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By crula
The lil brother of [link] :)
1 "swinging" style.

Think of it as a revamp, but I just wanted to do some "normal" emotes in my style :nod:
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:headphones: this is me every moment I'm awake
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i've got the muuussiicc in me~! :D
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Very good. He's so cute!! :iconmuzikplz:
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hey! you have been featured here!
thanks for sharing your art :)
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my favorite emote so far , i love the perspective.
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glad you like it ;) thx
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Incredible use of the angle. Well done.
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thank you zac :)
since that angle meets so much compliments I will do more like that :nod:
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luv it - post the headbanging part too and you will get another :+fav: from me xD
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XD I don't want to spam :lol:
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I like the expression on this one! ^w^
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you should totally submit this.
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submit to what? ^^;
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I'm pretty sure you can submit them somewhere on dA so you can actually use them.
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erm... there is something yeah, but it is already closed so there's no chance to get this emote into the legend :shrug:
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darn it would have been good
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I think he means the revamp?

Well done, the other one is even better :nod:
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are you leeching? :P
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Yeah *sucks on crula's brain*
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