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FlyAway for rainmeter

Another RainMeter Skins from me :D:

* Circle Bookmark (Modded)
* Circle Custom Clock and Date (Modded)
* Boulevard Extra Drives
* Boulevard Hard Drive
* Boulevard winamp Foobar
* Boulevard Network
* Boulevard Processes
* Power Toy
* Enigma Network Address (modded)
* Enigma Takbar
* Tech Cpu And Ram
* Tech Drive
* Tech Time
* Tech Network Up and DL

Wallpaper: Codename... Inverted by J-Dude913
[link] (FIXED)

Copyright for these skins goes by:

Power Toy by Nylons

Enigma by Kaelri
(Default Skin)

Circle For Rainmeter by Aidaaah

tech by ld-jing

:: Boulevard Rainmeter :: by sweatyfish

Download link are live!
Comment will be appreciated :D


copy all fonts to %windows/fonts%
copy all folders to %skin directory of rainmeter%
copy all plugins to %rainmeter instalation directory/ plugins%



I've got so much question here, and most of them, are the question which are repeated again and again.
so i decided to create a FAQ here. hope it helps

Q: Crucafix, how do you use the rainmeter?
A: see it here: [link]
there's a manual which can explain how you use rainmeter

Q: Crucafix, my weather skin doesn't work!
A: read it here: [link]

Q: Why don't you answer it yourself instead of directing us to another web?
A: all of your answer is there. i don't know which one that could answer all of your question

Q: why dont you just copy-paste it here?
A: it's way too looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong to be posted here

Q: Ah, say it, you just too lazy to explain it right here huh?
A: if i say yes then what?

Q: you lazydog!
A: well, if my explanation doesn't satisfied you, then ask it to another person for more satisfying answer

P.S: please don't ever ask me how to use this skin. i expect that all visitor here understand how to use rainmeter. so please don't ever ask me how. and im feel terribly sorry that i cant answer all of the question you ask because, well i don't have enough time to get online.. i'm so sorry :(
and thank you for your appreciation :)

EDIT: wow i never thought my skin would be get a looooot of comment, views and favourites :D

thanks to all of you who have +fav and downloaded my skin.
and thanks too for the original creator of the skin who give me an inspiration to create this. once again thank you :)
© 2010 - 2021 crucafix
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thank for creating wllpeper

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wallpaper link not working, pleASe fix

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Terrific work!!

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this appears to be quite interesting & useful. thanks for the effort(s).

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Can u tell me how to change the SIZE? It's too small!!!
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I can download the .rar file but I don't know where to go from there, please help.
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I can download the .rar file but I don't know where to go from there help please.
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1. Unpack .rar file
    ->might have to download RAR opener software to do so
2. Locate the skins folder for Rainmeter on your computer
    ->place unpacked 'FlyAway' folder into 'skins' folder
3. Open Rainmeter
    ->if already opened, click 'Refresh All' button
---Have Fun---
It's beautiful! Is there a bigger or scalable version anywhere available? I can't see a thing on my screen.
It's beautiful! Is there a bigger or scalable version anywhere available? I can't see a thing on my screen.
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Hi, i was wondering if there was a way to change the color of the clock?
how do you install 
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Download the latest version Rainmeter 3.3
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i dont have the backgrpund image. where can i find it? thanks
pinoy ako panu ba to
Sorry,but the now playing panel don`t work with me </3
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im having some trouble actually installin thisone, plz help?
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