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School's beginning to come to an end, and even with exams just around the corner, I really wanna do some art. So, I'll take in a few requests to draw people's OCs, just because. 

+ Give me at least one full, visual reference to work off of - I'm awful at working from a worded description
+ Please inform me if you want the piece as a sketch, in black and white, or in full colour. 
+ If you want the unwatermarked version of the drawing, I will make you pay for it via my points commissions
+ Please don't repost the works without discussing it with me first 
+ I'm only doing one character - simple background ideas can be discussed 
+ The more detail required for a piece, the less that'll likely be visible - a sketch might be full body, while a full colour may just be waist/bust-up. Depends on how I feel. 
+ Down below I'll note what I am drawing/who it is for and how much of it is done, so you can keep track if you have one.
✪ Gore

✮ Non-sexual nudity
✮ Anthro
✮ Animals

✧ Sexual nudity 
✧ Really f-ing complicated stuff. These are only requests, I'm not busting my ass over them. 
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