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By crula
I really like Portal of the Orange Box™ and I guess there will be lots of fanworks on dA for it.
And because I like it that much I'm starting a new emoticon-series with portals. (Yeah I'm thinking with portals :nerd: )

That lil fellow hugs himself lol ^^
More to come :)

Photoshop 7.0 and ImageReady 7.0
Time: ~45minutes
Frames: 64
Layers: 13
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39x29px 31 KB
© 2007 - 2021 crula
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if your alone

go hug your self
peppsiecola's avatar
<3 remind me of myself :3
blockyhawky's avatar
Hoshi-Hana's avatar
it's really cute <3 :D
xmdz's avatar
Okay, that looks kinda freaky, but logically possible with the portals.
WolfWitz11's avatar
Fantastically inventive! :D...and cute too.:aww:
meetermaid's avatar
i love it <(^^)>
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This would be a great plz account :faint:
Void-SPIRIT's avatar
this is handy if ur far away from ur wife
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This made me think... What would happen if you sautered a peice of metal to itself with a portal?
zipperipper's avatar
i too thought of something like this, yes this reply is from a messages in 2008 but meh XD

it would be awesome if portals did exist because with infinite downwards force it would supply infinite energy..

portals are so interesting ^-^
Arnos-Roth's avatar
Haha, fantastic =)
sonicx927's avatar
who wouldnt try that if they got the portal gun?? lol
Asphyxial's avatar
You have to think of how creepy that would be.
Hehe.. but still awesome.

I :heart: Portal.
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oddly enough. the cake is a truth.
smykoleg's avatar
GlaDoS: It Was A Lie, A Cake Is A Lie.
Barney: Yeah, Exactly!
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