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Alternative title: "Sunset gets drunk and makes the situation even more akwardly painful than it already was." But that one was too long.

Hey guys, I'm back! And I bring you the continuation of our little SunLight romantic drama. Now with 20% more Dominator! (Her role could've been played by a couple of other characters but I've been wanting to draw her lately)
Also, I decided to add a censor-bar rather than give this a mature content tag cause I know some of the people who follow this don't actually have DA accounts so they wouldn't be able to read it.

What? You thought I was going to "resolve" their little relationship problem? Pfft! Do you even KNOW me?!

For the record, this comic is for shits and giggles. DON'T actually drink when you're NOT old enough. Thank you.

So this became it's own little thing. I'll put the links to the other pages here:
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Sunset's melancholy:…
Helping Sunset:…
Helping Sunet II: The helpening:…
Helping Sunset III: Sunset's resolve :…
Sunset's confession:…

Want to know what happened before this or interested in the series ? Check out the EQG crossover comics section :…
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Im honestly getting Supalonely vibes with this situation between the two. Like exactly what goin on. (Btw Sunset is drinking so it would be Sci-Twi's pov in the song) not the whole song though.