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EqG Lyra Plz :iconsaysplz: I accidentally ate candy that wasn't bonbons and now my girlfriend's constantly glaring at me. What do I do?
Sweetie 6 :iconsaysplz: Where do babies come from? We want one.
Peridot sprite - Stunned :iconsaysplz: My girlfriend fled into space and took our whole barn with her. Help...
Luna Embarrassed Emoticon :iconsaysplz: So, I got this... crush, on this girl... and I wrote her a letter, and she read it, and smiled... so... Is that good?
:iconcrydius::iconsaysplz: ... Excuse me, for a sec.
*runs like hell*

And that almost concludes our little Love Advice story arc. After this is a short little epilogue, and than that's it. ^^

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When did silver spoon and sweetie bell (is that correct probably not) become a thing