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The apartment was gorgeous. I knew nothing about interior design but even I could see that. It was spacious, light and modern. The furniture was a mesmerising blend of wood and chrome, lighting up the room. The views - holy cow, I’d never been in an apartment that was safe from bricks hurled from street level.

Of course, the loveliest things in the room were the two owners. Violet and Daisy were sisters - twins, although Violet dyed her hair black while Daisy kept it blonde. Apart from that, they were identical - and cute, too. They weren’t my type but, boy, were they appealing. They weren’t models or anything, just… adorable. Girl-next-door loveable.

Girl-next-door. Hmph. Only if you’re rich, I suppose.

“Thanks for coming, Trent,” Violet said, handing me a glass of water. I took it, trying to smile naturally. It felt awkward. “How have you been? Haven’t seen you since high school.”

I nodded. “Yeah, well, you know. University stuff is keeping me busy,” I said.

Daisy chuckled. “Yeah. Tell me about it. I’m flat out these days.”

I nodded again. I wasn’t sure what to say, why I was there… The silence stretched. I chuckled nervously.

“So!” Daisy said, clasping her hands, “you’re probably wondering why we asked you here.”

“Yeah,” I said, “the thought crossed my mind.”

That was an understatement. Sure, the three of us went to school together, but we weren’t exactly close. I was the nerd. They were… well, they weren’t the popular girls. That makes them sound bitchy or something. But they were cool, certainly.

“I don’t know if you ever met our dad,” Daisy continued. I shook my head. “He’s… well, he’s a jerk. Always controlling us, thinking he can tell us what to do, wear, eat, think. He never listened, not to us, certainly not to our mother.”

“That sucks,” I said.

Another awkward silence.

“Let’s get straight to the point,” Violet said. “We’re looking for a roommate. Someone… specific. Congratulations, Trent: you qualify.”

I stared blankly. “Uh… thanks…” I said. I was looking for a place, it was true, but… “but, uh, I can’t afford whatever the rent is.”

Daisy giggled. “No doubt. But let us worry about the bulk of the rent.” She told me what my share would be and my jaw dropped. It was less than I’d been paying for a flea-ridden shoebox off campus.

“Why so cheap?” I asked. They exchanged a look. I recognised that look - a feeling of awkwardness. What did they have to feel awkward about…?

Finally, Violet spoke. “We want you to cook for us.”

“Huh?” I said. Of all the things she could have said, I was not expecting that.

“Like my dear sister said, our dad is an ass,” Violet continued. “He controlled our entire lives. Now that we are free of him, we want to… make up for lost time. Starting,” she added with a wicked grin, “with food.”

“Oh gosh, yes,” Daisy said, her eyes sparkling. “He was worried we would get fat from eating… well, anything except salads. We snuck food here and there but now we want the real thing.”

I was stunned. This conversation was getting weirder and weirder. “Okay…” I said, willing my mouth to work, “but, why me?”

Another awkward glance.

“We got the idea while talking with Becky.”

“Ah.” I said. That made sense. The connection between my world and theirs - their friend, my ex.

“She raves about your cooking, even now,” Daisy said, “so we figured that you were perfect.”

I cleared my throat. “And you’re not worried about…?”

They picked up on my meaning. I had been thrilled when Becky and I started dating towards the end of high school. She was bright and fun. And passionate too, so intense. Plus it helped that she was a little bit chunky. Not fat, just a little round in places.

We were inseparable. We did everything together. I cooked for her - and she loved it. I got a lot of practice and I was highly motivated - let’s just say that my cooking became good. Very good. Then she started rounding out and I fell in love.

At first, she didn’t seem to mind. Then eating became less of a thrill for her. By the time she had gained 40 pounds, we were both miserable. What had been so wonderful turned sour. It… it didn’t end well.

“We’re not worried about you making us fat,” Violet said. “We can look after ourselves. We just want to enjoy ourselves a little, for once.”

I sat there, thinking about it. I loved to cook, it was true. And these girls were fun… and sexy. Plus, if I cooked for them, maybe they’d gain a little weight… It was an exciting thought, one that was marred by my memories of Becky. If it didn’t work with her, how could I ever make it work?


