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September 29, 2007
:power-angry: by *crula is just amazing, really, from beginning to end, from detail to movement to loop and all the way back again.
Featured by livius
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By crula
I got that idea long long time ago, but never made it. Now here it is.
An emoticon (which is creating an emoticon?Oo) so angry cause of a bluescreen before he could save something, that it ... yeah ... just watch it :D

:w00t!: a DD!
Thanks livius :hug:
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EricVonSchweetz's avatar
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FullMetalZeldacat's avatar
lmao the angry computer nerd XD
xSelinisx's avatar
O.o love it love it love it, may I use it on my site, I'll give you credit of course
moo-chi-64's avatar
I did this today. Did anyone notice?
Novarock's avatar
very funny and amasing!!

great work in this all too :D
NinaaElfa-luthien's avatar
Ahh muito boom! XDDD hahaha
BlockJuice's avatar
this is probably one of the best emoticons i've ever seen. :la:
LinkTheGoldenPhoenix's avatar
Beautiful. Just beautiful. It reminds me of a CERTAIN SOMEONE who has the worst case of hatred I've seen on this site. I feel like doing this to that person. But I won't, because I respect life. :)
BusteR-InfernaL's avatar
Great idea, and amazing result :nod:
blas3nik's avatar
OMFG :XD: :XD: :XD: It's one of the best emoticons I've ever seen :D
:+fav:ed :D
lost-angle's avatar
Random Journal Feature... Because I can... [link]
M64's avatar
It looks great!
It's freakin awesome :D
I just love this "Power-insertemoticonnamehere-" Emoticons
Tigerblues's avatar
damn it xD this is awesome!
ZeeDiKay's avatar
Yeah. Pretty much all I could say. Yep. Fav'd.
0x1000's avatar
Kickass :lol:


ThePurpleNurple's avatar
This is what happens when the power of the Nurple falls into the wrong hands... :lol:
HitokiriHimura's avatar
That is awesome! Love the earth split and the popping eyes!
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