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Don't worry about it Rainbow, just let them have this.

So yeah, Equestria Girls : Friendship Games. Haven't talked about that one yet have I ?
All in all, I did really like the movie. It wasn't quite as epic as Rainbow Rocks but it was WAY better than the first one.
It's been a while since I've drawn any human ponies, not to mention it's my first time drawing Sunset Shimmer. I'd say it turned out quite nice. I do really like her. Her character became one of my favourites after Rainbow Rocks and it was great to see her bring everything full circle in Friendship Games (and yes I kinda ship her with Twilight, sue me).

UPDATE: This comic has been dubbed by the amazing :iconwubcakeva:. Check it out :…

Enjoy, as always !
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What happened? True love.

What's going to happen later? Hot smexy lesbian sex! :D