my grasp.

I tucked my body and rolled forward, finally able to make a swipe at his chest.

With a cry, he began to spin, his kicks barreling towards me like a whirlwind. I took to the air once again, hoping to evade his attack. As I fell upon him, he jumped into the air, throwing his knives at me. I was able to dodge most them. One nearly nicked my precious face, if it was not for my mask, and another scraped against my shoulder.

Again, he came at me and I smirked. Clothed in black like the bulls I killed, I knew he was no different. With a dramatic spin, I evaded him. I punched at him, and quickly made another kick. He blocked but I could see his footing slipping as I barraged him with my attacks.

With a final sweep of my leg, he fell on his back and I held my claw at his throat, grinning beneath my mask.

"Do you yield?"

"You did well...for a gaijin." he said with a smirk, panting.

In one solid motion, he backflipped and knocked me back as he rose. I sat up on my arms and blinked in surprise.

I could see a hint of playfulness in his expression gleaming in his mysterious dark eyes. "You must be very tired from your journey. We can continue tomorrow. For now, you may rest."

I had barely noticed it was nightfall by the time we finished our fight. The building was almost pitch black except for the moon showing through the dusty windows.

"Sensei, why are you in a building like this?" I said, my hesitation filling me as I thought of sleeping on the floor.

"You are expecting a doujo, maybe?" he chuckled, "a ninja goes wherever. I have no need of such lodgings."

I chewed my lip and looked at my small alcove with the tatami mat. There was a small pillow and some blankets. I was told that the Japanese slept in beds on the floor, however there was no mattress to be seen.

With a shrug and a sigh, I resigned myself to the location he had assigned me. I sat cross-legged on the floor, going through my bag. I had lobbied for a nice suitcase but Marc Antoní assured me such a luxury was not necessary here.

At the bottom, I found a picture of my mother and pulled it out. I intended it to be there, for as angry as I was, she was all I had; but as I held it, I could feel the bitterness welling up inside me and it spread to my hand, crumbling it in my grasp. I felt my jaw tense and exhaled through my nose as I stared at her. Maybe someday I could look at her again but...not now.

"I will not let you consume me, Victoria de Cerna. Not now, not ever. You will not stop me. I won't let you." I could feel hot angry tears welling in my eyes but I knew they could not fall. It did not matter now; I could feel everything burning up inside me, my guilt transforming into more anger. I was powerless to stop her and powerless to save her from herself but I knew was the one person I could save.

Quickly, I buried the photo under some clothes before I tore it up.

"Vega," said Geki and I looked up.

"You seem angry. Why?"

It seemed an obvious statement but since he was one of the few people I had ever met not aware of my situation, I realized he truly did not know.

"It is nothing. Family matters, that is all."

He crossed his arms and looked down thoughtfully at me.

"I have seen that anger before...but not in you. There are warriors here that harness their emotions like a weapon and it has nearly destroyed them, destroying those they love in the process. It is like a dark energy and it possesses them. Some call it the 'Satsui no hadou'."

I furrowed my brows.

"In order to be an effective assassin, you must master your emotions."

"Yes, Marc Antoní has told me as much."

He smiled.

"Then, he has taught you half as well."

"Indeed. I suppose I will learn meditation then?"


"You know, he also told me that if I use those emotions, they are very effective in fighting."

"Indeed they are! But if you do not control them, they will control you. No doubt he has also told you this?"

I rolled my eyes.

"Many times. I wanted to wipe that smirk of his right off of his face!"

"And did you succeed?"

I sighed.

"Occasionally, but he always got the better of me."

"That is because he knows."

"Knows what?"

"That your emotions are your weakness and as long as you continue to display them, they will continue to be so."

"Then what shall I do? Turn them off?"

He chuckled.

"No! That would be far worse. You must find balance within yourself. That I can help you with; you can use your emotions to your advantage when you can control them but not before."

I gave an exasperated sigh and laid down, tucking my hands behind my head.

"Very well."

He nodded and turned away from me. I felt a sharp pang under my rib as he threw a knife at my direction, narrowly missing my abdomen and nicking my shirt and embedding itself in the mat.

"And Vega, you must always be prepared." he said before vanishing in the darkness.

I waited for him to leave and sat there in the silence. I knew out there the city was alive. I saw only a small portion of it; the exotic signs written in Japanese, which I could barely read, the shops.

