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I see, if I shut the light off by annasandalaki      Mark-making practice 2 by confusedartkid
I see, if I shut the light off                    Mark-making practice 2
by  annasandalaki                                by  confusedartkid

In-On by Graemejukes      Oui! by yagey
In-On                                                  Oui!
by Graemejukes                                   by yagey

              Prominences by capelski
               Prominences   by capelski

              you seemed by RichardLeach
               you seemed   by RichardLeach

         unscripted memories by steve2727
         unscripted memories   by steve2727

          Expecting by TeresaClark
           Expecting   by TeresaClark

             Double O by GlennCooper
             Double O   by GlennCooper

                Mixed Media Collage by GregPDX
                Mixed Media Collage   by GregPDX
      Mixed Media Collage by GregPDX
       Mixed Media Collage   by GregPDX

Royal Wedding by capelski      Le Penseur by Graemejukes
Royal Wedding                                     Le Penseur
by capelski                                          by Graemejukes

       ROUGHKut#020918 by yagey
May Day                                             ROUGHKut#010918
by Robert-Alan                                    by yagey

various ways by RichardLeach      93,000 (Silverdome) by capelski
various ways                                        93,000 (Silverdome)
by RichardLeach                                   by capelski

              Red Umbrella by ClaudioChagas
               Red Umbrella  by ClaudioChagas

Page 4. (5) by Fromnotesonlife     I won't  stay here till I'm somebody else. by annasandalaki
Page 4 (5)                                         I won't stay here till I'm . . .
by Fromnotesonlife                             annasandalaki
          Reciprocity by LaythAbdulHamid
           Reciprocity  by LaythAbdulHamid

                    High 5 - Remix   by Robert-Alan

          the peoples republic by steve2727
          the peoples republic   by steve2727

Isn't it Pretty in Polo Mint City? (2018) by ALonelyEmu      Home Front by capelski
Isn't it Pretty in Polo Mint City?            Home Front
(2018)   by ALonelyEmu                      by capelski

         this moment by RichardLeach
        this moment   by RichardLeach

an actor brings out the thrill... by fleetofgypsies     Always be ready to change terms by TeresaClark
an actor bring out the thrill . . .             Always be ready to change terms
by fleetofgypsies                                  TeresaClark  

                     respiro by DOK-FITZ
                      respiro  by DOK-FITZ

                     Fantasia by JujuBrew
                      Fantasia   by JujuBrew
4+1 (Red) by capelski      
4 + 1 (Red)                                          climb every mountain
by capelski                                            by Robert-Alan

                    Apres moi le deluge by Versatis
                     Apres moi le deluge  by Versatis

2 by Tordo      Huesped/Guest by TeresaClark
2                                                        Huesped/Guest
by Tordo                                             by TeresaClark

       O MaL 00265 by carlonh
        O Mal 00265  by carlonh

Obraz by Uriell26     Moleskine#031218 by yagey
Obraz                                                     Moleskine#031218
by Uriell26                                               by yagey

                    hors du temps by veroklotz
                    hors du temps  by veroklotz

                 my life in paper by steve2727
                  my life in paper  by steve2727

            Saturday, May 12, is World Collage Day

    about this by RichardLeach
Waves                                           about this
by Robert-Alan                               by RichardLeach

               tight by DOK-FITZ
                tight   by DOK-FITZ

               bella smile take eight by JMbucholtz
               bella smile take eight
               by JMbucholtz

               POW - A Sense For Creating by fleetofgypsies
                POW - A Sense For Creating
                by fleetofgypsies
May 12 is World Collage Day.
(so says Kolaj magazine)

On that day, I'd love to see dA's collage page overflowing with collages, not cartoons, or sketch dumps, (go HERE to read why a sketch dump is not a collage) not celebrity compilations or style boards, just collages, dozens of collages, hundreds of collages -- taking that day to celebrate and define the art of collage.

            Oh Lead Me To The Slaughter Of My Heart
             by Robert-Alan

           eat the pawn by DOK-FITZ
              eat the pawn   by DOK-TITZ

Crack by Graemejukes        So in Lo by RichardLeach
Crack                                                    So in Lo
by Graemejukes                                     by RichardLeach

             laughed by capelski
              laughed   by capelski
To celebrate World Collage Day, my local collage group is doing a postcard exchange among 35 of our members. This is the card -- front and back -- that I addressed and sent out this morning hoping to get there by Saturday.

