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planes walker fan art

another old work
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CHANDRA!!!! do you play mtg? we should play online,magic workstation.
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i am the big fan of mtg art work, but not the player of it

my brother is the one of mtg freak,
he is the real player
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ufufufu wow..nice fire..elow elow:D
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Guendeng......! Sangar.... mangan opo kon iki, Crut kok iso huebat ngono?
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tutorial efek api nya dunk~
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napa tiba2 gambar charanya magic the gathering??
mau terjun juga ya heuhehueheuheuhe.. :D
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lg seneng nal

sek suwe nek mau terjun k sana
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sek suwe brati bakalan terjun :D
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wuih !!!dah lama gak keliatan orang nya makin mantap aja karyanya!!!
sep!!! keren-keren!
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ckckck dewa dewa ..... sangar
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wow.... kereeennn
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gedein dunk biar bisa dipelajari xixixixixixixi
seperti biasa, warnanya mantep :D
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tq tq

ntar aq gede in
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Woah, superb work... you are very skilled.
(you should recommend to download, I almost missed to do so - I'm glad I did. Really great painting style :> )

How old you mean by "old work" indeed?
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thank you Michael
I did the picture 3 month ago
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