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:iconcrona3plz::iconsaysplz: Hey wait a minute, what am I even doing in this school ?! Why am I here ?!!
:iconcrydius::iconsaysplz: Cause you're one of my favourite anime characters of all time and I felt like drawing you, shut up.

Seriously though, this joke would've worked with pretty much any other character in our place but, eh, I felt like drawing Crona. Don't think I ever have. Which is a shame. I do really like Soul Eater. Easily second favourite series of all time, right after the Negima manga.

Lovey-dovey SunLight strikes again !
:iconhumanrainbowdashplz::iconsaysplz: I am so sick of this shit...

Previous events in this, uh, series I guess I can call it now... I think :
The Science of Love :…
Love between eggheads :…

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I had taken a test in my chemistry class in my final year at high school over two years ago and out of the some 20-24 students, I was the only one who got all 43 questions on that test correct. I still remain flabbergasted to this day because of that. ^^"