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Puppy Love

Again,fanart on this [link]

Bad,bad doggy,Octavia ;)

story (c)Dennis the Menace
Ponies(c) Hasbro
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Lycan Octavia and Vampire Vinyl. From the fic My Roommate is a Vampire.
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she has the wrong color eyes
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They're supposed to be that color they change when she goes wolf
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Yeah I'll go sit in the corner..
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face-palm this is what happens when thers near to no male cast
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Exactly what I was talking about on :thumb327209474:
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Bad! BAD! What are you talking about? She brought back the stick and even gave Vinyl Puppy Kisses! That's totally in the good department. Bad would be if she started to hump her le....... umm.... wait.... (Mental Image Takes Over).............................................

Huh.... what was I saying. Oh ya, that's not bad. Come on Octavia. Lets go home and give you a bath. Yeeesss! Who's a dirty girl. You are. You..... (Mental Image taking over again)..........................

Dang it! I am leaving before this happens again. ;P
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I read the series and greatly enjoyed it but it really started pushing who was a vampire too much. Vinyl Scratch, okay that makes sense with sunglasses and a pale coat. Photo Finish and Hoity Toity, okay again sunglasses and wearing a good amount of clothes with pale coats. Fleur Dis Lee, okay that is pushing it a bit as she she doesn't wear sunglasses and is out in the sun with nothing more then a hat.

... then Luna, ruler and protector of the night. I mean seriously, why couldn't she simply be herself and just support those of the night, why did she need to be one. Honestly that broke my willing suspension of disbelief.
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D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!!!!!! x3 its so cute! ^^
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Octavia actually turns into a werewolf is fic. I thought it was a different story.
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look at the date it was uploaded.
"My roommate is a lycan" was not existing at that time
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I loved this fanfic , I think you shoud do a comic for it!
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(looks around in comments)first to ask this lets go.Can you please Make a comic for the fanfic if you dont mind?
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Holy cow epic this is from the story
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thanks!And yes,it is
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I absolutely love love loved this fic!!!!
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