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“God, your stories are always the best… I’m so glad I discovered you; all your stories are absolutely amazing” - Sechee

“Wow. Simply wow… This might be the best story ever written” - thewingman23

"Excellent story concept and top notch rendition!" - Xerxes13110

“Your creativity and passion shine through… everything you write has a massive abundance of descriptive joy.... You set yourself head and shoulders above the standard weight gain/inflation artist… Now I realize how lucky us readers are to have you” - Master-of-the-Boot

“Thanks for completing the commission, you did a great job!!!” - king81992

“I like it” - biderandia

"Thoroughly enjoyed this. Outstanding work." - EmissaryOfRainbows

"Well daaammnn, this was incredible, feel like you really captured the charm of the show, kudos." - joey101r

"Your work always fills me with two feelings: joy that you're as talented as you are, and sadness that not everyone on here is as good as you. Can't wait to see the next thing that you put out!" - Nonpython

"Soooo amazing! I love this <3" - CatofShadows16

“I've been looking for a good new Weight Gain story to adhere to. And with the twist... I'm loving it even more.” - CyberKirby19

“That was amazing. Thanks so much” - zoanthropelover

"GLORIOUS work comrade. Another perfect example of the Weight Gain Curse; affecting many ladies and showing them that being fat is beautiful. Keep up the great work and remember to always be GLORIOUS." - Zacharias7

"Great content as always!" - johnmooney6022

"I'm not typically one for stories involving pregnancy, but this is actually pretty good" - chubbers27

"This saga is probably some of the best XWG sex stories I've ever read. Most of your work has been amazing. Thank you for putting in the hard work!" - Dudeshutupidiot

“I’m not gonna lie, this series is my new favorite thing on this site. SO GOOD!” - streeturchinking

Those are all unsolicited and unedited, although some are multiple comments from the same person stapled together.

You can commission me and support my work right here:

What sexy idea of yours would you love to see? by crudeatoms, journal

“Why I spent a year dieting and exercising, working my ass off to get skinny? It’s a fair question, with a simple answer. I wanted to be beautiful in the eyes of a beautiful woman. If I don’t have to be skinny to do that, then I won’t be.”
You ever have a month that feels like a year? Where you learn so much about yourself that everything changes? Let's just say that for the Tyson girls, their softening waistlines are the least of their changes... Grab The Season here, while it's st

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Thanks for the watch! ^-^

curious but are you open to making a story for this or nah

Oddly Massive Mei

My answer's the same as when you asked me that about your Mercy pic. You can commission me for a story here:

oooh, alright, my mistake.

hey thank you for watching me. have an epic day :)

Thanks for your lovely pictures