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Oh Ned

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It's why people think he's crazy.

JB (c) *Miniyuna
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...Welp, our cover is blown. ^^;
...get my gun. :I
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What's this from?
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An original story I wrote
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He's breaking the fourth wall!! Quickly, get the ductape!
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He's crazy because he can break the fourth wall?
..Yup, that'd do it.

I like their poses in this a lot. And their expressions.
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XD Ah, Ned... *shakes head*
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Hooo hoo hoo! but it's true you know. we do think he's hot.

that's right Ned! Scorn those unbelievers!
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Not sure bout Ned but I think SHE is pretty cute...
Though he could have a point... if there really was an infinite earth's thing going on then there is the potential that Ned might have been a Chippendale's dancer...
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Pop that collar.
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he KNOWS. He's breaking the 4th wall!!!
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HA HA HA.... i get the same reaction when i say stuff like that.
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XD Evidently Ned can see through the Fourth Wall.
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LOL it'd be so funny if he knew he was in a comic XD
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Hells yeah. And she'll never realize how right he is.
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LOL that is AWESOME! I miss me some Ned :"(
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Don't boast, Ned. People will draw more slash art.
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Are these people you?
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No, no. I've still got that fanfic to write, though.
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You and me both.

I just have to get that musical number down...
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