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Hi! As all of you guys probably already know, this is where I shall post my art! I don’t have a lot, so watchers, watch out! (Bad puns...) I hope you like em, cuz I do! (Kinda, not really!)


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NextGen: Dawn Sky
Profile: Dawn Sky
Age: 16
Parents: Fluttershy, Thunderlane
Kind: Pegasus, Male
Sexuality: Gay
General Bio:
Dawn Sky could very well be Fluttershy's polar opposite. The pegasus has a short temper, a very ambitious nature and a daring personality. Ever since he was a foal, his dream was to fly as a Wonderbolt. He was popular among the schoolfillies as the little legend (next to Albatross, of course). He and Alba have been BCFF (best cousin friend forever) ever since his father moved from Cloudsdale to live in Ponyville with his mother. The two would often dream of being the amazing Wonderbolt duo that would amaze all of Equestria with their flying skills. Poor Dawn was devastated when Alba quit their dream and refused to be a Wonderbolt. When Dawn found out that the reason for his rejection was Albatross’s little sister, Xyloto. Dawn forever had a grudge against the pegasus filly, claiming it was her fault that Alba abandoned him. He often spends time at Donut Joe's shop, where he exchanges jokes and stories with his older daughter, Apple Frosting. Today, he is training as a professional Wonderbolt under his coach, Rainbow Dash. Sometimes he sees Xyloto in the mess hall and shoots her an angry glare, which she usually shrugs off if she notices. Few ponies know the real reason that he was angry at Albatross. He used to have a mild crush on his fellow pegasus, and just at the wrong time he became too attached to him. Many ponies also think he is a bit odd because Albatross is his cousin, but he is obviously ok with this. Dawn Wings is ok with incest. Ok........ ok........
Talents, Abilities and Facts:
Dawn Sky is a talented flier. Every day, he goes to Wonderbolt practice with his legendary father. He even accompanied Thunderlane when he was but a foal, fluttering along the small cloud ring his father carved for him. Unlike Alba, he is not naturally talented. He has learned all he knows over the years and has caught up to his father in almost every flight study imaginable. He doesn't have many other talents, apart from one year when he was a colt and he participated in his school's Hearth's Warming pageant. After this event he swore he would never even glance at a costume ever again.
Like i said, he is very different from his mother. He is pushy, ambitious and a bit harsh. Fluttershy does a very bad of scolding him for it and usually makes Thunderlane do the dirty work. Overall, the family is relatively close, and they care for eachother to a certain extent. As also said before, he was gay for his foalhood friend and cousin Alba for a reasonable amount of time. He has yet to tell his parents and doesn't plan on coming out to them anytime soon. And of course there was his fake wedding with Constie. He claims it was true love, but he mostly did it so he could become popular with his friends for being the boyfriend of an alicorn, unknown to Constella.
NextGen: Jupiter Haze
Profile: Jupiter Haze
Age: 13
Parents: Twilight Sparkle, Sunburst
Kind: Unicorn, Male
Sexuality: Asexual
General Bio:
This curious unicorn colt is quite the pony. He has an eye for details and books, much like his mother. He spends most of his waking hours in the library researching ancient unicorns and spells. Sometimes, his parents need to forcefully pull him out of the library at night because he won’t go to bed. And he also has a rambling problem, especially when others begin discussing a topic he is strong in, like magic and history. For his entire life, he has had a bromance relationship with his ‘cousin’, Hugo. The two always take impromptu trips to Canterlot so they can check out the Starswirl the Bearded section and write papers to grade each other on. Jupiter is NOT very popular among his small home of Ponyville, considering he spends all of his day in the library. Some ponies even call him the ‘Book Vampire’, a nickname he dislikes greatly. He has had a reasonably calm life as far as lives go in Equestria, living his life until one pony arrived. Her name was Polaroid and he was chosen to house her during the night. When he let his emotions show in front of her in his room, a demon named Novaline possessed him and made the helpless colt part of Polaroid’s nightmare of a life. He ended up getting killed after trying to rape the pegasus under the influence of the demon. She let him go just as Polaroid began going mad and killing everyone nearby, and the poor unicorn was slaughtered before he could ask what was going on. Luckily, his very talented mother and intelligent father were able to whip up a spell that revived him and his dead mother, who died trying to protect him and kill Novaline. After the scarring experience, the unicorn continued to study magic, but his interest in dark magic grew to levels his parents were uncomfortable with, and his studies of the subject ended as soon as they had started.
