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War Chronciles: retribution pg 55

Party Cannon 

And so we pretty much reach the end of the Pinkie, Derpy and Doctor Whooves arc. (Finally getting out of those damn CAVES!) Next page will probably be an epilogue of sorts and an intro into the next, and probably final arc!
Not sure when exactly that's gonna happen as there's a couple of things I need to do before that last arc. It will be the end of one hell of a story after all. I hope you all enjoyed it so far and will enjoy what's still to come. ^^

As always, enjoy.
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Rule one never underesitimed Pinkamena Diana Pie in her Party mod, not even a Time lord can hold her!
Rule two she like Deadpool unpreditable!
gamewizard-2008's avatar
Screw your plan, we have a reckless character!
Saddust's avatar
P.P. IS the plan ! (^v^)
Turbotowns2's avatar
Pinkie Pie doesn't NEED a plan! She's BEST PONY!
korean123's avatar

Pinkie Pie have no plan. She have party plan.
MercenaryX's avatar
You know how the old saying of no plans device 1st contact with the enemy? In this case the plan never even got to that point thanks to pinkie pie.
Crydius's avatar
Sometimes you just gotta do things the Pinkie way. 
But I didn't listen (Pinkie Pie) PLZ 
Plan? The only plan Pinkie Pie has, no NEEDS... ( I think, whatever), is a plan to PARTY!!!!!!
Akusenpai's avatar
Pinkie Pie: You had a plan !
Doctor: I had...part of a plan !
You had a plan.   Now you don't.
Pinkie Pie SMEEL by PikachuX1000  Who needs a plan when you've got ME?!

Sad Doctor Whooves Vector by hombre0  But it was such a great plan!  Deception, confusion, my sonic screwdriver...
Crydius's avatar
Holy crap, now those are some big icons. O_O'
She's right though Doc, no plan beats Pinkie Pie. ^^
SnoopyStallion's avatar
well good for the enemies that there is just one pinkie pie. and not her entire clone army from the mirror pond. this whole comic would be finished in 5 pages flat XD
jayman123456's avatar
1. Man, I thought lots of people were divided on how to pronounce Arceus' name, but then along comes Chelicera. 
BONUS: How do you pronounce Arceus, Ar-se-us or Ar-ce-us?
2. Doc. listen, PINKIE IS THE PLAN!...........................PLAN P.
3. It's about time she got hit.
4. Canon Jump, the upgrade to the Rocket Jump.
Hopefully they won't use "Plan G"!!
(It's a reference to the Achievement Hunters Minecraft episode).
Crydius's avatar
1. I think they pronounced it Ar-ce-us in the movies so that's what I've been going with, but I could be wrong.
4. Canon Jump is Rocket Jump's final form!
HadesUprising25's avatar
Don't worry Doctor your plan will be backup in case Pinkie's does not work. Pfft who am i kidding this plan will work!  :dignity-laugh: 
Gammer14's avatar
Aw poor Doctor. There's no room for plans and logic with Pinkie Pie. Should have chosen Twilight as your party member instead XD.
Kim-cat3120's avatar
Oh Doctor, you should know by now that there's no need for logic with Pinkie Pie around!
drakesfire101's avatar
No plan survives contact with the enemy.

Or Pinky Pie. 
Crydius's avatar
Doctor Whooves Icon 2 :iconsaysplz: Noooo! My plaaaaaan!!
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