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March 14, 2011
Such a stylish piece of game fan art here with Fanart - Bioshock 2 by ~Crumbelievable. The vivid colours and detailed background to this piece simply make it stand out!
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Suggested by Outovsyt
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Fanart - Bioshock 2

Another slightly old pic, from back in August.

Edit: Whoa, Daily Deviation. Didn't see that one coming!

Thanks everyone for the comments, watches, and favs!
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bioshocklover's avatar
she haz a kagamine rin bow i looove it
alexusart's avatar
wow i played that game its weird lol but amazing picture!
ClassicBlaze's avatar
sooooooooo many colors...NICE!
WellWtF's avatar
MachinesBleedToo's avatar
I love the details, and how you've made something so sinister also look so cute. The colours are fantastic.
RollingSlug's avatar
I love this game!! :D
Sorryforcaps's avatar
LOOVE <3 <3 <3 <3
Sorryforcaps's avatar
steppingskyward's avatar

wish i could say more but...SO. FOCUSED. ON...DAMN BIOSHOCK OBSESSION O.o
tenshiketsueki1000's avatar
wow that's different kind of bioshock i've never seen before =D love it! the colors and style are amazing~

DD well deserved
mickychile's avatar
oooooooo .... is very surreal and beautiful colors are the image itself is wonderful
naruto-1993-kaleb's avatar
BioRomance's avatar
oh noes, wheres Mr. Bubbles!
TheGlowing's avatar
Nice, I like all the colors. :love:
Rain-Covered-Rose's avatar

oh~ how i do love this game :heart:
Danuals's avatar
Mr Bubbles, big sister doesn't want you playing with me~
Great artwork, really beautiful coloring and drawing style.
Redfoxbennington's avatar
remusogarius's avatar
YAY Bioshock! Love it! :D The colors here are just so awesome!
Vizardvalor's avatar
I really like your style and even though I never played BioShock this looks awesome. Nice job getting DD btw I can't wait to see more.
kangel's avatar
This is the most colourful Bioshock fanart I've seen ;P I love it! :la:
lilbreakdancer's avatar
That.... is just cute. Haha. No seriously, this is amazing!
Brawl56's avatar
Huh, looks like it was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, huh? ;)
Anyway this work is amazing!
Your cartoonstyle combined with the vibrant colours executed on a topic like BioShock is somehting, you'll never see often here on dA. And that's what makes your work so outstanding!
Congratulations on the well deserved DD!
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