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Capital Gains
Day 0:
She stepped out of the airport, her luggage trailing behind her. It was a lot - a large suitcase on wheels balanced a slightly less-large suitcase, which banged into her backpack with every step. She took a lungful of air and smiled, the sights of the city greeting her.
And the smells. Oils, spices and other enticing aromas wafted down the street. Her stomach rumbled, more in anticipation than hunger. She was a pretty girl, slender and attractive, and at that moment - her face flushed with excitement - she looked truly beautiful.
She approached a man with a clipboard. “Name?” he asked before she could speak. He knew why she was here - he could see the brochure scrunched in her hand, after all. That and she had the look of someone that would stuff their suitcase with suits, fly across the country and attend a seminar for women entrepreneurs. That wasn’t a sexist thought, he reasoned within the safety of his own mind. He really could spot them.
“Cathy Jones
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Doctor Who: Blue Algae
Spoilers for Doctor Who s10e02 - Smile
Bill gestured around the control room of the Tardis. “So?”
“So,” the Doctor replied. He was busy doing… something. Steering? Piloting? Who could say.
“What do we do?” Bill asked. “Do I have to sit somewhere? Are there seat belts?”
The Doctor looked at her sideways, like he was imagining a seatbelt across her bloated form. “Well, you've done this before. This isn't your first trip.”
Bill thought back to her first trip. It had been agony, being separated from Heather for so long. For even a minute. But space rehab had broken her dependence on Heather’s oil… even if the damage had already been done. “Yeah, but I’m not passing out from hunger this time.” She lowered her hefty frame onto a chair. She winced as she stomach caressed her lap. “Oh, that's a mistake.”
“What is?”
“You can't reach the controls from the seats. Wh
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Mother Fattens her daughter (Weight Gain Story)
Denise was worried about her daughter. Her daughter Alex was currently 19 years old and she had some serious problems. She recently dropped out of college. She was simply out of control to her mom. She could not stop partying. Her intense partying actually had actually made her lose her job. For two weeks, Alex had only worked out, partied, and slept. Her mom wondered what she could do to help her daughter. She was a single mother, as her husband sadly died a few years ago. She did not have enough money to support her daughter's lifestyle and it seemed like her daughter did not even want a job.
"Mom, seriously I don't need a job. I am eventually going to meet a nice guy, and he will take care of everything."
Alex said while eating a her healthy breakfast of plain toast and coffee. it was Saturday and around 1:00 pm. This was around the time that Alex woke up everyday due to her usually staying up until 4 or even 5 in the morning. Her mom sighed looking at her daughter. Even though, her
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Laura was finally ready for school. Well, almost ready, she corrected herself. A sideways glance at her mirror showed that she was completely naked.

Well, of course she was. Clothes were tricky and uncomfortable. She would have loved to go to school like this but, even with all the recent changes, that was a touch too far.

It wouldn’t have been against the rules as such. Not when half the school were fucking like rabbits (literally, in some cases) at any given moment. A lot of taboos had vanished, like those that said that teachers couldn’t have sex with students. No one would have minded if she strolled in like this.

But she would have turned a few too many heads. There was no doubting that.

As when Damien broke reality and transformed her, she asked to stand out. Her ass bulged out behind her and to the side, wide enough to fill the back row of a car. Her breasts tumbled forward, so massive that she couldn’t reach her nipples.

And those wonderful knockers rested on a belly that defied belief. It bulged in front of her, hanging between her knees. She didn’t know how many babies she was carrying, but it looked like over a dozen.

Cramming this feminine body into her uniform was the last of her jobs this morning.

First on the list was waking up, of course. She set her alarm nice and early.

Then she worked her pussy until a nice cum cleared her head. Then her babies would squirm if she didn’t feed them, so breakfast - a box of cereal, a gallon of milk and a packet of peanut M&Ms.

(She needed the calories).

Then she’d play with her dildo until she could bear getting out of bed. Then she’d shower, maybe fool around with herself some more…

Only then could she stomach the idea of studying.

