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By crula
Watchout. Big emoticon :D

This one took me some hours but I'm happy with how it came out :).
Blue and Green meet each other. Green talks everlasting about things which have something to do with "waterrunning".
Blue has to go to the toilet but there is none. Poor fellow :(

Photoshop 7.0 and ImageReady 7.0
Time: ~ 4 hours
Frames: 455
Layers: 74
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© 2007 - 2021 crula
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Green has "Diarrhea of the the Mouth"!
WarriorCatLuver123's avatar
VictorLupisArcane's avatar
hahahahahahah! that's funny!
lazybumm8's avatar
this by far is the best little emot i have ever seen!
springrose920's avatar
lol!!!! go boom
Septora's avatar
lol reminds me of sims 3.
StemmyBotanist's avatar
:lmao: That's hilarious.
MEMNOCH08's avatar
0_0 Blue go boom! :noes:
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this is the hottest thing out right now
silverblade989's avatar
LMAO awesome XD you should do some "PLZ" accounts to this emoticon XD
TobiObito4ever's avatar
Poor Blue... It's funny nonetheless.. :rofl:
pitklad's avatar
Oh my god! how many times I've felt like that! Fantastic animation!
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realthe's avatar
I feel like an idiot just bursting out laughing every ten seconds - amazingly funny!
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hehehe! funny one! good job!

and yeah... i can imagine it took some time to make it. but you did great!!!
Lucifer-Black's avatar
:rofl: I can't stop watching Green's face when he has Blue all over him
necrocerberus's avatar
lmao great work :D especially with the animated speach bubbles :D and the way blue's needtopee is reinforced by the exclamation marks XD :thumbsup:
saffiremoon21's avatar
this is priceless =D

i loves it
LostinaJungle's avatar
This is so great! I love it! :lol:
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