                     Card Front And Back by Crussol12
World Collage Day
is Saturday, May 12

               Untitled001 by denimleaf
                  Untitled001   by denimleaf

         Borders by TeresaClark
          Borders   by TeresaClark

      Moleskine#110117 by yagey
available in assorted colors                 Moleskine#110117
by Robert-Alan                                  by yagey 

         tear here by RichardLeach
             tear here   by RichardLeach
              World Collage Day is Saturday, May 12

Route 67  ............. by steve2727      93 by Tordo
Route 67 . . .                                   93  
by steve2727                                   by Tordo

Promr (Self) by capelski       ROUGHKut#010918 by yagey
Promr (Self)                                        ROUGHKut#010918
by capelski                                          by yagey

                    El caso/The case by TeresaClark
                     El caso/The case  by TeresaClark

I originally posted this back in February of 2015. With World Collage Day right around the corner, it seems like a good time to put it up again.


Every now and then I go through the collage channel and tag certain pieces as “misplaced” along with the comment, “This is not a collage.”  Pieces like compilations of celebrity photos, style or fashion boards and sketch dumps. This is not a value judgement, only an observation that these do not belong in the collage channel. A couple of times I sent a comment directly to the submitter asking why he or or she thinks the piece is a collage or asking what specific element is collaged on the piece.  The replies include, “I didn’t know where else to put it.”  and  “It was a mistake. It should have been in . . . “ 

However, once I got a more detailed response that ended with, “Feel free to disagree.”  So I accepted the invitation.  This is a slightly edited version of how I tried to explain why a sketch dump is not a collage. 

Yes, a collage is "many different things making a whole."  To be accurate, the word "whole" has to mean more than just all the images are on the same page. Putting a bunch of images on the same page does not automatically make something a collage.

To be a collage the whole has to be greater than the sum of the parts. There has to be a unified whole. In a sketch dump or other kinds of compilations  (fan art, style boards, etc.), you look at one image, then you look at another, and so on. The parts remain parts.

In collage, as in any art work, composition is important. In a sketch dump, as far as I can tell, there is no intentional composition. The goal of a sketch dump seems to be to put as many sketches onto one page as will fit. There is no focal point. Little variety. Little contrast. No consideration of placement. No taking advantage of being able to juxtapose images to create impact.

The word collage comes from the French for "to glue."  If there is not at least one element glued or fixed in some way onto the surface, then it's not a collage. Digital collages use layers to achieve the same thing.  However, if you cut out each of your sketches and glued them back onto one sheet of paper, it would still need some unifying principle at work to help it become a collage rather than just a collection of images.

                 World Collage Day is Saturday, May 12.

              Lifeline by ebbing-gale
              Lifeline   by ebbing-gale

              The Insatiable Mind by hummbuzz
                The Insatiable Mind   by hummbuzz

               Imaginary by JujuBrew
                Imaginary   by JujuBrew

              Weakness. by Fromnotesonlife
              Weakness   by Fromnotesonlife

              The Scarred Sky (2017) by ALonelyEmu
              The Scarred Sky (2017)   by ALonelyEmu
May 12 is World Collage Day

              Boy n Girl CABINS by fleetofgypsies
                Boy n Girl CABINS  by fleetofgypsies

              Nine by RichardLeach
                Nine   by RichardLeach

                        hit delete then try again   by Robert-Alan

    'sta gente da la nausea by DOK-FITZ
bless (habit)                                          'sta gente da la nausea
by capelski                                           by DOK-FITZ

World Collage Day is May 12

Sharleen Takes a Fall (2013) by ALonelyEmu     There's a by RichardLeach
Sharleen Takes a Fall (2013)                  There's a
by ALonelyEmu                                      by RichardLeach

           Ecstacy by capelski
            Ecstacy by capelski

      ROUGHKut#030318 by yagey
center piece                                        ROUGHKut#030318
by Robert-Alan                                    by yagey
Not that anyone ever asks, but I have two principles for collage that I try to keep in mind while working. 
1.  The whole has to be greater than the sum of the parts.
2.  Just because I can add another piece to my collage doesn't mean I should add another piece to my collage.
An adjunct principle is:
 if a narrative emerges as I am working on a piece, I am free to develop it or ignore it.

Those are my principles meager though they may be. There are other, more sophisticated, principles such as the 2012 editorial in Kolaj Magazine, in which Benoit Depelteau laid out three criteria for what seemed like a developing context in which they -- at the magazine -- look at collage. 
The act of creation must involve the selection of existing images, objects or fragments of any type, being fully aware that they carry cultural references and connotations in our collective unconscious.  Then, the process must incorporate the juxtaposition of such items, to create a new composition in which the relation between elements initiates the concept.  Finally, the work must underlie the intention to express structured ideas that might, but not necessarily, be included in a wider artistic, social, political, or cultural statement.
Is this collage? by Benoit Depelteau. Kolaj Magazine. Issue two. 2012.

