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Aaah... that's better...

It feels like AGES since the last time I drew humanized ponies. Granted, I wasn't very good at it, which is pretty obvious from my early attempts, but I decided to give it another go. I changed the style up a bit so now it looks kinda like the style I use in my Pinkamena comics only, you know, humanized. It was a nice thing to do to take a break from all the comics.

Who still remembers these guys huh ? (it has this title for a reason...) The biggest representatives of the Dark Side of the fandom. All put together by me to form the Mane Six' dark fandom counterparts : the Mean Six. Or Savage Six, or whatever I used to call them...
These guys will always hold a special place in my heart, for various reasons. First of all, my Mean Six pic was one of the first of my attempts to draw humanized ponies. Second, all these characters had a certain impact on me and the way I experienced the fandom. Psycho Twilight is one of the main reasons Twilight's my favourite pony, the whole Derpy debacle was going on right at the moment that I got into the show and I remember it very well, Pinkamena was the first blood/gore tumblr I ever followed and loved and was soon followed by Discorded Whooves, Lil' miss Rarity and Princess Molestia on Tumblr. All of which I greatly enjoyed.

All the more reason to give these guys a little more spotlight from my part. ^^
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What's up with Rainbow Dash (or Derpy, idk). She's melting.