I told them I’d think about it. But the truth was I needed somewhere to stay. Their place was incredible and too good to pass up. Plus, I missed cooking. Since Becky left, cooking had been a struggle. This was a great opportunity to get back into it.

As a test, I made burritos. I went all out, using the best flavour combinations I had picked up over the years. Violet gave hers a sniff while Daisy went straight for a bite. “Jesus, Trent!” she said. “This is incredible.” Violet took a bite and her eyes lit up. She nodded. “When can you move in?” Daisy asked.

I was tempted to go all out - pizza and cheesecake for every meal - but the saner part of me prevailed. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to fatten them up - it seemed like a violation of trust. Besides, I liked these girls. I didn’t want to ruin things with them. For my first lunch, I made a chicken and kale salad, which they adored. Dinner was my special roast lamb with veggies.

“That was amazing,” Violet said.

“I know,” Daisy added, “I think this arrangement is going to work out well.”

I settled into a rhythm. Cooking came back to me, filling my days with contentment. It took a lot of time but with the sisters paying all the bills, I could live off my scholarship. With my free time, I hung out with the girls. Violet and I helped each other with our assignments and discussed the big issues. Daisy and I spent hours on Netflix and the Nintendo. I never realised how cool they were til we were living under the same roof.

After a month, it felt like we had always lived this way. I cooked, they ate and we all hung out. I kept making light meals, not pushing anything… even though I was starting to fantasise about fattening them up. Two beautiful women, their menus at my mercy… that thought alone made me hard, without fail. But I refused to act on these urges. Life was too good.


A few days later, the exam stresses hit Daisy pretty hard. Instead of watching TV or kicking my butt at video games, she’d be locked away studying. I brought her meals, which she gratefully accepted.

“Hey, Trent?” she said after a few days of this, “can I put in a request?”

“Sure,” I said, “what are you craving?”

Daisy grinned at me. “Brownies,” she said, “I could use some chocolate.”

I returned the grin. “Give me an hour,” I said.

An hour later, I was taking a small plate of goodies to Daisy’s room. “What’s that?” Violet asked, sniffing.

“By special request,” I replied with a shrug. Violet bit her lip, so I offered the plate to her. She looked ready to refuse, until I waved it under her nose. She accepted it before scampering off. I whipped up another plate, which I took to Daisy.

“Holy crap, this is incredible!” she said after one bite. “How do you do it?”

“I’m glad you like it,” I said.

After that, I started making treats once a week. Brownies, fudge, cheesecake, cookies…. I kept it varied. Daisy and Violet raved about each creation. The other change I made was how I served dinner. Since I had more time, I started serving more courses. Usually something light to start, then something small and rich, then something small and even richer. Their calorie consumption was about the same, but it made the meal a more elaborate affair. The sisters loved it.

After another month, they started requesting desserts one night or so a week. I happily obliged. I also started making the meals a little richer - especially the third dinner course. After one such dinner - a small salad followed by an omelette followed by lasagne - both girls leaned back in their chairs and sighed. “So good,” Daisy moaned, “I kind of want more…”

“There’s plenty…” I cooed.

“You’re the devil,” she said, accepting seconds.

“How about you, Violet?” I asked. She shrugged, nodding. I gave her seconds too.

By the time they finished, they both looked stuffed. Their bellies were rounder than I had ever seen, straining against their clothes. It was incredibly sexy. When they were finished, I went straight to me room and, feeling guilty about it, started jerking off.


I felt bad about what I was doing. I was slipping, even after I promised myself I wouldn’t. So I dialled back on the treats and the richness of the main meals. My guilt was vanquished. To be honest, I was relieved. If they started porking up, how would I control myself?

Then Violet turned that on its head. “I’m still hungry,” she said, playing with her dark hair with one hand, the remains of the vegetable stack with the other. “Tomorrow, can you cook something… fun? Go all out with the grease.”

Once they started requesting unhealthy food, their resistance collapsed. I was cooking more since they were going for seconds of everything… then thirds. I was still only making desserts a few times a week, but they were snacking more. One night, Violet unbuttoned her jeans at the end of dessert. “Getting a little plump there, are we?” Daisy taunted.

“I’ve gained a pound or two,” Violet replied. “Don’t tell me you’re the same weight.” Daisy shrugged, taking a mouthful of pie.