He sidestepped the idea that at least one element must be glued to a substrate (which many of us take as a given) for a couple of reasons.  First, as he points out later in the article, gluing alone does not make something a collage. Second, there are conceivably other methods of attachment such as stapling, taping, pinning, sewing that could result in a collage.

World Collage Day is May 12.
Moleskine#021918 by yagey       please by RichardLeach
Moleskine#021918                                 please
by yagey                                               by RichardLeach

                   yourfranklyvulgarredpullover  by Robert-Alan

                  Try by GlennCooper
                  Try  by GlennCooper

                        Untitled by ebbing-gale
                        Untitled  by ebbing-gale

                  see you space cowboy by DOK-FITZ
                   see you space cowboy  by DOK-FITZ

     Thalassa, Guide Us (2017) by ALonelyEmu

Sequel                                              Thalassa, Guide Us (2017)
by capelski                                        by ALonelyEmu

Shine....... by steve2727       `Omen by Graemejukes
Shine . . . . . .                                   Omen
by steve2727                                    by Graemejukes
May 12 is World Collage Day.
(I don't know who decided that, but there it is.)

On that day, I'd love to see dA's collage page overflowing with collages, not cartoons, or sketch dumps, not celebrity compilations or style boards, just collages, dozens of collages, hundreds of collages -- taking that day to celebrate and define the art of collage.
5f96918d5bfc1dcf007c8c291c1325ec by steencool22       Inside Pams by EsVan
5f96918d5bfs1fcf007c8c291c1325ec          Inside Pams
by steencool22                                         by EsVan

       Disconnect by ebbing-gale
spendthedayinbed                              Disconnect
by Robert-Alan                                   by ebbing-gale

The Last Story About Fire Ever Told by capelski      18 by TeresaClark
The Last Story About Fire                  18
by capelski                                       by TeresaClark

Opioid 2 (Morphine) by Graemejukes       Seth Regulating Desperation (2018) by ALonelyEmu
Opioid 2 (Morphine)                           Seth Regulating Desperation (2018)
by Graemejukes                                 ALonelyEmu

                Hoofs on the Wind by hummbuzz
                 Hoofs on the Wind   by hummbuzz

               With one palm dipped in the sand by annasandalaki
                With one palm dipped in the sand  by annasandalaki
           Wolverine In Chaos  by cgrusco

Book Lovers by kamakebelieve     
Book Lovers                                          B U            
by kamakebelieve                                  by Robert-Alan

           Thinking Back . . by DouglasHumphries
           Thinking Back  by DouglasHumphries

           _Sectr: Flux  by Nytmaar

The empty Room by haskerbrouwer      seas and new beginnings  by Sohighla22
The empty Room                                    seas and new beginnings
by haskerbrouwer                                   by Sohighla22

Go On. Tug It. (2017) by ALonelyEmu     Low by Tordo
Go On. Tug It (2017)                           Low   
by ALonelyEmu                                    by Tordo

           according to plan by Izaaaaa
            according to plan  by Izaaaaa

new you design studio by fleetofgypsies      
new you design studio                            ROUGHKut#021118
by fleetofgypsies                                      by yagey

      Died Young (Wayfarers) by capelski
exhale 2                                                  Died Young (Wayfarers)
by Robert-Alan                                         by capelski

Future Homes by ChiiSquash      scalable by RichardLeach
Future Home                                         scaleable
by ChiliSquash                                      by RichardLeach

             nothing left to imagine by steve2727
              nothing left to imagine   by Steve2727

Confusion Is Nothing New by Graemejukes       
Confusion is Nothing New                         half empty things
by Graemejukes                                      by lugubriousgame   

                            black pantomime   by Robert-Alan
The Matriach Prevails (2016) by ALonelyEmu   In the ruff by kamakebelieve
The Matriach Prevails (2016)            In the ruff
by ALonelyEmu                                by kamakebelieve

        The Double-Take by Graemejukes
         The Double-Take  by Graemejukes

                 Everlasting Loss by offermoord
                  Everlasting Loss  by offermoord

       Kissing Trees by SaggerK
                 Kissing Trees by SaggerK

           Moleskine#120617 by yagey
           Moleskine#120617  by yagey

                  what happened in the past................ by steve2727
                   what happened in the past  by steve2727

!5 Steps. by Fromnotesonlife        tag E - FOCUS by fleetofgypsies
15 steps                                               tag E - FOCUS
by Fromnotesonlife                                by fleetofgypsies

                    Construir un discurso/To build a discourse by TeresaClark
                    Construir un discurso/To build a discourse
                     by TeresaClark