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Nimitz the Treecat

This is a quick illustration of Nimitz the Spinxian Treecat inspired by listening to the audiobooks of David Weber's series focused on Honor Harrington, a space captain of the Royal Manticorian Navy. There don't seem to be many pictures drawn of him which is a shame as he's a lovely character. A hexapedal arboreal cat-like species native to the planet of Spinx. He's the empathically bonded companion to Captain Harrington.

This was also a cunning chance for me to get little practice in drawing a feline. I tried to make him as anatomically likely as possible but sadly there is a distinct lack of hexapedal mammals to accurately reference ;)
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Adorable... ^_^
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this is probably the best depiction of a treecat I've ever seen, and the closest to what my mind conjures up when i read the descriptions of treecats. great job! :)
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As a fan of the Honor Harrington series, I think your version is MUCH better than the official cover art. If you look it up online, you'll see that the artists always try to make Nimitz look more, well, Devilish. I think you have a good eye. If I might make a suggestion? Have you thought of making the head look more like a Bobcat? That's just what I always envision. NOT trying to tell you how to draw Nimitz. Hope you have a nice day. Oh, if you want a laugh, look up the Fan club, look at their stuffed toy Treecats.

I note that you gave him siberian /norwegan forest cat-like face- something that fits his charecter quite well, i think.
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The most popular treecat art. Check out the link to the Honorverse Wiki page on treecats we've added section of treecat fan art. With your permission I would like to add your Nimitz the Treecat to them, or if you wish you can add him yourself. Click on blue title of one to see copyright etc. If I do it I'll use your nome de art unless you prefer your actual name as Thomasthecat did. [link] Check out zenzmurfy's latest treecats so full of life.

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Hi Crydwyn,

I like your image yet we have yet to see a Treecat as David Weber has described them. Clear your mind of the image 'cat' and think 'weasel' now in the middle of that long skinny body imagine another pair of limbs, got the image?

The head and ears are cat like.

The tail is long and flat imagine an elongated beaver tail, but with fur on the top, and bare skin on the bottom. Unless curled into a tube in cold winter conditions it should be flat. It's prehensile used for grasping like a new world monkey, but also with the curling ability can grasp also in the longitudinal direction not just the horizontal.

The hands have longer fingers than the human hand with three fingers and a thumb IE only four digits not five. The claws, 1.25 cm long, are usually retracted into a sheath but can spring open like a folding knife.

Color Gray with darker stripes for the male with cream colored belly fur, and light brown or tan and spotted for the female with cream colored belly.

Most artists get hung up on the word 'cat' think weasel. Almost artists all have a fat house cat appearance or that of a garden gnome. David Weber has stated that that the treecat on the US 'Changer of Worlds' cover is the closest to his imagination, only the arms are too long.

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VERY very nice picture of a treecat! I like it A LOT!
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Wow, nice. Hello, Stinker ;)
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i like this one some much i may ever well fave it.... yea i' faveing lolz
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my big fan of Divad Weber:}
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As a reader and fan of Weber's HH series, I have to say this is a pretty good piece of work, depicting Nimitz.

I do offer one small crit: They've clarified that Treecat's tails are actually flat, fur-covered and prehensile, to allow for balance and movement through the canopy in the forests. When not in use, the tails actually roll inwards into a tube-shape, resembling a Terran feline's tail. Now that could be the excuse here, but I though to pass that bit of info along, in case you're planning to draw more pictures of Nimitz and other Treecats.

Thanks for sharing!

-- Stephen
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He looks awesome. Love all the details. :love:
Featured here: [link]
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*Hugs Nimitz*
This is a great illustration of him.
Since you say you lacked any reference, which makes this even more amazing. The only pictures which I like of him are the cover of Changer of Worlds, and very few, actually only about 2 others, which even come close to what I think Nimitz looks like. I think this picture would do well as a poster, if it was one, I would definitely buy it.

Thank you for your wonderful artwork,
Admiral of the Green Caitlyn StarNight
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This is great! I like how you make him look personable, and not like some sort of evil hell spawn like in most drawings of Nimitz, in this drawing he’s so...fluffy! ^^
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not how i have him in mind but still a real good pic
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Speaking of hexapedals... i'd say the middle set of legs would be somewhat more muscly - they were used for running and jumping around while attacking, after all.
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An excellent point, I hadn't considered it from that view. I was working more on the assumption that they were closer in nature to forelimbs rather than hindlimbs thus they would have the relatively lighter musculature found in forelimbs...
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Heh, glad to have helped.
I remembered reading this as being their advantage i think in one of the wikies - it said they claw with forepaws while use the lower set to move around, which gives them maneuverablilty that's substantially above regular cats.
I like to joke that treecats are why the killer rabbit is endemic to Caerbannogh, if you get my drift.
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Best reply ever :D
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Very nice, he seems to be smiling
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Thank you, yes, I find cats often have a smile on their lips :)
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