It used to be a lot easier for her. She could simply sit at her desk, open a textbook and get to work. Now, sitting at a desk was problematic… not to mention all that effort to cool her libido. She couldn’t concentrate unless she was fed and fucked.

This wasn’t fair, given how much harder the topic was.

It wasn’t for school - no, that was easier these days. Half the classes revolved around sex, something she was naturally good at. No, this was for herself.

After all, if Damien had figured out the secrets to Syntax…

It’s not that she wanted his power over reality. No, she was just curious. This was the biggest revelation in history and, despite carrying a swarm of the discoverer’s babies in her belly, she had no clue how it worked.

She had made some progress today. Maybe. Who knew, really - it could just as easily be another dead end. But it was time for school, so her leads would have to wait.

The hallway outside her room had been cleared of tables, photos and anything else that may have impeded her. Even so, the walls squeezed her tits and ass as she walked. Her belly brushed both walls, too, bouncing off one then the other.

This world was not designed for one as… developed as her. The pressure on her tits forced even more milk out, squirting in spurts rather than its usual steady trickle. She let it flow - if she tried to stop her milk from spraying everywhere, she’d have no time for anything else.

And Laura’s breasts were too big for her sister’s solution to that problem. Taylor was sitting at the table, her curvy (by normal standards, at least) body on display. Her ass spilled over her stool and her belly - full term with one baby - bulged heavily onto her lap. Her shirt was unbuttoned, leaving her J-cup breasts exposed. One of which was crammed into her mouth. Milk was trickling from the corners of her lips even as she gulped mouthfuls of her own creamy secretion.

Laura wished she could do that. Being able to drink herself dry would prevent a lot of slippery floors.

Their mother smiled from the kitchen. She looked in her early twenties, even though her real age was double that. “Morning, Laura,” she said, waddling up with a mountain of pancakes. “Here, eat.”

Laura accepted the food. She was always hungry - her milky titties alone burned more calories than the rest of her used to. With an army of babies growing inside her, she could always eat.

She felt bad for her mother. Laura wished she could help out around the house more. Like her daughters, she was heavily pregnant too. When Laura and Taylor both announced their pregnancies on the same day, she thought she was going to freak out.

Instead, she simply smiled and said she had some catching up to do.

The fact that mother wanted this alleviated her guilt. She was thrilled to be pregnant alongside her daughters. The hours spent shopping for maternity clothes and thinking up baby names were great bonding experiences for them.

It also helped that their mother didn’t need help. It was awkward for her to move around, true, but she had tons of energy. No one - not her family, teachers, co-students or neighbours - suffered from the tiredness that supposedly dogged pregnant women.

That had to be Damien’s doing. Thank goodness, Laura thought, otherwise she wouldn’t have the energy to stand.

Or get herself off enough to think straight.

“Ready for me to drive you?” her mother asked.

Laura winced. “I had another growthspurt last night,” she said. “I won’t be able to fit. I’ll just walk.”

“Are you sure?”

Yes, she was sure. She liked walking. It set her body jiggling in fantastic ways. People had to get out of her way or risk being bowled over. And she turned a lot of heads.

Before she could explain any of this, the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” Their mother skipped to the entrance, her full breasts bouncing.

Damien walked in as if he owned the place, their mother clinging to his side. She kissed his neck and nibbled playfully at his ear. Taylor gasped at the sight of him. She let her boobs go with a wet sucking sound as she crawled over to him. Her hands moved quickly as they released his dick. “Oh, yeah,” she purred, slipping her lips over the shaft.

Their mother got on her knees, too, and started licking his balls.

“Got a minute, Laura?” he asked.

She giggled, feeling her pussy juice cascade down her legs. It stained the carpet, joining dried milk and cum. “Sure.”

His eyes narrowed at her. “Let me be blunt: you need to stop investigating Syntax. The world doesn’t need two of us, darling.”

She went to reply - to assure him that she was not ambitious, just curious; that she didn’t want to use the Syntax, just learn it…

But she couldn’t find the words.

