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Greetings Wyrmhandlers, welcome to the new home of CruinndracFarms!

CruinndracFarms is a central place for information, communication, games, contests, sales, and all other things related to the wonderful world of Wyrms. What are Wyrms, you ask? Wyrms are fuzzy, collectable, breedable critters which you can purchase here at the Farm and get a neat little fuzzball to brighten your home and keep you company.

Wyrms are available for adoption at certain conventions, as well as online where you can purchase an egg and have it hatched into a wonderful new friend that will be sent out to you. Keep an eye out here for new clutches of eggs, and opportunities for commissioning custom Wyrms. Wyrms can also be bred, meaning that during breeding seasons, you can breed your Wyrm with those of others, and create a brand new baby Wyrm to add to your collection. Newcomers can also ask existing handlers if they can breed a baby from their Wyrms!

Newcomers can find examples of many types of Wyrms in our galleries and information about Wyrms in general in the Registry.

Convention Schedule

Homecon - Online (Forums) - Oct 27-29th 2017
Midwest Furfest - Rosemont, IL - Dec 1-3rd 2017
Further Confusion - San Jose, CA - Jan 12-14th 2018

Likely Attendance:
2018 Anthrocon


HopefulMonsterStudio - Artist/Sculptor
Arazia - Sculptor & Scribe
ShadraAvro - Sculptor
AnimeAmy - Sculptor
Mercutio - Webhost/Code
Submissions will open on September 17th, and close September 20th! Staff will vote, and D will sculpt a breed sample during a tigerdile stream on Sunday, between the morning and evening egg draws. Exact time TBD

Have you EVER had ideas for a new wyrm type? Well here's your chance to show them off and possibly get your ideas into the game.

1st place:
- Wyrm becomes official breed (see "what if I win" section below for additional details)
- Wyrm "type" (ex: swamp) opens up for additional wyrms to be created by staff
- One non custom teacup of your new breed

Any additional prizes will be announced when the chosen designs are opened up for voting.

- You must provide some sort of visual for your new breed (you will not be judged on art skills). This sample will be considered breed standard so please try to be as accurate as you can on things like face shape, nostril shape, coloration, etc. Please keep your concepts to the common or uncommon for this new type.

- You are creating a new breed. This means a new environment (so no jungle, mountain, etc. as they already exist.) You must provide up to two paragraphs (no more please) describing your breed's habitat, habits, and how they interact with their environment. Feel free to give some basic lore as well. Please also describe any necessary information such as new traits.

- Please avoid existing CDF breeds. Feel free to use existing CDF markings (ex: BW, lace, frost, etc.) but please avoid making complex paint jobs or sculpts part of your breed standard. (ex: harlequin, fade).

- You MAY use existing CDF traits (horns, plating, etc.) but please keep rarity in mind. Try to stick to common/uncommon traits.

- You may enter up to TWO concepts. Please make a separate post for both concepts in order to keep them organized.

- Avoid multi color bodies (neck ruffs, tail poofs) as they require additional sewing
- Avoid copyrighted things (creatures from books/shows/etc.)
- Consider additional work hours when designing your breed (ex: tail fins are doable, side fins require more work)
- Avoid real animals except as an influence. We are not looking to add more realistic animals to the game at this moment in time. (Existing breeds: Cats, dogs, birds)
- Try not to incorporate existing CDF breeds. This is not a breeding project. They should look unique, not like hybrids.
- Try to avoid incorporating TOO MANY new traits/markings into the game. Please limit your breeds to one new marking. (ex: the glacier eaters brought dot line into the game)

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StasjasCreatures Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2020
hey! is this still active? and how do i get a wyrm of my own? i cannot go to any conventions...
LillyMoonSuits Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019  Professional General Artist
Hello! I picked up a gorgeous Tesla from ANTHRCON today! And I registered him as well. I’m looking to trade home if anyone is interested. Specifically looking for a wyrm with an O mouth. Colors don’t rly matter. Neither does breed. 
New Tesla wyrm! by LillyMoonSuits
Vulpine-Poltergeist Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, so I can't get into the forums (it says my account is inactive), but uh.. BrownFur-Uniwolf here with Pumpkin!
Are we allowed to advertise sales here? Because I'm not giving Pumpkin the attention she deserves---
Vulpine-Poltergeist Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pumpkin is still for sale, by the way! She still hasn't been bred or anything like that! She still has her original carrier AND her card!
Vulpine-Poltergeist Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
2021, Pumpkin is STILL for sale and I still can't get into the forums, lmao
CakePopzz Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Hey, is this still a thing? I REALLY want one...
HopefulMonsterStudio Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
It is, i need to get in here and clean up the journals and update!

We are actually having our yearly "CDF HomeCon" next weekend. It's an online convention on our forums,  at
From there you can become a forum member, sell wyrm related artwork, and take part in Homecon, where Handlers can adopt newly hatched wyrms! 

The dates are Oct 27th - 29th. 
Sootlet Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are these still active? I really want one
HopefulMonsterStudio Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
Yep! I fell out of habit updating DA, which is something I mean to fix. 

We are actually doing our online Homecon on our forums next weekend! If you check our forums at, join the forums and let folks know you are a new handler interested in learning more/adopting your first wyrm babies! :)
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