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Gaga: Pearls

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(if anyone asks, they airbrushed her tattoos before applying the blue body paint, for the aesthetic)

If I could throw out ideas for a Lady Gaga photoshoot...

Well, Gaga had said 'draw me in pearls!' a few days ago, and while I was too late to submit anything, I just noodled around with this during illustration class on the back of the syllabus while he was going over it.

Some part of me wishes I could work for the Haus. I want to work for Disney, I want to work for myself, I don't think I'd mind at all working for Gaga.

But oh well. Wishes, right?
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Oddly enough the working for Gaga part sounds more plausible than the others! XD
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It sounds like something she would do.
Employ random people who are awesome. And draw really nice, amazing, non-creepy fanart for her.

I once had a dream of working for Disney/PIXAR. By the time I graduated I just didn't care anymore. x_x

So good luck with that. <3
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*shrugs* I have several ex-Disney teachers and know the ex-Pixar directing animator personally who are willing to help me, so I have my fingers crossed on that one. They say I can do it, so I just gotta take their willingness to help, and their confidence in me, and go for it. Since I'm graduating this semester, fingers way way way crossed.

And I guess this means that I shouldn't draw that picture of me and Gaga getting married ;O;
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Geeze. I'm gonna go over here and hide under a rock now.
My college art experience was somewhat...lacking.


Well good luck either way!
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this is amazing!! i could totally see her doing this!
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you should still send it to her, i think she would enjoy it.
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Real ones with airbrushed ones, that's brilliant! And beautiful!
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gorgrous!! i wish i knew code id make this into a rainmeter skin id love to see this on my desktop
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This feels very Gaga for a photoshoot, good job =D
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utterly beautiful
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Keep trying!
You have amazing artwork and a certain drawing style that has the magical touch of Disney in a way, especially with your own comic :3
and of course, a creative person like you can work for yourself if you feel like it.
Perhaps you can become a new company that's awesome! :D
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