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Want to support me, get tons of exclusive* content and enjoy plenty of rewards?

Introducing the Crude Club.

Sign up to my Patreon-like (but not Patreon-based) membership site here:

Who's it great for?

GREAT FOR READERS - Want to read even more scintillating tales? Exclusive* weight gain and pregnancy erotica every week.

GREAT FOR COMMISSIONERS - Even one commission a month recovers the cost of your membership, thanks to discounted commissions. GREAT FOR WRITERS - Want to bring your own vision to life? Want to sell your stories? Enjoy weekly erotica-writing tips and Q&A with me.

Plus there are plenty of great prizes and rewards.

Also, if 40 people sign up before June 13th, every member will receive Tune In, Pig Out - my unpublished eBook that's over 11,000 words of enthusiastic gluttony and indulgence. That's yours, on top of everything else, if enough people sign up - so spread the word!

*"Exclusive" means I won't make them freely available elsewhere. I might charge for them, but that will come later. You can enjoy them now, all included in your membership.

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