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Cryaotic Confessions
I think it's about time I've woken up after a six month nap. And some people might not be happy.

Sorry, guys, but if you can't tell, this account is kinda done. Drained out of it's purpose. But I still need your help.

1. If you've donated points to me and I haven't given them back, please let me know when and how much you gave me. I feel like I've done nothing but stolen them from you guys and I'm seriously sorry because most of you payed actual money for those points. So yeah, you want them back, you'll get them.

2. I'm still struggling to get these confessions to stop spamming google images when you search up anything to do with Cry. I've done just about everything. I've changed the sharing settings on every one of the confessions (So you have to be on dA and logged in) , I've even deleted a few, I've changed some of the names, but they still show up. I don't want to delete the whole account and deviations or anything. It's just really annoying to see in google images all the time. Sorry for totally spamming it, guys. If I knew that would have happened, I probably would have done something at the start. Now I get to handle almost 300 of them. So if anyone else has anymore ideas, it would help out a lot.

3. You don't know this, but I have 74 unread notes and I'm assuming they're all requests. Something you must know though, is that this account isn't exactly taking requests anymore. I'm not going to reply to every single one telling everyone that it's over, so this is it. Hi. sorry. (I'll still read them though for... I don't know why.)

Last but not least...

Here's why.

I started this account for basically two reasons: 1. To make Cry happy and smile when he needed it. 2. To help fans connect and talk and jet get to know each other.
I guess when I started taking requests, I just got so overwhelmed with the amount of people, I was forgetting why I started, and most importantly, I forgot about how it would make Cry feel.
Yeah, we're al obsessive fans here, we know what our behaviour is like. It's fine to ship these fictional characters and write stories about people who don't exist and expose our deepest emotions for made up characters. But it should never be taken the same way when it's a real person. Characters don't have emotions that weigh them down when something goes wrong. they don't have these thoughts that can drive them crazy. Real people do and I feel horrible for not keeping it all under control. But thats really the reason why I eventually had to stop. Because I knew Cry didn't like them, but you guys did. It was defeating the purpose to keep doing it if it pissed people off. Especially Cry.
The worst part is, I stopped watching all of his videos after Vampire: The Masquerade because I was afraid he would actually say something about how much he hated the confessions and our creepiness. On top of that, I felt like I did something horrible to him that he didn't deserve. You can see how this became so out of hand that I needed to stop.

So. If Cry ever gets to see this (I'm sure he never will), I just want him to know that I'm sorry. I never wanted to embarrass him or creep him out or scare him or put him through anything he really didn't need. I hope he saw it as a joke and not as serious as I took it. Most of all, I just hope that he is happy and still doing what he loves.

As for you guys, I guess I'm not dead yet. are you?
Do you guys still watch Cry? What was your favourite video series? (Mine will forever be Corpse Party)
What other YouTubers do you love? (Beyond obsessed with NerdCubed)
Uh, pfft. Been to any concerts or whatever? See some good movies? 
Met anyone? Special? *wink wink* At lot can happen during six months of me being away.
(If anyone remembers my history teacher from hell, I haven't seen her face since the exam. I still cringe at the thought of her though. I finished with an 88 in that class so I win. hur hur hur hur)

AAAAaaaaaanyway. For maybe the last time,

Thank you for silently correctly and not really ignoring my spelling and grammar errors.
Drink your milk, don't do drugs, don't get hit by a car
and most importantly
above all things...

Take care.


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