“You weren’t close,” he said. “Your program couldn’t control Syntax or even change it. But it was on the right track, enough to send ripples in the ether… that’s how I found out, by the way. That’s not something I can ignore.”

He snapped his fingers. And with that, all knowledge of Syntax evaporated from her mind. All her research, guesses, careful experiments - gone.

“I can’t risk a rival, Laura. It would shatter the solar system. So I’ve taken measures. Your libido will keep you out of mischief.” As he spoke, she felt the need rising. Her blood boiled with hormones that drove out any other thought. She caressed herself, already feeling a hard cum looming.

“And I’m sorry, Laura, I really am,” he continued, “but you tried to trespass on the heavens. That cannot go unpunished.”

With that, his dick spurted all over her sister and mother.

They gasped with delight, which quickly turned to shock. Taylor’s ass billowed behind her, pushing the couch into the wall. It grew until it eclipsed even Laura’s. And it didn’t slow down. Her belly exploded forward, demolishing the kitchen in a wave of flesh. With a heartbeat, her belly was bigger than Laura’s entire body. Her breasts expanded too, forcing Laura back as the twin orbs reached titanic proportions.

Next to her, their mother expanded too. Soon both women filled the house with their fertile bodies, what little space there was between them rapidly filling with milk.

“Oh gooooood,” Taylor moaned, her pussy adding to the torrent in eager spurts.

As Laura was forced out of the house by this wave of flesh, she knew why this was her punishment.

There was no way she’d stand out for him now.
Student of Syntax (Change Storm)
The smart and impossibly-curvy Laura gets more than she bargained for. What has the hyperpregnant schoolgirl done this time?

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“Hm rfhmm,” Georgina said.

The man in bed next to her gripped her shoulder again. “Babe. Wake up, you have to see this.”

“Ethan?” she mumbled. Her eyes were still closed. “What is it?”

He shook her again. “Check your phone.”



Her eyes blinked open, closed, then fluttered open again. “What the fuck, Ethan? Lemme sleep already.”

“Check your phone.”

That time, her addled brain registered the tone of his voice. “Okay, okay…” Her hand groped and clawed at the tiny device. “And?”

“News,” he said.

She glared at him. “News…?”

He returned the stare. “Any site.”

It took her half a minute to get her hand to work right. Bleary eyes wrestled with the text on the screen. “Big boobs? Schools in…” She rolled over to face him. “Catgirls? Really?”

“I think it’s real,” he said.

“Then you’re an idiot,” Georgina said. She sunk back into bed and closed her eyes.

Her peace lasted all of ten seconds before Ethan cuddled up to her. “Well, since you’re awake…”

“Get off me,” she grumbled.

“Get me off,” he said as he kissed the back of her neck.

Georgy had to resist the urge to coo. He knew just how to play her. “No, not this morning. I have to leave for work in…”

“An hour. Nice try,” he said, before moving to kiss her.

She broke this kiss. “Okay.” She rolled in his arms, running her hand down his chest. It didn’t stop until it reached her destination. “Jesus, you are rock hard. Those stories got you worked up, huh?” She giggled. “Those poor schoolgirls with the huge boobs?”

He flashed her a cheeky grin. “You’re the only girl for me.”

Her hand continued to caress and tease his inner thighs. He really was hard, she thought. What was it about morning erections?

She had to take advantage of this monster. “I want you inside me,” Georgina growled.

That’s when he came. Warm cum splashed all over her belly.

Well, she thought, so much for them fooling around.

She was about to say something - probably something playfully mean - when he came again.

And again.


Some part of Georgina realised this was all one orgasm. Ethan groaned as, every second, he unloaded twice his usual volume. He pulled back from her, sending blasts of cum over her chest.

His spurting cock finally slowed to a trickle. He stared at his girlfriend, drenched in a tidal wave of his jizz. “Uh…” he said.

“… Ethan?” She ran a handful through the cum pooling on her. “What the fuck?”

“I…” He blinked. “I don’t know.”

She flicked another handful off her. “I should shower.” She stood up, rivers of goop pouring from her body. “Urgh! Gross.”

