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-Severus Snape-



Subtly does it


Just a quick wallpaper I made up.
I really felt like calling his one 'Holyer than thou' cause of his smug aura :)... hmmm maybe I still will... that is if you all would like to see a fully rendered Snape (ie shaded and not flat colour like it is just now)

So&Co sprung to mind when I was colouring this for some reason - I really felt like putting in something like the whiskey slogan but for Firewhiskey or Gilly Water :P :D The I realised I was being stupid and stuck to this :-P C'est la vie

Severus Snape (c) JKRowling

art - mine
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this is about to become my comp. background! I really love the way Severus is portrayed. Great Work :)