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I'm available for commissions. If you check my library, you'll see plenty of stories people like you paid me to write - anything with a [$] in the title.

You can commission me too, using secure credit card payments or PayPal, right here:


Please read the following rules before commissioning me. Once your commission rolls in, I'll assume you've read, understood and agreed to all this (last updated: 2021/04/18):

I only have a few slots available at any one time. I work through my commissions pretty quickly, so check back often if no slots are available. Do not commission a story through the "buy me a pizza" function - I have limited commission slots available for a reason. Unless I'm running a competition or I've asked you to use that function for some reason, any pizzas bought are considered donations. The same applies to anyone who pays more that what the slot calls for - that extra money is treated as a donation too. And the same also applies to any other payment outside the standard commission slots, unless I specifically asked you to pay that way.

My #1 loyalty is to the art of writing. That's why I take commissions - to allow me to write more. So even though you pay me, the writing still comes first. That means if you respect my time and my rules, everything will be great. If not, I'll probably refund your money.

I write weight gain, stuffing and pregnancy stories.

Some of my stories have featured darker elements, like psychological abuse and emotional blackmail. Future ones will not include these elements. Don't commission me for stories like The Biggest Game (unless you're the original commissioner for that) or Blood Ties. They were a fun experiment but that experiment is over.

That doesn't mean I won't write other things. Slob is fine, scat probably isn't. Blueberry and unbirthing are fine, vore probably isn't. If you're unsure whether I'll write your story or not, just ask!

I no longer write fanfic, mostly because of time constraints. I'm happy to write original, off-brand versions of popular characters - so long as you know my "off-brand" might be significantly off.

No underaged characters. Okay, in some pregnancy stories, a woman will end up with a few babies. That's fine. But they can't be involved in the story in any way. They can't be sexualized in any way and won't be in the same room as any sexual activities. I hope I don't have to elaborate on this point. No underaged characters! While I'm at it, no rape either.

I can include male characters getting in on the action (gaining weight, getting pregnant, etc) but they shouldn't be the only ones. If every woman stays the same, physically, throughout the story, I'm not the writer for you.

I'm happy to write a sequel for one of my stories, but please check with me first. If you're after a sequel to a story you commissioned, that's fine. For other stories, the original commissioner might have sequel plans. If not, I might.

I don't start writing until I receive the money. No refunds, although if you're not happy with what I create, I'm happy to work on it until it's a quality product that matches your request.

If you change your mind about what you want, let me know ASAP. I'll do my best to accommodate your changes, but I make no guarantees - and I'll be extremely annoyed. You might get exactly what you originally asked for, so take extra care when writing your commission.

Do you want to commission a series? No problem, just let me know that's what you want, then commission me for each part as the slots become available. Please only buy one slot at a time and don't ask me to 'merge slots' into a single, bigger story.

I publish all commissions to my DeviantArt page and maybe other places I see fit. This is how I give back to the community, plus it advertises my skills. If you want a private commission for your eyes only, please reach out - but know I'll probably charge quadruple or so for the loss of opportunities for self-promotion.

By default, I will reference your DA username in the story's description. If you want to stay anonymous, please let me know when you commission me. Please still give me your DA handle, though, so I can reach out to you with questions/concerns.

If you've read these guidelines and still have questions, send me a message and I'll be sure to answer it. Note - you don't have to ask me about your idea before you commission me. You can if you want but it's not necessary. If you're unsure whether your idea complies with my rules, then by all means ask.

Just note: telling me your idea and then backing out earns you a strike - as in "three strikes, you're out". Don't do it. If you're "shopping around" or "still thinking about it", then don't bother.

Still interested? You can find my prices and commission me here:


P.S. I take these rules seriously. I have given people lifetime bans - even though I liked them as people, I loved their ideas and they offered me a lot of money. I appreciate the financial support, but even more important than that is my time.

The most important paragraph above is where I talk about my #1 loyalty. Make sure you understand it.

P.P.S. Do my terms and conditions seem unreasonably long? I've had my time wasted by people doing every point up there, sometimes more than once. The TL;DR is - as long as your commission isn't disgusting and you respect my time, it'll be fine.

© 2020 - 2021 crudeatoms
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Okay i understand that with the new rules and no more fanfiction a little bit sad but okay :)

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do you use pay pal ?

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Yes - second paragraph.

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