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Twilight Sparkle

Vectorized Twilight Sparkle from Lesson Zero (S02E03). Over 4 h of work :D My 3rd vector.

Zwektoryzowana Twilight Sparkle z odcinka "Lesson Zero" (S02E03). Ponad 4 godziny pracy. Mój 3 kucykowy wektor.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro
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© 2011 - 2021 CrusierPL
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Ah oui et je te deteste a toi, c' est ton probleme si tu detestes a Twily
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I'm just gonna borrow this K thanks...jk XD

But I'd like to use it to edit a OSU skin if you don't mind <3
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I want to think she found a store giving free books away. XD
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cue the squee sound
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hey.. thanks this really helped me alot ^,^
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Hello! I absolutely ADORE this Twilight vector.
I am considering carving a pumpkin, and I need an excellent vector. Once finished with the pumpkin, I will post a picture of it here on DA. If I use your vector, I will credit you.
Am I allowed to use this?
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Yes, no problem.
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Thanks for allowing me the option to use your design! (I may or may not have actually used it, as I had to choose between a lot of options.) See the finished pumpkin here: [link]
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As standard practice by me, I notify those whose vectors I use in wallpapers I make. It's nothing special, I'm just practicing a new style, all the same: [link]
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I hope you don't mind but i used this to make this:[link]
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May I use this
I will give you credit^^
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hope you dont mind me usin this for a forum rpg ^^
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If you credit me - no.
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wanna take a look? ^^
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