‘Gross’ isn’t the word he would have used. Seeing her marked by him in such a dramatic way was too much. Before he knew it, his cock blasted jets of cum right at her.

“Ethan?!” She raised her hands to block the stream, which was just as relentless as before. It wasn’t enough - jizz splashed her in the face until she was gasping for air.

“Ugh… sorry, babe.”

“Sorry?” Georgina said. “Ethan, you… you need to see a doctor or something.” She coughed up a mouthful of his sperm.

He knew she was right. This was an inhuman amount of cum. And yet, some part of him knew he was okay.

And that he wasn’t finished.

“Or we could fuck.”

She stared at him. “You’re still horny?”

He nodded. Of course he was.

“Okay,” she said, wiping cum from her forehead. She was still concerned, obviously, but the thought of giving him head seemed… right. “One quick blowjob. But you better warn me before you cum,” she said, “otherwise you’ll take my head off!”


Fran frowned. Georgy was normally waiting for her outside. It wasn’t like her to be late.

She reached for her purse in the back seat. Maybe she’d sent a message, saying she was unwell or something. If so, it meant she’d driven 15 minutes out of her way for nothing…

No new messages.

“Huh,” she said to the empty car. She put it in park, stepped out of the car and locked it behind her.

Fran had never been to Georgy’s house before. She drove passed it every day, of course. She liked her but it’s not like they were friends. They both liked splitting the fuel costs more than anything.

Her hand rapped three times against the door.

No response. She tried the handle and it twisted in her hand.

“Georgy girl?” she called out. “Are you ready…”

She trailed off. The entire living room - walls, floor, ceiling, furniture… - was splattered with something that it took her a moment to place. Where the door had swung inwards had carved a small path on the carpet. Cum was oozing around the frame to fill the gap.

Fran squealed as a large blob dropped from the ceiling in front of her.

That’s when one of the large piles turned to face her. She blinked. She hadn’t recognised Georgina in there. She hadn’t noticed anything human.

Her co-worker was on her knees in a mound of jizz that came up to her armpits. The rest of her was covered, too - layers of thick sperm coating her like batter. “Fran!” Georgy’s voice called from within the goop. A man - Ethan, she recognised - stepped into her view, his dick spurting at his girlfriend. “Sorry, I lost track of time. Gimme a minute.”

Georgina burst from the heap and ran to her bedroom.

Fran gasped.

“Uh,” Ethan said. He cleared his throat. “How are you, Fran?”

“Good, good,” she said on reflex. “So, that… sex thing on the news…?”

“Ah, yeah,” he chuckled, “it got me, I guess.”

What was she supposed to say to that? ‘Sorry’? ‘Bad luck’? There were no greeting cards for this occasion.

Georgy ran back into the room. Well, that wasn’t right. She was treading quickly but carefully through the thick layer covering the ground. She hadn’t showered or anything - all she’d done was throw a suit over the slime dripping from her body. It was running from her hair onto her shoulders, then down her jacket. And it oozed from between the buttons, out the sleeves… anywhere it could leak from.

“Ready!” she said. She brushed Fran’s arm as she passed, leaving a wet ribbon of cum as she did.

“See you, Fran,” Ethan said as he closed the door.

Georgy called out from her car. Oh, well. It’s not like she didn’t have a job that needed doing. She walked to the driver’s side, wondering whether Georgy’s appearance was going to get her in trouble. And, if it did, what that would do to her workload. “Fun morning?”

She nodded. “I never knew that being blasted by sperm could be so much fun.” She chuckled, which turned into a wet burp. “I was considering calling in sick. Maybe I’ll just work a half day.”

“Sounds good,” Fran said, her mind still reeling as she put the car into drive.
A Rude Awakening (Change Storm)
Another Change Storm story from another perspective. A couple wakes up to find the world has changed while they slept.

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Damien should have walked into the school like a god among subjects. After all, that’s what he was. Maybe the Syntax - the base code of reality - was nothing but divine magic.

