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Time Bomb

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Doctor 8, to end the Time War, must use a 'Time Bomb' to wipe both the Time Lords and the Daleks from history, to save the universe itself from the ravages of their catastrophic transtime conflict. With history itself in danger, the Doctor opts for the only sure way to end the war and it's damages. Utilizing the Matrix and the Sash of Rassilon, the Doctor causes the neccessary tools to manifest.

There is a whole fanfic story here, with Faction Paradox being the secret motive force behind the Time War: giving the Daleks the edge in technology that they need to finally truly threaten the Time Lords. Their aim is to force the Time Lords to utterly erase the Daleks from history, thus violating their own sacred Laws of Time, and unwittingly embracing the Spirits of Paradox. (See Lawrence Miles' excellent Doctor Who novels).

The Doctor finally realizes who is behind it all, and that the only way to stop it all is to erase the Time Lords themselves (thus Faction Paradox, a renegade Time Lord voodoo cult, is never born, the Daleks never get time technology, or even evolve, and the War never happens... as such). The Doctor takes his TARDIS out of Time and Space (ala Logopolis-which is why he still exists, albeit somewhat paradoxically), and causes the Bomb to strategically wipe out the combatants.

Afterwards, stricken with grief and self-doubt about what he has done, the Doctor goes insane and forces himself to regenerate. Doctor 9 takes to the universe to set history on the proper courses, as he knows them. Thus, he appears throughout history, saving the world from threats he knows will come, but circumvents long before they materialize. This is the Doctor which is on the conspiracy theorist's website in the new series premiere episode, 'Rose'.

This is a shorthand of my personal bridge between the Classic and New series of Doctor Who.
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My theory was that the moment was pretty similar to the power Rose has in The Parting of the Ways. I had the idea that he used it and then hid it and wiped his memory as it would have been pretty much impossible to destroy. 
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Except now it was the true ninth Doctor with Billie Piper in a box down in the ol' barn. Plus two blokes with trainers and a chin.

RIP in whoever bloody knows Faction Paradox.
Cool. My theory was that the Doctor used a technology akin to that which caused the Time Cracks to end the War. Time Cracks erase things from history, but in a way that's like ripping out part of a tapestry instead of changing the tapestry proper. Since the War was time-locked, he could do this without erasing the universe from history, as the time-lock contained it. He still exists because he's at the epicentre, and the Time Lord history remains because only the events in the time lock were removed from history
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8 in pain is so hot. XD I'm a nutter and I know it. Brilliant.

Incidentally, I have my own end-of-Time-War and Regeneration theory fanfic, which is completely devoid of spin-offs since I hadn't heard any audios or read any novels (and I'm still stuck just after Genocide...) It's here if you want to read it: [link] and feel free to art it if you like, or any of my sounded commisiony...*pause*...Jelly baby?
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The composition, perspective and expression are incredible, you can feel his anguish. Not what Rassilon had in mind, was it?
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No... well, Who can know the depths of the Wisdom of Rassilon? ... can't he?...
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hint of voodoo time cult Faction Paradox motif...

well, less a hint than a bludgeon, I suppose...
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Sorry but, I have no clue what that is. Oh well.
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Brilliant work, fantastic drawing.
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I have one theory on the Time War. IT'S A LIE!!!
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Personally, I refuse to believe in the trainwreck of a Whoniverse RTD has begotten; so, yes, it is all a lie.
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That is a very interesting idea, and this is a brilliant picture to go along with it. you did a (dare I say it) Fantastic job on this, I love it.

(And hey, have you ever thought of turning it into a Comic? You obviously have the talent for it.)
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Well, thank you very much! And for the fave.
I actually have started a comic strip, some time ago, to go along with the story, but it never got beyond very rough sketches in a very crude format in a very dank part of my sketchbook. Perhaps I will return to it sometime.
Thanks for the kind words.
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this has been featured here
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The description makes my brain hurt a little (am woefully not up to speed on Classic 'Who), but I love the drawing!

*notes sadly that if he had a TARDIS, he'd use it right now to go back to 1996 and record the Dr. Who movie off of television as it's the only way he'll ever see it...*

My cousin wants a Tennant audio for Christmas, maybe she'll get me a McGann audio! ;)
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Thanks! And thanks for the fave.

Also, I think you will find that the 1996 tv movie is available online *somewhere*. Good luck! ;^)
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Ooh. DevArt on dial-up? I remember those days (last year...). Condolences. Your time will come.
LonelyImmortal's avatar
...I got teh dial-up....:(

Oh, but when I get high-speed...WOO HOO! :D
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wonderfully creative way of bridging things! i am working on a fanfic of my own, in the parallel universe where rose is trapped. i want rose to cross paths with that universe's doctor, and #8 is the one i want to use.
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Oh! Oh! *jumps up and down waving hands*
I've written two stories about that if your interested.



whiteknightjames's avatar
i will check them out! thanks!
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Thank you. Yeah, I miss the McGann charms (if you're gonna have "romance" in Dr Who, let's do it more thataway, with more innocent characterization, rather than trite old "will they or won't they?/ did they or didn't they" nastiness). McGann, in his very brief screen time, came off as quite a dashing figure (not a mere underwear model for the anorexic set).
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