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Fan Art - The Lutece Twins

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Bioshock Infinite was awesome. It's been a while since I painted something not for work, so here's some fanart!

This turned out to be rather well received, so to anyone interested, you can also follow me here:

or here


If either tumblr or facebook are more your thing!
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LaughMakerAnaHobbyist Writer
I love these two. Great job on them! 
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KunichiMinaminoStudent Digital Artist
amazing work :)
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:iconbookerdewittplz: Well I choose :icontheirongiantplz: SUPERMAN!!!
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General5Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I love it!
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Robert: "Heads" Rosalind: "or Tails"?
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My favorite Lutece fanart nowdays
Nice work on the eyes 
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It reminded me a little on a poster from Alfons Mucha - form style
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MMIX2009Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice!
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I have to ask, have they been traveling dimensions and asking Booker either heads or tails and see what comes up over and over again to see if they would get the same result? For the looks of it, it is.
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CrumbelievableProfessional Digital Artist
From what I gather, yeah. Seems like they're keeping track of his results. Since he can say either heads or tails, but the coin is always heads.
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123 attempts. 122 Failures before the last DeWitte. Apparently, the last run, they decided to provide help. The dead man in the lighthouse, the note about #77, the repulsion shield...

We'll see if -should there be another continuation in the future- they succeeded.
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These two were almost instantly my favorite characters in the whole game lol >.<
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*Slight spoilers* I fucking love these two, but if they "died" the way I think they did (at Monument Island), then does that mean that Ty Bradley is unstuck in time and space too? Oh god I hope so. I would love to think in my head canon that he's stumbling through the universe, seeing how life gets better for all of the races, while still being a little grumpy about it. "Ain't this a fine mess I've gotten myself into -_____-"
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Everytime I look at these two I immediately think: :iconisayplz: *humph* I say, who let this riff-raff up here.
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dies, died, will die
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lives, lived, will live
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loves, loved, will love.
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Gundamfanatic123Student General Artist
These two were my favorite...when the game started out.
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Just finished Infinite the other day. Really enjoyed it!

This is fantastic and the "art nouveau" style fits these characters perfectly :thumbsup:
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So NOT twins! :D
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