But if he were a god, he was a troubled one. Yes, he had limitless power. And yet he’d lost control over it.

The Change Storm. That’s what they’d called it. Around three months ago, his changes to the syntax had propagated out. Not randomly - more than half the transformations hit schools, the site of his own changes. And all of the changes had been… well, fucking sexy. But none of them had been his doing.

What any of that meant was beyond him. And that wasn’t the only mystery…

He reached into his backpack and retrieved the lamp. With a few rubs, a beautiful princess appeared.

“Hello, master,” she cooed. She draped her arms around his shoulders, gazing into his eyes.

“Hello, Shadi,” she said. She squirmed as he kissed her. “I have a wish to make.”

“I live to serve you, master.” Her face was flushed, he noticed.

“I wish I knew where Rochelle was.”

His genie blinked. “I’m sorry, master, but her power is blocking mine.”

“That’s okay,” he said. He didn’t expect a different result. After all, her power was - somehow - blocking even his. Still, he had to try. Just as he’d try again tomorrow. “In that case, I wish you’d have the most intense orgasm of your life.”

She gripped him like a vice, moaning as her body spasmed. She squeezed harder until he was sure she’d have killed a mortal man. Her cries went up an octave, then up another one. When she finally calmed down, a minute later, there were tears in her eyes. “Thank you, master.”

He gave her a moment, letting her breathing return to normal. “I have another wish,” he said. “I wish for a breakfast suitable for a pregnant genie.”

She sniffled and smiled at him. A dramatic blink and then she was holding a plate of bacon, eggs and pancakes. “Thank you, master.”

He looked her up at down. At three months pregnant, there was the slightest hint of a belly. Her outfit showed it off, otherwise there’d be no sign of it.

The next few months were going to see a lot of swelling bellies. The pregnancy rate at this school had to be close to 100%. For the first month or two, there hadn’t been a day where he hadn’t seen a girl corner some lucky guy and force herself on him.

They didn’t just want babies - they were desperate for them.

He wondered how much of that was his doing. Their libidos were his, but this urge to breed had to be hers

One of the teachers smiled and waved at them, interrupting his thinking. All the teachers had changed, too, for the better. The only way to tell them apart from their students was their lack of uniforms. Her long, fluffy ears pointed in his direction as she ambled over. “Good to see you, Damien.”

“You too,” he said. “You’re looking…”

“Big, right?” she said with a giggle. She caressed a belly that belonged to a woman three months further along than she was. “The doctor said I’m carrying nine babies. I guess I got a bunny’s fertility, not just the ears and tail.”

“Congratulations,” Shadi said.

“Thank you. I can’t wait to be a mother.” She sighed. “There’s a man who wants to see you.”

Damien frowned. “Dark suit, dark glasses, scary government type?”

The bunny woman nodded. “You know him?”

“I know his type. Come on, my pet.”

The teacher started to follow them. “Oops, you meant her. I’ll, uh, just head to class…”

He wished for a bowl of lettuce for her and Shadi obliged. “I’ll fuck you later,” he promised her.

The secret agent was waiting for him where the other ones had. He was doing his best to look stern and authoritative. Before he could speak, Damien asked, “what kind of secret agent meeting spot is this? It’s the car park, for my sake.” He gestured to the side of the building, where Wendy was going to town on Phoebe’s pussy. Phoebe towered over the petite beauty so much that Wendy barely needed to bend over.

“There’s no point in being discreet,” he said. “You country needs you, Damien.”

He ignored that second remark. “Is there any point in following protocol? Because I said I’d only work with female agents.”

The agent glared at him, a cockroach trying to intimidate a deity. “We’re trying a different approach.”

“Why?” That question came from Shadi.

His glare moved to her. “Three female agents. One came back with boobs the size of watermelons. One came back with an ass the size of a couch. One came back with butterfly wings and sparkling skin. None are fit for field work anymore and all are expecting.”

Damien felt bad for him. He did a great job at coming across stern, unimpressed and uncompromising. It’s a shame his genie girlfriend giggled all the way through. “That sounds hot,” Shadi said as she rubbed her hand over her clit.