The next night, I made orange almond cake. They ate really well, accepting the dessert without objection. This time, Violet unbuttoned her jeans halfway through. “Ooph,” she moaned, patting her belly. Her sister smirked at her.

A week later, they both sat down for dinner. Violet had to unbutton her pants five minutes into the first course. “Don’t give me that look,” she said to Daisy, “I’m just a little bloated. I’ve eaten a lot today - this food is too good.”

“It is good, isn’t it,” Daisy said, smiling at me. They both ate with their usual gusto until halfway through the third course, when Daisy slowed down.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. I was getting to know their preferences really well and Daisy loved chicken carbonara. She wasn’t touching it though - merely looking at it forlornly.

Violet burst out laughing. “Go ahead, sis,” she chuckled, “you might as well be comfortable.”

She winced, a sheepish grin appearing on her lips. She unbuttoned her pants, letting her belly roll forward with a sigh. “There you go, you hypocrite,” Violet added, “now you have room for dessert.”

With her belly free to expand, Daisy ate more than I’d ever seen. She even had two servings of dessert. I gaped at her round, gorgeous belly that was forcing her zipper down. It was even bigger than Violet’s.

Seeing them both like that was too much. I escaped to my room and jacked off. Twice.


Their appetites were improving - I could see that. But they weren’t gaining any weight. Which was just as well, really. I thanked their young, hyperactive metabolisms for not making the erotic experience that much more unbearable.

It didn’t last, though.

One morning, Daisy was in the kitchen, scrounging for leftovers. There were none, of course. The twins were in the habit of eating everything served to them. The weather was warming up, so she had switched to summer pyjamas. What a sight! Her tiny shorts were stretched over her round butt and her shirt rose up, showing off a sliver of belly. “What?” she said. I’d been staring. “You’ve noticed that I’ve gained weight,” she said.

“What? N-no…”

She laughed. “It’s okay! It’s not much and I knew the risk with you. Besides,” she said, smiling, “it’s actually…”

I waited. “Actually…?”

“I can’t say. It’s too embarrassing.”

“You can tell me. I won’t laugh, I promise.”

“Okay,” she said, “I actually kinda like it. I know it would freak dad out seeing me like this. But besides that, I feel kinda… nice.” She gave her belly a little jiggle. “Does that make sense?”

“N… Yes, yes it does,” I said. My tongue waggled on its own circuit, ignoring signals from my brain. “You like who you are. When you’re true, it doesn’t matter how you like look.”

WHAT my brain screamed. Make sense, idiot!

“Yeah, that makes sense,” Daisy said.

I blinked. “It… it does?”

“Yeah. If I’m comfortable with who I am, then nothing anyone says or thinks about me matters. Wow, you are a smart guy, Trent.” She walked off, humming.

I just stood there.

A few days later, I caught a glimpse of Violet’s figure. She was wearing jeans and a short shirt. When she stretched, I saw a small roll spilling over her waistband. They were both gaining weight! And neither seemed to care about it. I knew Daisy didn’t mind, but I only learned Violet’s attitude about a week later.

“Sorry guys, lunch is gonna be another ten minutes,” I said. The dishes were growing more and more elaborate. And larger, too - each of the three courses were what they used to eat for a meal.

“Oh no!” Daisy exclaimed with mock disappointment, “but we’re wasting away out here!”

Violet laughed. “I don’t know about you, but I’m hardly wasting away,” she said, patting her squishy belly.

“Well that’s true, we are looking well fed,” Daisy said.

“That we are. I wonder if that should bother me… but this food is too good.”

Five minutes later, I served up spiced pork tacos. They attacked them with enthusiasm. “Damn!” Violet said around a mouthful of mince, “this is your best dish yet! Screw it, I am getting fat. I’ll grow huge if it means eating like this.”

“Me too,” Daisy said. “Eating like this is so fun!”

They demolished the tacos and the second course, crumbed chicken. They slowed down during the blueberry pie course. It looked like they were forcing themselves to finish. “Ooph, so full,” Daisy said, wincing. “I think I need a nap. Wake me when dinner’s ready.”


It was hard work, balancing cooking and studying. Still, my grades were holding up. They’d even improved a little. I guess I was feeling inspired.

