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DeviantDead: Round 4 Page 34

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Ned's kinda pushy when silly stuff goes on in his brain, ain't he?

Ned, Lucy (c) Me
Brian, Charlie (c) :iconand-also-dinosaurs:
Aaron (c) :iconpenril:
Birdie (c) :iconserain:
Pierre (c):iconmahlstrom:
JB (c) :iconminiyuna:


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Kaylee! D= Birdie has some secret motive no doubt.....
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Brian looks almost zombie-like in that last panel. :XD:
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He's caling himself Ned. Hmm...

antoinette721's avatar
That last panel is like the sexiest he's ever been!!!! I wouldn't mind being JB or the guy in that really.
kennybox's avatar
Dammit, Ned. Don't save the other bad father.

Pierre's gone into berserk mode!
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I'd be looking for the food court's kitchen. The walk in freezers of those places are four inch thick wood, tin plating, with an inch of foam insulation boards. One panel two foot wide and 10 foot tall panel weighs about 200+ pounds. If it doesn't hold up to the bombing it will be a quick "Smushed to death" type of thing...
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...and hope the doors don't lock from the outside, because if the power was on, you probably would have to worry about hypothermia, but if it was OUT... well... let's see how long you can hold your breath and keep from puking when you stand in a small room full of rotten food for 20 minutes.
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Yeah, if it latches from the outside it isn't too bad. If the hospital is up to date there's a knob you push that glows in the dark. I got locked in one once! Grocery store just before thanksgiving and packed with racks of food wall to wall. I was climbing on top of the racks to get at something and someone saw the door was open... so they closed it... and I couldn't get to the knob!
If they have a screwdriver they can also get out. They're really easy to take apart.
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ya know, in times like this, I dont see being pushy as a bad thing. Infact, him being pushy might just save their lives.
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"Ned Neddddddd, Dj Voice commands you to!"
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this is getting intense :)
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*.* A little girl just had her head ripped off.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, Nedbert's got killer survival instincts :dummy:
crumblygumbly's avatar
XD that wasn't Kaylee.
Ziannna's avatar
:phew:! Me likes it when little girls don't die...

Still, go Nedbert! :boogie:
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I was making a car-payment over the phone when I read this. when I saw the head- ripping thing I nearly forgot all my numbers!!
(Please tell me that Pierre DOESN'T want brains...)
nmmi-nut's avatar
And...that was a head coming off a body, wasn't that? D:
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I really hope Kaylee had the sense to run. SO happy for this page, though.
I love how Brian's just kinda getting dragged around for the ride. Probably tripping out.
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So much Drama!! MORE XD
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For a second I was being stupid and was like "HOLY CRAP! Pierre just ripped the little girl's head off! :wow: " Then I actually read the zombie's shirt. I feel like an idiot.
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Don't feel bad. I was terrified in the exact same way. I nearly choked on my food. O_O
nlmchaos12's avatar
I thought the exact same thing.
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wait did birdie and pierre move since I last saw them? D:

those are random other people Pierre and him are killing right? no one I should be sad about
crumblygumbly's avatar
Yup, Birdie and Pierre have been moving around. COULD IT BE BECAUSE OF ONE OF BIRDIE'S SCHEMES? I sure ain't tellin' ya XDD

Well, unless you want to hear the forlorn tale of Danny the headless. O: But yes, random people. er, zombies? Unless you are a proponent of ZOMBIES ARE PEOPLE TOO.
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