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Sona - Reaper Sketch by CrushingStarlight Sona - Reaper Sketch :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 13 4 Human Stone (Post Skeleton) by CrushingStarlight Human Stone (Post Skeleton) :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 7 683 Art Trade - Tyl95 by CrushingStarlight Art Trade - Tyl95 :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 7 5 Pokemon Trainer Sona (WIP) by CrushingStarlight Pokemon Trainer Sona (WIP) :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 0 0
The Shenanigans of the Alucard Family Tree
~Father Son Bonding~
*Alucard and Cyan are talking to each other in the kitchen privately*
Phris: *looks over at them and smiles faintly, enters* What are you talking about?
Alu: I'm teaching my son how to pick up women
Phris: o-o
~"You can't see me now can you~?"~
Cyan: *in the kitchen sneaking a midnight snack, looking through the fridge. The lights suddenly turn on* ! o^o *slowly peeks out*
Alu: *has his arms crossed and looks down at him* What are you doing young man?
Cyan: o^o...*shrinks and turns into a bat*
Alu: -w- I can still see you you know~
Cyan: O^O...*lunges forward and hugs his face xD*
Alu: -w-'''
~Date Stalking at it's finest~
*Chronos and Willow are hanging out and chatting at a restaurant*
Alucard: *watching them from a distant table*
Raoro: *also watching them with a Lenny face xD*
Cyan: *he's stuck in the middle and got dragged by them, presumably as a teaching lesson on shipping*
Alucard: Jeez he is doing terrible at this...
Raoro: I know right? Jus
:iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 4 30
Willow (Wip) by CrushingStarlight Willow (Wip) :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 2 0 Moonlight Ocean Painting by CrushingStarlight Moonlight Ocean Painting :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 7 2 Request - F2 by CrushingStarlight Request - F2 :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 7 5
For Jammy
    There are many things that you are
    A talented artist with a vivid and creative imagination for creations and designs
    A moodmaker that can easily lighten an atmosphere with craziness 
    And especially a pizza and coffee nut
    But more than that, I see you as a wonderful friend. A friend that I feel does so much for me. 
    It's you that gives me support to strive better, replying that you see me improving with every attempt I submit.
    It's you that gives me a smile and laugh with your energy in the conversations we share.
    And it's you that gives me the rock to lean on and the warm comfort I need when I feel the need to share my problems with someone, or if I need to cry
    You give me more than I can return I feel, and you stick with me because you're the caring person I've grown to know 
    I want to say thank you for all of that, for ev
:iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 3 35
Request - C3 by CrushingStarlight Request - C3 :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 6 5 Request - A2 by CrushingStarlight Request - A2 :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 7 9 Request 1/2 - A1 by CrushingStarlight Request 1/2 - A1 :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 6 41 Clothing Request (CLOSED) by CrushingStarlight Clothing Request (CLOSED) :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 5 48 Oceantale Redesign by CrushingStarlight Oceantale Redesign :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 12 6,534 2D Design - Pattern Design by CrushingStarlight 2D Design - Pattern Design :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 4 2 2D Art Project - Color Theory/Pop Art by CrushingStarlight 2D Art Project - Color Theory/Pop Art :iconcrushingstarlight:CrushingStarlight 7 13

Random Favourites

Alice Demon design by EmyTheWolf Alice Demon design :iconemythewolf:EmyTheWolf 268 20 ask Lieu 5 by ImagineFinley ask Lieu 5 :iconimaginefinley:ImagineFinley 5 40 Shadow Titans by ChaosFissure Shadow Titans :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 168 5 Darkstrike by ChaosFissure Darkstrike :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 186 6
Our future is sealed (Part 12)
*Skrill stood up and went to a cabinet with a lot of books* L-Let's see, I-I know I have there a book.....! F-Found it *he takes the book and looks at it* Y-Yes t-this is the right one *opens it and searches* I-I need to find a spell w-where nobody c-can see me there, t-this makes things m-much easier. *Skrill walked back to his bed and searches throught the book*......! T-There, t-this must work *he starts reading the spell in a other language, loud and clear, making some hand movements to open a portal* ! I-It real- !!! WOOOAAHHHH!!! *He quickly got absorbed from the portal as it dissapeared*
*A few years ago in the laboratory from Kyhle*
*Skrill is laying unconscious on the ground*
*A younger version from Kyhle is working on a huge machine* This must work, I hope it will work, I'm almost do- *the machine explodes*
! *Skrill wakes up and jumps* KYHLE!! ? *Looks all around*......!? Oh r-right, n-now I can remember ? *Looks at Kyhle as he get up*
*Kyhle walks away from the machine and
:iconsnilaze:Snilaze 7 41
Mega Lopunnitar by LadyOtakuGamer789 Mega Lopunnitar :iconladyotakugamer789:LadyOtakuGamer789 22 4 Mug 'n Cup by BelieveTheHorror Mug 'n Cup :iconbelievethehorror:BelieveTheHorror 253 26 Will you rescue me? by Snilaze Will you rescue me? :iconsnilaze:Snilaze 22 27 Lost Trees by ChaosFissure Lost Trees :iconchaosfissure:ChaosFissure 190 3 So Cute! by EmyTheWolf So Cute! :iconemythewolf:EmyTheWolf 442 35 Alice Angel design by EmyTheWolf Alice Angel design :iconemythewolf:EmyTheWolf 306 7 two friends by a fire by thegreatrouge two friends by a fire :iconthegreatrouge:thegreatrouge 1,424 148 Stone icon by ImagineFinley Stone icon :iconimaginefinley:ImagineFinley 4 77 Ice dragon by AlviaAlcedo Ice dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,821 39 You're Ok by Dobermutt You're Ok :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 362 38 Henry by Dobermutt Henry :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 158 20