Talents, Abilities and Facts:
 Jup’s cutie mark was gained at the age of 9, when he was able to decipher old ponish when his parents tested him. His mark is the planet Jupiter with a light glow coming off of it. It symbolizes his far off personality and the opacity of his character. His abilities include the ‘talent’ of staying awake long enough to read all his mother’s biology textbooks. (Only he considers is a talent, others call it a disorder or a choice, to put it simply). Facts about this ambitious unicorn are minimal, but a lesser known fact about him is that he much enjoys watching horror movies. He claims they are ‘challenging’ to watch and he likes that. (He also likes to write summary essays about them afterwards ;-) ).
Jupiter hasn’t had many relationships in the past except one small crush on a sea loving unicorn named Foaming Waves. He liked her for exactly a day, according to the unicorn himself. Then he gave up on her. He seemingly had a s*xual relationship with Polaroid, but as mentioned before, he was possessed by Novaline.
His family relations have always been somewhat secret; he doesn’t interact with many ponies besides them. Though he may seem like the most introverted pony ever, he actually loves his family to death. He has strong bonds with both his mother and father. The three are very close and often have pow wows and arguments in the library over things like whether Clover the Clever was green or brown or purple or I’ll shut up now. His relationship with his ambitious and clever alicorn sister is very limited. He tries to avoid her at all costs to avoid getting teased about his book loving. Some ponies may say that their relationship is passive aggressive, but the two love each other very much, even if they don’t act like it.
NextGen: Spectra
Profile: Spectra
Age: 18
Parents: Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer
Kind: Unicorn, Female
Sexuality: Straight
General Bio:
Spectra is not a very powerful unicorn. She is talented in magic concerning healing, and she can cast healing spells whenever she wants or needs to. She dislikes seeing flowers hurt and will heal them whenever this is the case. Part of her personality is reflected in color. She has a very colorful mane and tail, making her extremely beautiful when she is standing in a color-filled area. She is claims she is allergic to black and white, and whenever she thinks of it, she gets mental spaz attacks from it (jk). She can be found combing her hair constantly in her room. Many say that she has an overblown ego, but she simply wants her hair to look its best, claiming that her beautiful mane makes up for her ugly looks. Everypony else says she is crazy and that they want to be as beautiful as her, and she simply blushes profusely and walks away, saying thank you in a quiet monotone voice. She may seem fussy and shy, but she has had her spunky moments in the past, once where she dove into an ice cold lake per the dare of her arch nemesis, Silver Wings. She passed out from shock and was in her bed sleeping for the rest of the afternoon until she woke and gloated at her pegasus enemy. She tries her hardest to be humble, but at times, she needs to step up and be as sassy as a Manehattanite unicorn during Fashion Week :) .
Talents, Abilities and Facts: As I said before, she has healing powers and uses them when necessary. Other than that category of magic, she is not the most powerful unicorn in Equestria. When she was younger, her idol was the famous pianist and song artist Countess Coloratura. She claimed that the earth pony mare would immediately get her into the industry of Equestrian music when she heard her..... um...... beautiful voice... hehe. Obviously that didn’t work out. Starlight told her that she had recently gotten married to the male celebrity Feather Bangs and was pregnant with her first foal. No one knows if she even cares anymore (she probably doesn’t).
Spectra isn’t much into love, and she doesn’t usually acknowledge all the colts that have unbearable crushes on her. But there was one colt she actually liked. His name was Mystery, and she met him at Twilight’s school when she was about 7. He was a couple grades above her and he tutored her sometimes (she had trouble with the element of Honesty, while he got an A in the subject). She would often attend extra tutoring sessions only to gaze wistfully at his beautiful golden eyes under his soft brown bangs. She even shoots him a glance nowadays, but her feelings have died down.
Her mothers love her very much and she loves them. Her brother, Hugo, sees her as his guardian angel. He always stuck by her side when he was a foal, calling her his protector. She is a little sad that nowadays he is more independent, but she knows he needs to be braver. Sometimes, however, he will come to her with his life problems and ask for her advice. Her mothers will always dote over her when they see her brushing her mane. Considering the two alicorns have ravishing manes themselves, they give their beautiful daughter tips on her mane, and that only helps her. They have a strong bond and the four of them will stick together till the end.



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