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Archaeology of the Present: Tree

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A poster from far into the future, after the coming of martian jesus and the subsequent move from Old Earth to the moon and further lying space colonies.

A graphic design project. Basically sarcasm on a poster, I guess.

I know you are all sitting there feeling relieved that it's not a gagalennon piece, but I'm working on the next installment already as a way of cooling down after finals, so nyah nyah!
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all hail the messiah of the red planet! :worship:
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As someone who's been studying a lot of infographics lately, I like the clean presentation on it. Strong dominant art, nice pullout boxes and overall good looking piece.
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Ok, amazing design!
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*Holds a hand over her heart* Proud to be a Confederate of Wal-Mart Sponcoredian. CWS? :D
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How hard are you winning right now??

And kudos on spelling archaeology correctly!
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I seriously love stuff like this :D
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that's such an awesome creative idea! I love it!
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It's beautiful! I love the color scheme and the words are crisp and clear!
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This reminds me of the Nacirema article :meow:

You should read it if you haven't...
it's interesting to learn about perspectives :3

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I think I'm gonna give this to my father at some point, he's working with trees and loves stuff like this, the sarcasm included ;P I think it's great :clap:
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This was one of my favorite projects in all of my classes. I did mine on a Volkswagen beetle.
Wonderful job!
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Wow, you did a lot of work on this, so awesome!
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LOVE it! This is absolutely hysterical. :clap:
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The REALLY sad thing is how true this is likely to be....
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Hahaha, this is brilliant. The iBreathe thing probably made me laugh the most, though.
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...I feel talked down to. By a poster from the future.

Quite effective.
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Okay, my favorite detail is probably the little copyright stamp in the corner. Enjoy an intriguing and insightful visit to the Sea of Tranquility Old-Earth History Museum! Fun for the whole clan! 8D
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Oh my gods, this is SO funny, I was dying. Please make more of them, this is fabulous.
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I think my favourite panel is the look out/hiding spot, but my favourite idea is the robocats. Of the moon-future! XD Sarcasm at it's finest.
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I find this brilliant. I had a good laugh while reading this, great layout and great idea. Really makes you think.

Keep up the great work! :)
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What are these....tree things? are they like hoverboards?
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