“The way I see it, I saved those women. They’re safer and happier now.” Damien’s voice became as serious as the agent’s did. “But even if you see them as losses, they were not in vain. Every time you asked for my help, I had my fun with the messenger. Then I got to work.”

The agent went to interrupt but Damien ignored him. “I’ve turned some terrible people away from some terrible acts, at your government’s request. I have saved this country, mystery agent, more than you could.”

His eyes flashed with anger, even through the sunglasses. “You little brat. Someone ought to -“

“And I’m bored.” Damien raised his phone. “There, now you’re fulfilling the agreement.”

The agent looked down at her body. “What the…” she said.

“Now, go back to your boss and tell them I only work with women. That’s my price. If it’s too high, they can find any other reality-manipulator to work with.” He chuckled. “Good luck with that.”

Shadi thought the agent was furious. Her cheeks were flushed red. But then she recognised that expression. The agent walked back to her car, a stream of pussy juice trickling down her leg as she walked.

“That was mean,” the genie giggled. The agent closed the car door and started getting herself off. Her body tilted back and they could see the moans forming on her lips. “What if the threat is a serious one?”

Damien shrugged. “I’m pretty sure I know what it was. I already resolved it - it will take time for them to realise it, that’s all. And now they know my rules are real.”

Shadi pouted.

“You don’t agree?”

“I’m incapable of disagreeing, master,” she said instantly.

“Attagirl. You need to understand my powers are political as well as… well, whatever they are. But,” he added, “you are loyal, sexy and pregnant. I don’t want to fight. Let me make it up to you?”

Her eyes lit up as he started to undress. “Of course, master.”

He pinned her against the wall and entered her with his divine cock. She was ready for it. She was always ready. As always, sex with Damien was amazing. His dick always knew what to do. Some part of her suspected that it changed size and shape to suit whichever girl he was with.

Time melted. At first, she counted her orgasms but she quickly lost track. When he finally came inside her, every part of her pulsed with raw pleasure.

“Nice show,” a voice from above them said.

Damien looked upwards. “Oh, hi Molly,” he said to the schoolgirl as she flew down. He loved that she wore her uniform - short skirt, no panties - while flying overhead. He gestured to his hard dick. “Want a power boost?”

She bit her lip. It was obvious that she did. “It is true what Stella said? About your cock dissolving condoms?”

He gave a boyish grin. “Why, you mean you’re not pregnant?”

She gave him a sideways look. Unlike the agent, it was intimidating enough to make him cringe. “I spend my spare time fighting crime,” she said. “I can’t do that while worrying about a baby.”

Damien grimaced. “Oh, Molly, I wish I knew. I should have explained - my genes plus your genes? That baby will be indestructible.”

She blinked. “Really?”

“Right from fertilisation.”

Her face contorted. She flew at him and landed hard on his erection. “Oh, Damien, oh god, fuck, fuck me,” she moaned. “Cum in me and knock me up. I need a baby!”

Damien felt bad for her. He assumed she was either pregnant or didn’t want to be. He knew he should unload in her quickly to make it up to her, to end her quiet suffering.

But, damn, he was enjoying hearing her beg.

He waited a couple of minutes before he gave her what she needed. “Ohhhhhh, so good, thank you!”

A couple of minutes were all it took to attract a crowd. Those superpowered lungs of hers…

Jun forced her way to the front. That was easy to do, with hips as big as hers. The impossibly proportioned Asian girl smiled at him. “I need a baby, too.”

“Now, Jun,” he said, “we both know you’re pregnant. Your tits are now so big, each weighs as much as you used to. And your milk production is through the roof.”

She frowned. “Yeah, but, just in case…”

He sighed. Damien was a generous god and one of his subjects needed him…
One Normal Morning (Change Storm)
A simple story, where we see things from Damien's perspective.

You'd think being omnipotent would be fun. And, well, it is! But what lurks outside his control, threatening to unravel everything?


No journal entries yet.


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