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You know, I thought I would never, ever do fan art, yet here I am.

I recently finished playing Silent Hill 2 (what a freakin' great game!), and was inspired to make this picture. The building in which I work was originally a nuclear physics laboratory dating back to the 1950s, and since parts of it still haven't been modernized, some of the old hallways look like they could be taken right out of the Silent Hill games. So, I took some pictures, screwed around in Photoshop, and this is the result. I'm not all that happy with it, but it's time to call it done and move on. I learned a lot about this sort of photomanipulation, though, so the next time I try something like this the result will be better.

The ceiling texture came from here, but the rest of the photos were mine. If you want to see what the hallway actually looks like, click here.
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