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I guess there is only :please: but it's not the same =/

Think of it as a revamp, but I just wanted to do some "normal" emotes in my style :nod:
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kawaiiiiiiiiii desu
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I made a plz for it. :) :iconpuppyeyes-plz:
XxDrewpuff11xX's avatar
someone should make a plz of this
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Where was this when I needed it???
Anastasia8888's avatar
that does not work see! :puppy-eyes:
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My friends like to use puppy eyes against me. :XD:
Most influential emote ever!
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AWWWW!!! Can I'z givez him hugz pwease? X3
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It's more like he's about to cry :devilish:
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and no he didnt see me naked :roll:
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Who says anything about naked :paranoid: You sure your girl pleases you correct dude, cause I feel a bit uncomfortable :lmao:
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you are always making jokes of my :o-emotes by saying they have seen me naked :nod:.
do you have alzheimer? ^^
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Nah, I just like screwing with you (no, not that way you dirty boy) :lol:
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those eyes are adorbale!!! :excited:
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Argh! so cute! Must. Do. Anything. It. Wants.... >w<
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can't resist... the eyes!
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