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United States
Profile Picture made by me and :iconsnilaze:

Hia! You can call me Star, or by my real name, I'll respond to either. I'm just a girl from a small town with a hobby for drawing and writing.
My favorite series and fandoms I'm a part of are Pokemon, Heathers, Night in the Woods, Danganronpa, There Will Be Brawl, and Mario the Music Box

If I had a Pokemon Team this would be it most likely:…

Something inspiring for you if you feel down on Life:…

ART STUFF (PLEASE check journal for more info:…)

Requests: N/A

Art Trade: Note me (CLOSED)

My Commissions Journal:…
Commissions: (OPEN)
Extra: -

These are some of my good friends. Go check them out if you haven't already ^^
:iconsnilaze: (My evil sister >:3 and one of my dorks >w<)
:iconimaginefinley: (You're like....the friendliest person ever >w< and my second dork >w<)
:iconacgamer2: (You're such a funny person -w- and one of the first people I rped with, yours was the longest I ever had, and it was fun x3)
:iconsailortitan458: (You're one of my biggest supporters (>^-^)> plus you're fun to talk to )
:iconshadathedgehog: (You're DEFINETLY a great Muffet ^^)
:iconsilvaze126: (We had a conversation and we both get eachother I think, I hope we can become better friends)
:iconspidershark: (We had our differences in the past...but...I'm glad that the hatchet is buried...I hope we can become closer Spid, and I'll miss you Leh)
:iconmissmorena707: (I don't think there's much I can say ^^''' You are a FANTASTIC artist, I love everything about it, you've easily reached my rank of "Inspirational Artists", and you have such a bright personality. We should talk more so I can get to you know better ^^b)
:iconpeyton121: (You're a sweetheart, and a fun rp buddy, also Jose the husbando -//w//-~)
So I've been thinking a lot lately, about this account and DeviantArt in general, and I've decided to leave this account. However I'm not leaving forever, instead I'm making a new account and being active on that one instead. This account in turn for be dormant, but not deleted so others can still view my art and favorites. 

I'm hoping that creating a fresh clean slate will help me, so I hope you understand. 

Thank you all for the wonderful time here and have a wondeful rest of your life. 

Journal History


As you know I moved accounts, and it is called Queen-of-Cosmos if you wish to follow me on there
Those of you that are digital artists, what program do you use? And is it free?
I have created a Tumblr account for my movie blog if you'd like to check it out: letswatchandreviewmovies.tumbl…
Like I said in my journal update I would provide a link to my movie review blog for my media class. And since it's created here it is (keep in mind that as of writing this post there isn't anything yet on it): letswatchandreviewmovies.blogs…

If you would like to follow it that would be great 
So if there is anyone who still plays Pokemon go you can send me your trainer code so we can be friends if you want
First the power goes out for about an hour yesterday. Now today its raining. If this isnt a vacation to remember i dont know what is xD
Ya know when you listen to music you suddenly get an image in your mind that goes along with the melody and sounds? Like a new character or a scene to a fight depending on the intensity of the music? Or an I the only one with that kind of imagination? x'D
I can't be the only one that sings along to this song when you hear it in your car radio as you're driving, it's just so mellow and catchy owo 

So to start off i wanted to say sorry for making some of you wait on those clothing requests, you know who you are. I've been busy with summer and going out on mini vacations and camping, plus I've been lacking motivation to do then. I will get them done soon but...i feel like i should apologisefor the wait.
Also, speaking of summer i will be gone on weekends and on a two week vacation from here on out until college starts again, and i may or may not have time to do art then since i have an online class, plus I'm taking psychology and sociology at the same time so I'll have to put more time into it.
Just thought I'd give an update
So I've been thinking of a Pokemon themed story to write my ocs in (cause i got a Pokemon kick from playing Pokemon go recently), and im wondering if anyone would be interested in its
Well two years ago I created this character that seems to be a fan favorite xD It's Stone~ his canon age is 22 now- and I just realized that today's his golden birthday that makes things extra special xD
Smash Bros. Ultimate....

Sorry Marvel but Nintendo has you beat with the biggest crossover of the year >:3

You want to know what I learned about during the weekend?
Two things: chrome nuts and butt nuggets
Take a wild guess on what those are xD
If anyone sees my recent journal please don't worry about me I'm okay. I just needed to vent a little.
Honestly I feel like I'll do it again despite me getting over it...but oh well that's life right?
Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there (real life or have ship children) have a wonderful day if you're gonna celebrate x3
So I made a tumblr account for fun, I'm still learning how to use it

If you want to follow me you're more than welcome to
*finds a pain tolerance meme* .....I gotta do this~....Stone~~ >:3

(Yee I plan to do this once I get done with my semester with Stone and a 2 other ocs, which luckily is a few weeks away so I can't wait xD)
Arrats: *watching an impossible piano remix* Okay now I see why it's called an impossible remix

Dinah: *watching from over his shoulder*...Hold my beer

(Fun fact, Dinah played the piano when she was a kid, she's incredibly rusty now, since she's been in the fricken woods half her life, but's she quickly getting better
Video Arrats referred to: 
Arrats belongs to Snilaze )
Happy Easter and April Fool's day everyone ^^ may you be blessed with happiness and pranks >:3



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