My cooking was getting better. Either that or the twins were loving my food more. Sometimes, I would stretch out a meal for hours. They would sit there, anticipation growing as I produced course after course. They loved it, as if eating had become their hobby. Their metabolisms had given up, accepting the onslaught of calories onto their figures.

At some stage, Daisy let slip that she had gained 15 pounds, which put her at 142. I engraved those numbers into my memory. I had always wanted to know their starting weights (127 for Daisy, something similar for her sister) but I knew better than to ask. The weight suited her. She had a decent potbelly now and her thighs looked rounder. With the warmer weather and what she was wearing, her gain was obvious. Violet’s, too - she looked about the same.

The girls started requesting specific dishes. I accommodated, of course, and in return they kept up their gluttony. After another month they admitted to breaking 160 pounds. They were looking chubby. They had identical, dominating bellies and thighs. Their breasts, I was thrilled to see, were swollen. And their faces. My goodness, those round cheeks of theirs were heaven.

I was in paradise. Until, one week and five pounds later, Violet had to quit.


“It’s been fun. A lot of fun,” she said. She looked unhappy. I probably looked worse. “It’s my boyfriend,” she continued. “He’s… not thrilled with my weight gain. I didn’t think I’d care but I think I really like him, so I have to stop. I’m moving in with him - I can’t be around this temptation anymore.”

At least I still had Daisy, I thought. She had enjoyed the gain, I was sure of it. A few times I had caught her jiggling her belly, looking at peace. And for a few days she ate her usual amount. But it seemed joyless, as if she were just going through the motions. Then she sat me down for ‘the talk’.

“I want to lose weight,” she said, an awful phrase from such a blonde goddess. “I was enjoying myself, but only because Violet was doing it with me. Now it’s just… I don’t know…” She sighed. “I still want to hang out with you. It’ll be lonely enough without Violet. But could you cook diet food maybe?”

So I did. Gone were the massive portions of rich food. Everything became calorie controlled. It freed up a lot of my time but it wasn’t worth it. Even hanging out with Daisy become dull. She was cranky all the time - from the dieting, the exercise, the deprivation. I think she blamed me for introducing her to such pleasures only to take them away.

As if that had been my choice.

We hung out a little, not like we used to. We fought a lot. To keep the peace, we introduced a chore roster and other rules - things we’d never needed before. I found myself searching for other apartments, not that I ever followed up on it. But the fact I was looking was a bad sign.

All the while, she was growing thinner. Six months of watching her recede from such high levels of beauty, she told me she was 129 pounds. “Great,” I said.

“You don’t seem happy about it,” she snapped.

“To be honest, neither do you,” I said. That shut her up. Her jaw hung there open in shock. “Well, tell me - are you happy?”

She looked ready to argue. Then she stopped. Then something I didn’t expect happened.

Daisy started crying.

“God, I’m so sick of this dieting bullshit!” she gasped. “You’re right. I’m miserable. I just want you to cook normally again. I just want to eat.”

“Then why don’t you?”

“Cos I don’t want to die alone. When Violet moved out with her boyfriend, I realised this was my future - being fat and alone. I just want to eat and not worry about my weight, but if I’m fat, who would find my attractive?”

The silence stretched. I swallowed. “I would,” I said.

She blinked at me. “Huh?”

I swallowed again. “I thought you were beautiful with the extra pounds. In fact, I was kinda looking forward to you getting even bigger.”

Daisy stared at me. I couldn’t believe it but she looked almost… angry? “You - you mean… I lost all this weight to get you to like me, when you really wanted me fatter?”

This time, my jaw hung open. She looked at me, blushing through her tears.

Daisy liked me?

I leaned in to kiss her. Her lips parted as we touched and it was magical.

“God!” she blurted out a minute later. “I loved being fat! I thought you found me ugly though, so I gave it up. These six months have been the hardest of my life. I could feel myself taking it out on you and that just made me hate myself more!” She inhaled. “You… you really liked me when I was fatter?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

She stared into my soul, her eyes like steel. “Well… I think you should get cooking. Real food, no diet rubbish.”

I cooked in silence. She sat at the dining table in silence. I felt like I was on autopilot, my hands preparing her favourite dishes while my mind fixated on that kiss. So many months, wasted…

When I served the first course - lasagne with garlic bread - her eyes watered up. “I missed this!” she said, before gorging herself. I cooked four inspired courses and she ate everything. Her bloated belly protruded out from her slender figure.

