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:iconmaia-valentine: tagged me so here I go~!

1. choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. make them answer the following questions.
3. then tag three people.
4. feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!!

OCs :
- Inoue Kyosuke
- Endomion Ceres
- Celestian Solaries
- Lyceum Kurcies
- Irvine Windcrest

How old are you?

Kyosuke : I'm 17.
Endomion : In Earth years? Probably 227 years old >_>; (17/ Almost 18)
Kyosuke : *pfft*
Celestian : I just turned 427! I'm still in my prime~! (24)
Lyceum : *long pause* 689 . . . I hate Earth. (42)
Irvine : I'm 23 *blush*

What's your height?

Kyosuke : 173cm....5'7'' T^T;
Endomion : I'm 185cm according to the Japanese. or about 6'1''.
Celestian : 198cm *smile* For my lovely Irvine, that's 6'5''
Lyceum : ........*vein* 167cm . . . 5'5'' for those who care.
Irvine : Um, I'm American so 6'0'' but I'll convert it. *thinks* About 182cm?

Are you a virgin?

Kyosuke : W-What?! Isn't that a bit personal right off the bat??
Endomion : I pride myself in my purity, thank you.
Celestian : Purity is overrated, my dear little brother. And no, I'm not.
Lyceum : If I was, how can I have three childern?! I'd have to ask my wife some strange questions . . .
Celestian : Was that a joke? *surprised*
Lyceum : What's a 'joke'?
Celestian : Never mind . . . *sigh*
Irvine : ........
Celestian : Irvine?
Irvine : *beet red* Y-Yes . . .
Celestian : *cutesy smile* Awww~!
Irvine : Quiet you . . .

Who's your mate/spouse?

Kyosuke : M-Mate? Spouse?? Uh . . .
Endomion : *grabs Kyo's shoulder* He's mine!
Kyosuke : *feeling woozy* O-Oh God.
Celestian : *smirk* Iiiiiirviiiiine Dear~! Be my mate already!
Irvine : Celes-san! >////<
Lyceum : My wife of course, you idiots.
Irvine : *glancing at Celestian* ACK! I can't say it!

Do you have any kids?

Kyosuke : I'm still in school people . . .
Endomion : Not until I'm married or with someone . . . *Looks at Kyo*
Kyosuke : *holds arms up like an X* NO! MPREG IS NOT ALLOWED!
Celestian : Kids are a nuisance . . .
Lyceum : I have three of the most adorable childern ever created. *Serious*
Irvine : I love kids. I've kinda always wanted to adopt . . .
Celestian : I love kids.
Kyosuke : You can adopt me, Irvine-san~!
Celestian : I hate kids.
Lyceum : Make up your mind.

What's your favourite food?

Kyosuke : Strawberries~!
Endomion : Onigiri, but also rice in general.
Celestian : Irvine.
Irvine : CELES-SAN!
Celestian : What?
Lyceum : My wife's cooking ^3^
KyoEndoCelesIrvi : Scary . . .
Lyceum : T___T Shuddup.
Irvine : Mashed Potatoes~! I dunno why, but I love it, and baked potatoes.

What's your favourite ice cream flavor?

Kyosuke : Green Tea.
Endomion : Chocolate.
Celestian : Strawberry . . . *random dirty thoughts*
Lyceum : *wacks Celes on the back of the head* I don't eat Earth food.
Irvine : Chocolate with Banana's mixed in.

Have you killed anyone?

Kyosuke : *chokes* O-OF COURSE NOT!
Endomion : When you say "someone" . . .
Celestian : I'd kill anyone or anything for true love~!
Kyosuke : T3T That doesn't answer the question.
Celestian : *long pause + nervous sweat* Okay, maybe one or two, BUT WITH REASON!
Lyceum : They pissed me off, what can I say?
Irvine : *flustered* I-I-I'm just a college student!!

Do you hate anyone?

Kyosuke : . . . At first I hated Endo, but now just the guys that are after me.
Endomion : My mother and father. *no hesitation whatsoever*
Celestian : Traitors to the kingdom, oh, and those people that call on the phone that want to sell stuff.
Lyceum : Everyone except my wife and kids.
Celestian : But I wuv you Ly! That's so cold!
Lyceum : You're just wasting your love, 'cause it's one-sided.
Celestian : *over-dramatized tears* Aniki . . .
Irvine : Anyone who hurts Kyo.
Kyosuke : Irvine~! *glomp*
Endomion : ......... Mustn't get mad, mustn't get mad.

Have any secrets?

Kyosuke : If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret XP
Endomion : Uh, Um . . .
Kyosuke : What is it Endo?
Endomion : *blush*
Celestian : If you don't say it, I will.
Endomion : Okay okay . . . I have a "bow fetish" like thing.
Kyosuke : *gigglesnort*
Endomion : KYO!
Lyceum : I guess it's not much a secret but I like to wear skirts.
Irvine : . . . Whenever I'm around Celes-san, my heart does something funny.

Do you love anyone?

Kyosuke : *major blush* E-E-Endo . . . mion.
Endomion : Kyo . . . I love you too.
Celestian : Heh . . .
Kyo : Why the laugh?
Celestian : As if you have to ask who it is I love? IRVINE!
Lyceum : My wife and kids, duh.....and maybe an idiot by the name of Katsuya: MAYBE TAT
Irvine : *flustered and wobbly* M-My heart hurts.

What is your job?

Kyosuke : School, I guess? Oh, and staying alive T__T';
Endomion : At first it was to kill Kyo, now I protect Kyo.
Celestian : To make sure Endo stays out of trouble and to be King thanks to a certain someone. *glares at Ly*
Lyceum : Nothing, I just live my life with my family and keep Celes out of trouble.
Irvine : Watch over Kyo and to go to College.
Kyo : None of us seem to have real jobs, huh?
Endomion : And with the exception of you, we're all watching someone.
Celestian : Lame.

Boy or girl?

Kyosuke : Boy XP
Endomion : Male, if that wasn't obvious.
Celestian : The hottest guy you'll ever meet.
Lyceum : . . . People here think I'm a women, but I'm a man, thank you.
Irvine : Male and I'll never be anything other.
Celestian : Not even for me?
Irvine : If you don't like me as I am, then forget it.
Celestian : I was just checking TT3TT *pout*

What do you do to relax?

Kyosuke : Go on my computer.
Endomion : I like to read.
Celestian : I can think of a few things. Irvine, let's show them!
Irvine : Stay away . . .
Lyceum : Wearing my wife's clothes normally does the trick.
Irvine : I like to study the Japanese culture and draw.

What do you think your life expectancy is?

Kyosuke : At this rate, I'll be dead by next month T__T;
Endomion : Not if I can help it.
Celestian : I'll live forever 'cause I'm too beautiful to die.
Lyceum : Hopefully I die before my wife or Katsuya.
Kyosuke : T-That's kinda mean.
Lyceum : *pause* I'd rather die before them because I couldn't stand being in a world without....them.
Kyosuke : *light blush* You're pretty nice after all. *smile*
Lyceum : *turns away*
Irvine : Um, hopefully long enough to make a difference in this world.
Celestian : You've already made a difference in my world.
Irvine : *blush*

Woo . . . That took awhile but it was fun. I'll tag :iconnanashi----: & :iconlittle-nicky: just because I can XD Hope you enjoyed reading~!

( Because I can . . . )


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