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War Chronicles: retribution pg 78

By Crydius
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And the past rears its ugly head...

So, holy crap, it's been so long since I made one of these. April of last year I think.
I forgot how much time goes into these.
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Also, sorry for the long hiatus. I've been moving to my new appartment and it took most of my time. I should be back to my regular schedule soon.

War Chronicles: retribution pg 77 by Crydius
War Chronicles: retribution pg 79 by Crydius
WC: Retribution folder:…

Got questions about the overall storyline or missed some events before this ? Make sure to check the comic section :…
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this is getting really feel like going to its climatic end

its ok worth the wait not the first mlp comic i follow taking time ;)

star153's avatar

Where are they?

Crydius's avatar

Random room in Canterlot Castle. It's been blown to bits though, so there's not much left of it but the walls, floor and ceiling.

PrincessPeachFan64's avatar

Damn Crydius. I hope you have a backup plan!!

Also his face speaks a thousand words...

Crydius's avatar

Right? I love drawing expressive characters. ^^

Dragonfire92379's avatar

Since My birthday is coming up next Monday, I would like to see Crydius go Dragon Maleficent on Kairi.

FireDav's avatar

Me: Good Twilight Good

Kill Him, Kill Him Now

Twilight: I... I Shouldn't

Me: Palpatine: DO IT

ChaosBetween's avatar

…why do I get the feeling Crydius is going to snap, and literally bring down the entire city in his rage?

Referring to him by, what must be, his true name is most likely going to set him off.

Crydius's avatar

Impressive. You're an excellent judge of character.

Better take cover.


ChaosBetween's avatar

Thank you.

Packing for Meh Holiday I'll just head to my Apocalypse/Cataclysm shelter to wait out the end of the world.

LadyMegami's avatar

Been awhile, and chances are he might a plan b and c

Crydius's avatar

Good to be back. ^^

And yeah, this ain't over. Not by a long shot.

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

No need to apologise. Life takes priority 😊

Tetsuya-Kintame's avatar

Small eye moment. Something MUST be important with a name drop like that.

Pony4Koma's avatar

Cassian: I didn't lose! I merely failed to win...

(Sorry. I just hat quote this line xD)

Kamon72's avatar

now you lost not just the fight but your dignity too

Kitz-N-Blitz's avatar

OOOHHHHHH! Name-drop that f***er, Spark!

Kitz-N-Blitz's avatar

Also, does this mean you are caught up on what happens in Melody of Memory?

Crydius's avatar

Yup I am. Loved that ending. Totally called it too.

And now we wait.

Fella Waiting (Reactions)

ShadowtheCartoonist's avatar

>villain realizing they lost

>villain realizing they lost to the power of friendship


Crydius's avatar

The ultimate humiliation! XD

drakesfire101's avatar

Twilight dropping some bombs here.

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