“You look incredible,” I said.

“I feel sexier than I have in ages. Help me get nice and fat, will you?” she said, rubbing her belly.

“How can I refuse?” I helped her to bed and we made love. It was the best sex of my life. We lay there, lost in each other’s arms. She cooed as I caressed her belly.

“Thank goodness that nightmare is over,” she whispered. “Thank goodness a decent man can appreciate my size.”

“Can I admit something?” I asked. She nodded. “I was losing my mind, watching you gain weight. It’s been the most erotic experience of my life. Before today, that is. Between you and me, I was getting myself off a lot.”

“Pervert,” she giggled. “Can I admit something? I was getting myself off too. Does it make sense to say that I was turned on by my own body?”

“It does. I’m certainly turned on by your body.”

Daisy giggled again. I realised how much I had missed that sound.


The next few weeks were quiet. Our courses were on a break and we were both on top of our assignments. So we found other ways to pass the time.

For lunch, I’d serve a five-course meal. Knowing what it meant to us had elevated my cooking to a new level. Daisy would eat like a goddess, moaning with pleasure and raving about the food. Then, when she was too full to stand, I’d drag her to the bedroom and we’d make love for hours. Then I’d get started on dinner. Often she was still full from lunch, so I started experimenting with a smorgasbord. She’d graze for hours while we played video games or talked. Then we’d stumble to bed with her belly fantastically bloated.

Her friends were shocked when classes resumed. She had lost so much weight, only to dramatically rebound. She shared every comment she got about her gain with me. It was such a turn-on.


“Can’t I eat?” Daisy asked, cradling her stomach. “I’m starving.”

“Not yet,” I said. “You have to weigh yourself first.” She pouted, eyeing the huge bowl of pasta waiting on the table. I patted her plump belly. “You’re looking so chubby. I want to see what two months of dating me has done to you.”

She brightened up and stepped on the scale. “Oh my goodness,” she said as we saw the number.

“164,” I said, “back up to your old weight.”

“Oh my goodness,” she repeated, “that only took two months. Every pound is taking me to a new size.”

“You’re so sexy. I can’t wait for you to get even bigger.” Daisy nodded, breathing heavily. Her nipples were rock-hard against her already tortured top. She gazed at my pants, noticing my own tightness.

“What now?” I asked. “Do we fuck or do you eat?”

Daisy grinned. “I’m definitely eating. But don’t let me stop you.”

I growled, spinning her to face the table. I entered her easily - we were both primed and ready. She squealed as I rocked my hips. “Slowly!” she said, “I don’t want to spill any.” We made love while she ate, both of us gasping and moaning throughout. I came all too quickly, so I held her by the thighs while she finished eating. “Mmm, amazing.”

I fed her the second course by hand. I watched her eat the third course, which made me hard all over again.


We weren’t always that kinky. Most of the time, we separated food and sex. Each enhanced and distracted from the other. Still, sometimes we were so overcome with lust that we couldn’t help it. And sometimes she’d play with her vibrator while I fed her brownies. But we mostly behaved ourselves.


Violet came to visit. We hadn’t seen her much lately. Daisy was excited - too excited to eat her usual superhuman amount. For the first time in weeks, I put the leftovers in the fridge.

“Damn, girl!” Violet exclaimed when she saw Daisy. “Look at you! How much do you weigh?”

“190 or so,” Daisy replied, blushing, as she cradled her wonderful belly. They looked nothing alike - Violet was very slender, down to 125 pounds. Her belly was completely flat.

“Wow,” Violet said to me, “dating my sister is doing wonders for her.”

“Don’t you remember how good his cooking was?” Daisy asked. “It’s even better these days.”

“No way! Prove it!”

I served her Daisy’s leftovers (with Daisy’s blessing - I’d never steal food from her beautiful lips!). She took a bite and gasped. “Oh my goodness! No wonder you’re so fat.”

Daisy beamed at her sister. “You should move back in with us. I know Trent would love to fatten you up again.”

I choked on a glass of water.

Violet snorted. “No thanks, I like being thin,” she said. Then she took another bite. “Okay, maybe I don’t like being thin that much.” She kept eating, not bothering to stifle her moans. “That settles it. I can’t go back to eating like a rabbit.”

