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:lol: Great post there in july. You really don't give it up do you?

Why don't you actually contribute to the community you constantly attempt to rip on? So far, I have yet to see you post anything, anywhere, that purports to meet the standards you try to slam others with.

And dude, grow the fuck up. At least, if you are going to post stuff in your blog about me, make it true.
Yay! My internet stalker strikes again. XD

I can't believe you posted that pic on your blog. That's like asking to be dissed by every single person that visits. lol

ah man.. you made my night. :lol:

Click.. then read the artist comments.

*Please do not post my images on other sites without my express written permission. You have my thanks.*

You have a DA account and you couldn't even work up the nerve to ask to use my image before cutting it up on your blog.


Just gotta say, thanks for the added favorites...
You're welcome for the added favorites. You know what they say -- all publicity is good publicity.

Be honest. Would you have given me permission to use your image if I said I was going to write a negative review? Really? If so, you are more saintly than nearly everyone else I know.

I guess that's why the law makes clear that I don't have to first get your permission and why there's a "fair use" provision in copyright law allowing images to be reproduced for the purposes of critiques and reviews. Without such a provision, I suspect there would be no reviews at all.

For what it's worth, I've also written some favorable reviews of work that's appeared on DA. Interesting...
Even more interesting...

A quote from a note I sent to someone four hours ago...

"What is funny, is I don't really care who uses them, as long as I know about it. So he did the five year old thing and used it assuming I'd proably say no."

You assume far to much, and know far too little.
Yay! That someone was me!
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I think I understand now. You are both a dispassionate professional AND a saint. In theory, naturally. Hypothetically speaking, that is. And, of course, after the fact.

Or are you not quite ready for sainthood and are only playing a martyr? You've written me three times (so far). That's interesting -- especially since "you don't really care who uses" your work.