Creeping out of the building, I lept to the roof.

A cool breeze blew through my hair as I looked upon the twinkling lights of the city. Above, a full moon shone bright, the stars shining all around it.
The same vexing signs as before lit up the town; Japanese held some mystery to me; the curve of each character, the stick straight lines written in an exotic code. I had only studied Japanese for a few months and it was rudimentary at best. Though I spoke many of the languages of my neighboring European countries, including being a native speaker in both Spanish and Catalan, I could not fathom that of the Asian tongue.

"Doumo..." said a gruff voice and I whirled around to see Geki standing there. He greeted me in a rough manner, seemingly typical among the young Japanese men, despite my assurances how polite their society was. Given the casual manner he possessed, I inferred that he must have liked me to be so informal so quickly.

The breeze blew through a strand of his dark hair that hung in his face. His dark eyes sparkled like the stars around us. He gave me a wry smile.

"Konbanwa," he said.

I bowed slightly with my arms to my sides.

"Konbanwa, Sensei." I replied.

"Did you think I would not find you?"

"Was I not to leave?"

He chuckled.

"Not at all. I was wondering when you might go out."

"It is too quiet in there, Sensei. I cannot think, I cannot sleep..."

He nodded silently; he seemed as thoughtful as I was at the moment.

"I have never seen fighting like you. How did you create it?" Geki asked after a moment.

I smirked and my chest swelled.

"was a know, a bullfighter...'olé'?"

"Olé?" he repeated the Spanish phrase in his Japanese pronunciation, sounding queer to my ears—something closer to "Oré". I laughed with a nod.

"Something like that, yes."

"Naruhodo ne..." he said and it trailed off as if he was lost in thought again.

"Bullfighting must be very dangerous! I have heard of it."

"Yes, it is—but I have never been hurt! Not once." I grinned.

"You are...very proud of yourself, aren't you?"

"But of course! Why shouldn't I be?"

Geki was silent, his mouth twisted into a sort of grimace for a moment, his brows furrowed and still I could see a thoughtfulness in his eyes.

"You are so young. How did you discover such a thing?"

"Well, bullfighting is quite popular in Spain. My 'step-father'…" I could feel my mouth cringing as I formed that word and I swallowed down the disgust rising in my throat, "He used to take me when I was very little to the fights. My mother did not like it, but we did. When I was around 10, I decided I wanted to become a famous matador and so, they enrolled me in a sort of school for bullfighters to train. At that age, you don't fight bulls of course. Rather, you practice on a dummy with another person. A couple years ago, they decided I was ready to participate in a fight and I joined a cuadrilla—a squadron of bullfighters. I possessed great skill and agility, something needed to outwit a large beast. I am something of a celebrity back home because of it."

Geki nodded again, with his hand on his chin.

"And what about you? Have you been a ninja for a long time?"

"Since I was a child. I was raised in a village near Iga, at the base of Mount Fuji."

"Is that why you can vanish and reappear so quickly?"

He chuckled.

"It is not all knife throws and kicks. Ninja are skilled in the ways of diplomacy and espionage."

"Oh, you mean you manipulate people? I am a skilled liar; that my mother taught me, for she is the biggest liar of all."

"Then I am certain she taught you well." he replied, seemingly unmoved by my emotions.

"She betrayed me." I said, my bitterness welling up inside me again.

"Women can be very shrewd."

"The sharpest knife of all."

"Vega—look out there. Do you see the city before you? That is your training ground."

"The whole city?" I exclaimed and he nodded.

"It is yours for the taking but you must not get caught. Ninjas do not get caught."

"Oh I won't." I smirked. "I never do."


Nante koto da yo? - What the hell?!

Omae - You...

Yappari ne... - That's what I thought (informal)

Doumo - Hello (informal)

Naruhoudo ne- Is that right?

Konbanwa - Good evening


The Adventures of the Spanish Ninja in Japan Ch.1
[PREQUEL] Vega continues on his journey to become the world's greatest assassin and a future lord of Shadowlaw. Facing the shadows of his dark past and adjusting to life in Japan, what trials await him? Read and find out! [MATURE READERS ONLY. GRAPHIC VIOLENCE. READER DISCRETION ADVISED] Sequel to the Origins of the Spanish Ninja!


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