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Demon Sunset Lv 1

By Crydius
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Stat Boosts:
  Phys. Atk.: + 50% x the current amount of Rage
  Magic. Atk.: + 20% x the current amount of Rage
  Phys. Def.: + 35% x the current amount of Rage
  Magic. Def.: no change
  Speed: + 20% x the current amount of Rage
  Dex.: + 10% x the current amount of Rage
  Wis.: no change


Passive abilities:
 Fire Infusion
 Fire Resist

So some people asked me if I was going to do a stat page on Sunset's Demon form, like I did for Gamma's battle protocols and Eldritch's personalities. I figured "why the heck not"? As the titel suggests, this is only her first level. Others will be unlocked later on (heh... "unlocked". Video game lingo...). This form's gimmick revolves mostly around her Rage mechanic which increases most of her base stats depending on how angry she is.
I wasn't going to do this at first, but then I figured I might as well, considering some of you really like your power levels, strength charts and DBZ memes. =P (Razz) 
Vegeta (Over 9000) [V2] 

Sunset has used this form on several occasions now, notably during:
The flag hunt:…
Her fight with Chara:…
And most recently, the dodgeball arc:…
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Lv 1's don't have wings...

You need Lv 2 for that!

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When your very soul is represented by a taijitu, it's only reasonable for you to pull from both Heaven and Hell's playbooks.

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D-Hero19Hobbyist Traditional Artist

"He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

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So she's finally learning to control to power, eh?

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She's getting there.

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What?! This is only her FRIST form, I fear what lv 20 looks like! ( Starts seeing a flaming King Ghidorah in my head)

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Perfect for launching Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods, part 1 :oops:

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I have to ask, not related to this post specifically, but does Eldritch's personalities work like multiple personality disorder, where identities can coexist in his body without being consciously aware of each other? Or is it more like multiple demons contained in the same vessel, with each one corresponding to certain situations?

Crydius's avatar

Mostly the latter. They are different personalities but they are aware of each other. They "take control" when a certain trigger related to their deity happens to the main body which is usually controlled by the "Eldritch" personality (linked to Nurgle). Which is why Feral's in control now as violence is a Khorne thing.

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That makes sense, violence and competition are about as Khorny as you can get. :-P

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0-0 epic

great now i am seeing eveil twilight XD i am sure she love seeing sunset this epic

and dang awesome and nice info now i am curious why you do teh demon path

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Saw the look on her face, thought of this:

Not sure why XD

kraftp9628's avatar

Sunset after she stops the explosion at the dodgeball competition: "It didn't work. It did not work."

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MrSoniccloudHobbyist Traditional Artist

Damn it! Someone beat me to the TFS Alucard joke! Oh well, as informative as the chart is I don't think it really matters on the grand-scale of your universe/gallery. After all like a certain troll-doll of a prince once said...

Dragon Ball Z - Angry Vegeta icon (animated) Power levels are BULLSH*T!!! Wait, who the f*ck are you calling a troll-doll you son of a-!!! angry vegeta

*I run away while flipping off Vegeta with both hands* Woopwoopwoopwoopwoopwoop!

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MrSoniccloudHobbyist Traditional Artist

Thank you for laughing at that joke! XD Honestly, jokes about Vegeta's height are a dime a dozen so I feelt it wouldn't really be fummy due to being a "low blow"

Sans Icon Heh! I see what you did there kid.

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Moonscar989Hobbyist General Artist

A thought just came to mind.

This sunset against a terminator sunset.

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foldabotZHobbyist Photographer

Her Final form is full-on Devilman Lady.

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She's scary

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That's the idea. =P

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Crydius,don't f**king tell me that her max level is 10,because I really need your help to counter her immense anger...😥

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Will we be seeing the other levels as well?

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