“What about your boyfriend?” I asked.

“Urgh,” Violet sneered. “He keeps pressuring me to stay away from junk food, as if I’ll blow up at any moment. I lost weight for him yet he acts like I have no self-control. Like he’s some catch…”

Daisy frowned. “He controls what you eat? Sounds like dad.”

Violet grimaced. “Oh my god! You’re right. That settles it, we’re done,” she said, slamming her fist on the table. “But are you sure you I can move back in with you? I’d hate to cramp you lovebirds’ style.”
“Good question,” Daisy said with a dangerous smirk. “What do you think, Trent? Is it okay if my sexy sister lives with us while you stuff us both with delicious treats?”

I blushed bright red. “You’re the only woman for me, Daisy.”

“That’s sweet,” she said to me. Then to Violet: “that’s a yes, by the way.”

Violet dyed her hair blonde. Even so, the contrast between the two girls was strong. Violet was skinny, with ribs showing beneath her flat breasts while Daisy’s heavy breasts bulged forward, resting on a luscious belly. Her thighs were delightful and thick - she admitted they rubbed together as she walked. Every part of her was soft, even her round face. She was sexy and she knew it. Putting her next to her twin simply emphasised how much progress she had made.

Their appetites were worlds apart, too. Her first lunch back, Violet ate three courses then had to stop. Daisy demolished six. Violet barely touched dinner, while Daisy grazed for two hours. But her appetite was returning - after two weeks, she was still eating half of Daisy’s lunch but was matching her at dinner.

Dinners were my favourite. I was mesmerised as they ate to their limits, packing their bodies with delicious food. Violet would often play with Daisy’s belly, fascinated by its size and capacity. Daisy would feed her skinny sister, encouraging her when she was full. “Just wait til you’re big like me,” she told her on one occasion, “then you’ll always feel hungry.”

“I can’t wait,” Violet moaned.

After a month, they both gained 20 pounds. “I don’t believe it!” Violet exclaimed as she peered down at the scale.

“Really?” Daisy asked, poking her squishy belly. She laughed, accepting a slice of cheesecake.

“God, I’m going to get so fat. Who knows - I might even catch up to you, Daisy.”

Daisy smirked, cutting herself a much larger slice of cheesecake.

I returned to the kitchen. The twins were going to need a seventh course.
A talented cook gets the opportunity of a lifetime. But, so fresh from a recent breakup, is he able to handle it?
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ChubbaDubDub Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. When I saw that you'd uploaded a second part to this, I went back to check out this one first, and... goddamn, this is a fantastic story so far! I'm ecstatic that you've decided to continue it. This sort of story can easily come out somewhat derivative, but you've really kept it feeling distinct, memorable and surprising from start to finish. I love that the identical twins each feel like completely separate characters despite their similarities; lots of people like to write pairs of identical twins as though one of them is just a copy-and-paste of the other, but you've really done a great job finding interesting ways to differentiate them. Very excited to read part 2!
fanedfox Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2017
Very Very well written.  This was a very enjoyable read!  Great job!  Trent has found himself a dream job and girlfriend!
QuebecFA Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017
I really enjoyed the story's! You are an excellent writer! :-)
AvocadoAfro Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
That kiss scene seemed a little forced :B 
Other than that, nice job :D
AerialViking Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2016
That was a fantastic story.
Shamyboi Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016
I absolutely loved this and it reminded me of an old wg story that was one of the first I found while discovering this fetish. They're different enough I just felt some good ole nostalgia reading this.…
crudeatoms Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016
I wondered if someone would see the connection. TR was the first WG author I stumbled across when I, too, was discovering this fetish. I rediscovered them recently and felt compelled to write this homage.
sys102614 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016
I noticed the similarity as well.  This is a worthy homage-if anything, a little better than the original.
crudeatoms Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2016
Wow! Thank you. In my mind, TR is a king. I never imagined anyone would say one of my stories topped his.
sys102614 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016
TR was great at coming up with scenarios, but his writing style feels a little flat to me, which I would not say about yours.  YMMV of course.
Forcedlactationlover Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm a reasonably good cook, but I'd never rival this guy, nor his great good luck with the twins. A well told, fun (fantasy) story.
BIasty Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
What an awesome one-off this is!
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