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I realized that a lot has happened since the last time I posted here, so here's a quick news post while I eat lunch.

I've been hired as a junior artist for Big Fish Games's Oakland studio, Self Aware. I now live in the bay area, I've been working for a week and a half so far, and everything is awesome and great. It's full time, I'm a salaried worker, I've been making awesome things, and the benefits are super good ahhhh. Everyone here is awesome and there is no bullcrap in terms of internal bureaucracy or anything like that and ahhhh you guys I feel like I hit some kind of weird jackpot here.

I spent a lot of college thinking that I'd either a) take at least a year to get a job or b) not get a studio job at all and work at starbucks for the rest of my life while working on personal art and failing.

Somehow I've ended up here, and this is the happiest I've been in a really long time.

IF YOU LIVE IN THE BAY AREA, POKE ME. I'm still new here and I have no idea what I'm doing hahaha
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OMG, that's really great to hear! :D I'm so glad that life's going really well for you! ^_^
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Ahhh so glad to hear all that, as in the story I wrote to you when I donated to the kickstarter it really inspires me. :D

Speaking of which, I understand you must be super busy and still settling into the new place, but is there any kind of updates / time estimate on when you will be getting the sketchpad rewards done? I could really use that new sketchpad I'm starting to draw again finally! :) (Also if anything just a reply to my email would be cool). I'll just start my own new one if it'll be a while. Thank you!
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Oh I'll be sendin them off soon! Yours was the one with the TF2 fan character and the accidentally centaur right? haha

I'll be sure to send you an email when i've got it sent off. Cheers!
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LOL exactly! :) I really need to start drawing again, what kind of Animation grad am I? (Tho I was always more stop-motion and maquette sculpting at heart). Thanks for the update!
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I'm very happy for you : ) Keep rockin.
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Im assuming this isnt Bay Area Houston you're speaking of... DANG. But thats great to hear!!! :D Congrats~
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That is SO awesome. I hope I'll be in your shoes after college :)
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Welcome to the bay area! I love it here and I'm sure you will too!
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Wow, congratulations!! \o/ Bay area is awesome, I hope you enjoy it!
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Good for you!!!
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Well congrats! :D
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This is all wonderful news! I'm so happy things are looking up for you!
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So happy for you! You totally deserve it! That's so awesome. :D
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I've met many people in the industry who share similar stories about having low expectations and somehow landing in positions of fortune. While some of this can be attributed to luck, a common factor in all their stories is their dedication to their craft. You've persevered in your love for illustration, and it's poetic justice that you should find a career in it. Congratulations on getting your foot in the door - expect to see other companies clamouring for your talents now!
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Sounds like things are lookin' UP!
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Good to see you've got yourself in a good spot. Hope your time there continues to be pleasant.

May your bacon never burn and your cereal-milk never go sour! :salute:
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Congratulations!!! Its great to hear that you found a job that you love! Too bad I live in so cal, otherwise I would love to help!!
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I'm so happy to hear all this! Congratulations! :heart:
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Congrats on the awesome job! What stuff do you do specifically?
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I make game assets and in game illustrations and design work and stuff. Just a lot of 2D general art!
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That's awesome!
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Big Fish, huh? That's legit! Though, if you did only work on personal art, I doubt you'd fail. Your stuff is really good!
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My god, you live like 6 hours from me
Congrats, man! It's so much better than I could ever hope for. You deserve it <3
crumblygumbly's avatar
Dude, if I live six hours away from you now, I probably lived 30 minutes away from you before I moved?
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