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2013 Eis und Dampf - Alternative Steampunk Europe

By crumpled
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Map for a Steampunk World in which an Ice Age strangles Europe, the Sahara is a blooming steppe and America is not yet discovered.
First described in "Die zerbrochene Puppe" ("The broken doll") by Judith and Christian Vogt, winner of the "Deutscher Phantastik Preis". The map is actually for the crowdfunded anthology of short stories "Eis und Dampf" ("Ice and Steam")

I drew the map and the beautiful border was added by Oliver Graute from Feder&Schwert.

From time to time we visit the World using FATE-rules, and I have just one advice for you: Don't mess with Frisian airship pirates!

Update: Judith and Christian published the FATE-Setting "Eis und Dampf". I created the "Habsburgers", austrian terrorists that fight against the Ottoman occupation of their homeland, and got the chance to draw the archetypes. You can find them in the other gallery.
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Sorry, but first thing that came to my mind is that Osmanisches Reich (or however you spell it) looks like a dick. Not telling you what to do, but it might be better to change the north end of it in Europe

Like the artstyle though, the compass is pretty neat.
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You know some very peculiar dicks, Sir.. Sweating a little... 

For what it's worth maybe a dick is a nice metaphor here. There is an Austrian terrorist organization called "The Habsburgers" that is not happy at all about the Ottomans "thrusting" into their beloved homeland. Meow :3 

Thanks for your concern, but it's way too late for changes. The map is already in the anthology, the RPG-book and some people have even decorated their walls with the Ottoman dick. ^__^
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Jetzt weiß ich endlich wer diese Karte gemacht hat. Sehr schön!
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Ich freu mich immer Mysterien zu lösen! Danke!