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A Wasted Visit

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She had sent a letter announcing her plans to visit weeks before the event, but even upon her arrival, she finds him sitting, propped up on his rope bed, dozed right off. She considers being righteously offended and waking him up, but for some reason she decides not to.

Let's say Rooster stayed up all night, and was prepared to meet her but fell asleep waiting. XD I don't know.

Yeah yeah, it said they don't meet again after their adventures, but fan art says I can do whatever the hell I want U_U Like pretend that she visits him. I would totally visit the guy who carried me over long lengths of plain to get me to a doctor.

Characters (c) Charles portis
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Whee! I loved that movie! True Grit was so gooood.
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IIIIIIII still need to see this movie. *headdesk*
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Nicely done! I especially like the colors and the whole atmosphere.

Heck yeah, you don't just go off and forget about somebody you bonded with like that. Granted travel back in the day wasn't the easiest thing, but that doesn't mean you don't make the effort.
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I JUST saw this movie, and really loved it. The only disappointment was the ending. But of course, the cure for this is fanfiction. Know any good ones?
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Rules of fanart: make your own rules. Awesome.
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I like to think they wrote letters and such back and forth- and Mattie would chide Rooster about his poor grammar/spelling. ;}
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We just watched this in my English class cause my teacher had a special copy. You can imagine how happy I was once this picture showed up in my new deviations. Beautiful work.
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Aww I wish this had actually happened.
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Heck yes! I refuse to accept that the only time she made the attempt to see him was so many years later. I really like this picture- the lighting is great, and the faint sepia look (intended or not xD) as well. Fantastic!
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oooh this is beautiful and the detail is really nice. The man reminds me of the sheriff from True Grit x3
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