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By crula
I was eating french fries last day and got that idea when the ketchup-bottle made fun of me cause no ketchup came out :lol:

Sit back and have fun.

Photoshop 7.0 and ImageReady 7.0
Time: ~1.5hours
Frames: 232
Layers: 60
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© 2007 - 2021 crula
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iiFanGirlOfFhaf's avatar
well yellow its because.. you gonna KECTHUP with the other colors
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
OMG you're the one behind this masterpiece :3
scarecrow2003's avatar
never point it at ya
KisaSohma1999's avatar
I hate it when that happens...
DumuziTheMessiah's avatar
The amount of win cannot be compared. :iconwinfaceplz:
mystical7's avatar
o-Oart-of-wishesO-o's avatar
can i use this on msn?? pls.
imi-e's avatar
lulz, that's why i use plastic bottles XD
nice work u did there :D
Spoxxy's avatar
lol. that happens to me. XD
Mirz123's avatar
Oh, this one is totally my kids. They can't eat enough ketchup. :lick:
KetchupMonster's avatar
Omg that's so cute and funny! ^^

Ketchup rules the world!!!!!
Blueshadez's avatar
that happened to me just the other day! (just not as much of a ketchup wave)
CrazyGal330's avatar
lol, i like it, it reminds me of an episode of simpsons, the angry dad one homer does the same thing XD brill animation! ^^
fidadoudafi's avatar
Valese's avatar
Omg thats cute :D
Can I maybe use it on msn? -^__^-

:kitty: :hexentanz:
crula's avatar
if it fits in. :P
Valese's avatar
SpringLilac's avatar
Pikininja's avatar
XD :Ketchup-anyone?: That should be a dA emote!
AnimatedSuStenida's avatar
LOL. You make me laugh alone...:paranoid: eheheh Lovely work!
Pfundner's avatar
lol very amusing
livius's avatar
:lol: Great concept. I'm sure everyone has experienced the torture of the ketchup bottle before.

One thing I particularly like about this one is the loop. It's like the bottle has a life of its own (which ketchup bottles often seem to have), so it tips itself back up. The cap dropping down is the icing on the cake.
crula's avatar
:lol: thank you so much :) and I will give you credit when I'm getting the Nobel prize in biology for proving that ketchup bottles have a life on their own :lmao:
livius's avatar
Woohoo! I'll totally brag about it too. :giggle:
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