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November 25, 2014
Atomsk by crushvisual
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"Similar to how the space race advanced machinery around the world through its technological breakthroughs, Atomsk was a government initiative created to jump-start and reignite technology worldwide. 
Since the dawn of science-fiction humans have fantasized about bipedal goliaths leading the vanguard to victory (or heroic defeat). Naturally, the military wished to utilize this fantasy to invigorate and persuade new recruits.

During it's initial years of construction, Atomsk was steeped in controversy upon the general publics realization that it was not to see any real combat beyond simulations, creating what activists would argue as nothing more than expensive propaganda and a waste of taxpayer money.

Most voices were silenced, however, when the technology gained through its creation continuously lead to breakthroughs that revolutionized and raised the standards of life throughout all mankind. Activist and advocate fanaticism not withstanding, Atomsk saw service for 8 years before finally being decommissioned to allow the design group to work on further projects.

And so, its noble purpose served, the emperor's final dismantle begins."

Rest well, silver dude!
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you should honestly make sci fi posters and covers for futur1stic book novels