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Crona and Dom's new get-up



So... remember when I said I felt like drawing more Dominator? Well, I did. And this happened. I don't know how... But it did.
Have some more Crona while I'm at it too.

So, context, context,... uh, I dunno,... Dom felt like taking Crona out shopping and while they were at it do something about that crazy haircut. And they decided to get matching hairstyles. So there, new outfits, new hairstyle. Fun times.

Okay, so the truth is, I wanted to flash out the senpai-kouhai relationship between these two a bit more and before I knew it I was redesigning clothes and hairstyles and the whole thing escalated. I like the end result though, so I decided to put it up here. Enjoy.

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Seriously why is Dominator showing her heart to Crona?! It's cute and all but...she nearly destroyed an entire Galaxy fer fun! As for Crona...well he killed people but that;s because his mom was a Bitch! A hot Bitch but a bitch.