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Power Of Angels

My last photoshop work... i dont speak english very well xD then see you bye
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awesome work *__*
Immortal-Sense's avatar
This is amazing! It's beautiful :D
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Such beauty, sigh. I think I'm in love.
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Credit your work, bro. Simple google search of "Angel by LoneWolf4" reveals the ACTUAL original work which was on deviantart here for some years, but now for some reason removed.
SlantsFan's avatar
Wow! This is pretty darn epic! :). *proceeds to favorite and set as desktop wallpaper*
weaveroffantasy's avatar
So nice and cute and beautiful... :)
vervaineyes's avatar
this is beautiful, c'est belle, es muy bonito!!
BlueeyedBanditti's avatar
WOW...very nice...beautiful.
USAF713's avatar
*Very * cool :D.
i love this its soo cute!
Slayer941's avatar
Amazing :wow: I love her hair :heart:
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archangel72367's avatar
Power majesty and innocence, all rolled into one...Excellent!
RedWolf17's avatar
Lovely face, she is beautiful!
MizzMizery-666-69's avatar
3 words: beau ti ful
love it
the-real-DrkNinja's avatar
I know I am being a smart ass on this one, but that is three syllables not three words.
MizzMizery-666-69's avatar
i am fully aware that it is three syllables, smart ass. NO ONE ASKED YOU FOR YOUR OPINION -_-
the-real-DrkNinja's avatar
It was a joke, I know you know that, I jus had to say it.
the-real-DrkNinja's avatar
Seriously, I am sry if I upset you, honestly I am.
MizzMizery-666-69's avatar
i believe you, and it's fine ^.^ I know you were just trying to make a point. I'm a bit of a smart ass myself and I probably would have said the same thing to someone else.=)
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